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Tuesday on MTV - Music Television (Returning August 31, 2015)
Faking It is a show that think will surprise anyone that watches it. At least with it being 100% better than you thought. Not saying that it's perfect, just that I can't think of many people that were excited for this show with the headline of "Two teen girls fake being lesbian for popularity" especially when banning gay marriage is illegal in over half the states, along with being able to get fired and such. Honestly if it just said it was more about how many things high school make you fake to fit in, be noticed, liked, or something would have made it a little easier to accept not just the lesbian part, but the straight part, certain personas and everything.

But I still decided to watch it and was surprised how bad it isn't. To me it fits in pretty well with the show Awkward. I guess they didn't think the Faking It would be that controversial because Awkward started off with a teen girl having to deal with the awkwardness of everyone thinking she committed suicide when it was just a bizarre accident and teen. Whereas there's the actual problem of teens taking their lives and attempting to do so.

Anywho, not here to rant on teen problems. I'm not even a teenager anymore o.0 But will say if you are on the fence about watching this show. Go for it! There is plenty of witty one-liners, exploring sexuality, it doesn't take it self too seriously, and the show could go a few places. I I mean I'm not aware of any current shows where the main plot revolves around gay teens specifically. There's Glee, but eh. If you enjoyed Glee but moved on or still maybe enjoy Glee and the comedy of it take a glance. There are plenty of teen shows, but not many of them get to be this funny. Even in areas where I thought they were taking a familiar or overused trope the show changed it around and did well.

Is anyone else watching this show? Thoughts?
Thinking of watching it?
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