Faking the Video

MTV - Music Television (ended 2004)


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  • Season 1
    • One Big Disaster Day
      In this final episode, the producers give a ticket home to one of the two PA finalists, and give the last PA standing one big disaster day that leads to the big finish. The set is falling apart, with one piece of the set rigged to break when the PA handles it. Guest star Nick Lachey gives the remaining PA a run for their money when he pretends to show up on the wrong day, throws some rock star attitude, and storms off the set. This causes a major crew fight, with everyone's jobs in jeopardy. Just when the picture looks totally bleak, the sole surviving PA learns that we've been faking the video in a big surprise finish. The grand prize is revealed with a surprise visit from famed video director Wayne Isham. Nick Lachey returns with all of the original PAs to celebrate the winner.moreless
    • Two PAs Left
      Two PAs Left
      Episode 6
      Just two PAs are left in the running, and the producers pit them head-to-head in various crew tasks as the competition heats up. At the dress rehearsal, the PAs are run ragged, forced to wear silver vinyl suits and dance hip-hop on moving conveyor belts. Diana is asked to "distress" guest star JC Chasez's jeans and ends up ruining them. Doug, on the other hand, is supposed to escort JC to set, but is convinced by the star to play ping pong instead. In the end, one of the PAs unexpectedly takes matters into their own hands and surprises the show producers.moreless
    • Carnivale
      Episode 5
      It's Monica's turn in the spotlight and she's ready for the fun. Immediately befriending PA Diana, Monica decides to have her in the video with her. While filming, PA Doug is in charge of releasing the confetti. After several mistakes that lead to the confetti not coming out at the right time, Fake Director Billy gives Doug a harsh tongue-lashing. This causes him to break down in tears, where a crew member comforts him offset. Rikki gets into a brief verbal argument with Fake PA Mikey stating he's sweeping an area already cleaned by her. It's time for the next firing, and Rikki is the unfortunate PA. The most emotional PA to be let go, Rikki immediately stares with her mouth agape at the news of her firing and then begins to cry. Sadness turns to amusement when she learns she was really Faking the Video!moreless
    • Bling-Bling Music Video Set
      Bubba Sparxxx and Sleepy Brown join in on the fun for Episode 4 of Faking the Video. They first test the PAs by having them wash Bubba's muddy Hummer. Bubba and Sleepy then decide to have a little fun with Doug by having him pose in a large, gold raincoat. During this episode, Rikki is portrayed as very lazy. When the other PAs are busy washing the Hummer, Rikki opts to stand around drinking water. When the other PAs are assigned to clean up foam, Rikki instead decides to sit in a large champagne glass watching the others work.moreless
    • Silent Diva
      Silent Diva
      Episode 3
      Michelle Branch joins in on the gag from where Omarion left off. Pretending to have a cold and needing to be on "voice rest", Michelle has the PAs do various chores such as walking her fake dog and carrying notes back and forth to Smith. Thurston is shown in this episode to be an obvious favorite and strong contender for the top prize. Unfortunately, he receives an urgent phone call from his brother. His father is in the hospital with pneumonia and it doesn't look like he's going to make it. The crew decides that it is more important for Thurston to be at home and lets him go. But because they enjoyed Thurston so much, they promise him an internship, no matter what.moreless
    • First Shoot
      First Shoot
      Episode 2
      It's the day of the first shoot for the music video, and the PAs find themselves having to hand-fan snow onto Omarion, nearly choking him in the process and ticking off Fake Director Billy. When Doug and Diana are sent to Omarion's trailor, Diana makes a surprising discovery and points it out to Doug. Is that a CAMERA behind that mirror??moreless
    • Meet the PAs
      Meet the PAs
      Episode 1
      The series opens up with the six chosen production assistants. Flying to LA, the PAs are introduced to the fake crew: Billy the Fake Director, Stephanie the Fake Producer, and Smith the Fake Wardrobe Designer. The PAs also meet Mikey, whom they don't know is a Fake PA. Antics instantly ensue when guest star Omarion arrives. Casey is made to measure almost every inch of his body, including the length between his nipples. The crew then bring in Sandra, Omarion's Fake Girlfriend. Knowing PA Sean is a "player" they set him up in Omarion's trailor with Sandra where Omarion busts in on them, creating a very uncomfortable moment. The first PA is eliminated due to attitude and not following simple directions. All is not lost though, when they are rewarded with gifts and a stay at a nice hotel.moreless