Falcon Beach

Season 2 Episode 7


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 16, 2007 on Global

Episode Recap

Paige is focussed on a crucial investor coming to meet the Bradshaws. For a favour, Paige owes Nathan a date and he takes her on an early morning boating breakfast, to relax her before her big presentation. But boat troubles and cell phones out-ranges keep them from the office. Lane siezes the opportunity to impress the German investor and gets Tanya to charm him with her European know-how and German speaking skills.

Jason takes his mother for a night of fun at the Sunset Bar, but when Mr.Sinclair calls him away she hangs around with Officer Des Palmer. Later, Jason catches them kissing and Peggy invites Des to dinner for the next night.

Danny and Kelsey organize a development protest that gets out of control and Danny gets detained for a fist fight. Officer Palmer tells him privately that he suspected Danny of the artifact hoax, but he knows he's had a difficult summer, so he gives him 2 chances and lets him go. But Danny gets a warning: 3 strikes, you're out.

Sinclair sees Peggy with Des and has a new assignment for Jason.

Paige and Nathan swim to an unpopulated shore but have no luck finding a road. Nathan stays positive and a gentleman, so Paige tries to enjoy herself and they eventually kiss.

Courtney tries avoiding Jason, as per her promise to Paige, but she has no problem seeing him in secret. Jason catches her stowed on a boat he uses for an illegal run for Sinclair. Trevor and Ginny report Paige's boat missing, Jason finds them and Courtney knows she's caught. But Courtney gets defiant when she sees Paige with Nathan and Paige shoves her into the water.

Paige returns to land and seems eager to continue her relationship with Nathan. She's surprised to see Lane saved the business deal and recieve high praise from Trevor.

Jason tells Peggy he's not comfortable with her dating, so she cancels dinner with Des. Jason then calls Sinclair and tells him the problem is solved.