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  • really good! Can't wait for next epsidoe. Tanya bite me paige and jason forever

    really good! Can't wait for next epsidoe. Tanya bite me paige and jason forever
  • When I first heard about it coming out I thought "Oh great, someone trying to copy the OC." I watched it once and now I'm hooked, this is an excellent show and would recommend it if you do like The OC.

    I love this show! I thought it was going to be horrible compared to the OC but honestly it's not. I've been hooked to it ever since it first came out. The one thing that I hate about the show is the time slot, but other than that...Best Show Ever!
  • Summer never seases to amaze!!!!

    I watched the 2 hour show last week and now I think im hooked. Im excited to see whats going to happen. The show kind of reminds me of the OC, the bruting bad guy come to town and causes all kind of trouble. But I like how its a Canadian show, you dont get many good Canadian shows these days.
  • Falcon Beach is a hot new drama that centers around a group of young adults of different social and economic backgrounds who cross paths in the lakeside resort town of Falcon Beach. It's about summer and freedom. But it's also about two worlds colliding.

    I watched the first few episodes and stop because the series wasn't really going anywhere in my opinion. I am not really against the show but I finally realized the series was boring and lacking something that make other series great. Anyway, I figure a lot of other people realize that the series wasn't going anywhere either because I heard the series ended not long after it first aired on television. To the network that first aired it, which I think is ABC Family, good luck next time with a series that have a similar plot like Falcon Beach. But if you think this series is your kind of show then be my guess.
  • I can relate to the location it's all about summer and having fun.

    While all the reruns was flying off the tv last summer I wanted to watch something that was entertaining and not a waste of time. I tuned in to watch Falcon Beach and voila I loved it.
    Summer time with lots of romance and intrigue i actually loved it and wanted more. This was one of the best show I watched last summer.
  • This show is a show about high school graduates who are trying to live the best summer ever before they have to go to college, but problems are created when Tanya, Jasons childhood sweetheart comes back from a four year modeling trip to europe.

    This is just an awesome show. I saw the previews, if thats what u want to call them, and i already knew i would like it. I am so hooked i think its my new obsession well my only obsession. Other than that, well, i dont think its an obsession just my new favorite show, and their are really pretty people than come out in it. Like oh my gosh, i just adore this show. No i am not obsessed with it.
  • Awesome! I think it looks pretty good!! Yup!!

    The fact that Global is putting this up against THE OC is stupid. People who watch THE OC would watch this show. Whatever.. I\'m sure once Survivors back, this will be moved... I hope. Mondays... At 8 Would be okay.. Because they have nothing there... Well Shitty Stuff.. Should be good. I\'m also excited for \"Whistler\", CTVS new drama comming next year.
  • The series is one of the best ideas Canadian television producers have come up with in a while.

    Based on the series premiere I would have to say that this is one of the best premieres for a Canadian television show that I\'ve seen. Usually Canadian-made television shows, with few exceptions (such as Degrassi)tend to focus on an older crowd (babyboomers and up). Most younger people (meaning below 40) tend to ignore Canadian shows because they usually have lacklustre plotlines and don\'t focus on what we the viewers want. However, someone was listening, because Falcon Beach was brought into production and Global ordered 13 one-hour episodes. Falcon Beach is a young adult drama which I, a 21-yr-old Canadian, can identify with. I am definitly going to be a dedicated watcher of the series. I think that the series has a ton of potential to be a big hit. The premiere was well-written and the ending left me wanting more. I can\'t wait to see what happens with the characters when the series re-premiers on Global TV. I reccommend the series to anyone in their teens or twenties.
  • season 2 is terrible!!!!

    I am watching Falcon Beach in the US no wonder they cancelled the show, This season SUCKS!!! i mean during the first season i was in love with this show it was sooo good. NOW it is just rididculous i rarely even catch two minutes of the show, it is hat bad. The storylines are just dumb. It is seriously not good. The only thing that they can do to make it a good ending is to make sure that Paige and Jason end up together. Jasoon and Courtney completely sucked. The were terrible together. And Paige and Nathan are you serious?!?!?! he is SOOO ugly!! They better have a maricle for the rest of the season.
  • First of all, I would like to say kudo\'s to whoever decided to put this show on.

    From what I have heard, this is going to be an excellent show. I have not seen it as of yet. Someone has managed to tape it for me, for review.
    That will remain to be seen. As we advance into the future, we need to change what we do and how we do it.
    Canada is a great country and shows like this need great audience attention. We need to put ourselves on the map in the television and movie industry. Why did we not do this before?
    Shows like Falcon Beach can certainly showcase the talent that exists here. This show could pave the way to the future for future projects.
    My review will come once I have seen the first installment of the show and then I can give an oppinion about it. If it is simuliar to 91020, then it should do very well.

    Corky Karen Goldberg-Schmautz
  • following the daily lives of people that live at a beach resort.

    I love this show,i love the whole Jason and Paige relationship.This show has alot of touchy subjects that i think people can really relate to.(miscariage,alc/drug addictions,relationship issues).I think the only reason this show isn't returning is because it was marketed/advertised poorly.Almost everyone i know who has seen it,love it,and the other half have never heard of it.This show has to come back for a season three because there too many loose end,it seemed to end so sudden.I have watched the reruns over twice,and still can't seem to get enough of it!Pleaseee bring this show back,i don't wan't to be forced to watch all the reality garbage out their.
  • .

    Great show it has just the right amount of drama and romance,and not to mention beautiful people to look at.I look forward to tuning in each week to see what happens next. The setting is great and the story line is easy to follow. It is nice to see a little more of reality. Instead of some of the shows out there that always sugar coat the peoples lives. There is a little bit of everyone in the show. from your drug addict to your buisness owner, your nice guy, the guy that all the girls fight over. And there is plenty of romance to appeal to everyones wants and needs.
  • This show is Genius! Just like, Degrassi this show has drama, love triangles and juicy secrets. Canada is doing great.

    Falcon Beach is pure genius. Tanya is a wh***monger drug addict, Jason is totally in love with Paige but seduced by Tanya. Lane trying to make amends with himself taking ten steps foward but tewnty steps back. Danny and his girlfriend totally in love with each other making a super huge decision. This season is going to have great story lines and awesome drama.
  • Falcon Beach is full of love triangles and secrets. Everyone wanting to do their own thing over the summer, but find romance. You never now what will happen next, will someone break up or make up?

    Falcon Beach is one of my personal favorites. The previews sucked me in and I started watching it from the beginning. I figured I would just watch the first show and that would be that, but I got addicted. The first show was so exciting and unexpected. If it stays that way I will probably be watching it for a long time. I wish there were other shows out there like this one.
  • This show is about young adolescents in the town of Falcon Beach for the summer. This show centers around the locals and the cottagers.

    I absolutely loove this show and is fascinated with the

    characters. This show is interesting and fun to watch.

    I just looved the whole Jason/Paige pairing don't really

    like the Jason/Tanya pairing though. Tanya is a former

    local coming back from a four year modeling career. She is

    the former sweetheart of Jason. Paige is a snooty Toronto

    girl staying at her mother's hometown.
  • Falcon Beach is a little resort town in Manitoba. It follows the lives of teens finding new loves and adults reminising about old ones (and finding new ones).

    This show is fantasically written. I find it so realistic and well casted. The writters are always coming out with new and exciting storylines. This show does not only have teen drama in it, it also has drama between adults. There's troubled marriages and love affaires. The location where this show it shot is beautiful, it makes me want to go there for vacation. The beach is beautiful and the social scene seems fun. The actors make this show what it is. They seem to have such charisma together and seem to have a lot of fun. Lets hope they bring it back!
  • just soo intense every week. Its such a great show.

    I love this show so much. Every week i can\'t wait to watch the show. What I love about the show is that there are barely any commercials and that the show is based on things i go through all the time. I love how its all about the teenage life. Its just awsome. Believe it or not its pretty much a life lesson. It teawches you what to do and what not to do. It also teaches you many things about having relationshiups and commitments. I would recommend this show to teens ages 14 to 19. Whats neat about al lof this is that it was filmed in Canada!
  • I had nothing to watch so I put this on and I am so glad I did!

    I would see previews for this show on ABC Family and it looked pretty good. It said it was like the O.C. and since I like that show I watched it. I wasn\'t planning to get into it and to watch it every Monday but I do. I can\'t wait for each Monday and I look forward to seeing the new episodes. and another really cool thing about this show is it\'s Canadien. I seem to like a lot of canadien shows.
  • One of the best shows on television.

    Falcon Beach has to be one of my favorite shows. I absoultely love the drama in this show. It has every drama filled plotline a viewer could need: feuding families, relationship problems, drugs, sex, criminals, etc. Jason vs. Lane, Paige vs. Tanya, Lane vs. Mook, Jason vs. Paige, Trevor vs. Ginny. And these are only the main conflicts. I love the characters and all of their arcs, even if they are upsetting at first, they usually lead to a great and much anticipated conclusion. It keeps me watching to see what happens next in the Jason/Paige, Lane/Tanya, and Danny/Erin relationships. It keeps me watching to get that much needed drama fix. As I mention, this is absolutely an awesome show, which is under-rated, and should be on everyone's "must watch" list!
  • Falcon Beach is a show about a jock (Jason Tanner), a model (Tanya Shedden), a nice guy (Danny Ellis), a rich girl (Paige Bradshaw), a bad boy (Lane Bradshaw), a lifeguard (Erin Hadden) and a doctor (Adrian Kepper).

    I love this show! The pros; great acting, dramatic drama, everyone character is included in this show and good dialouge. All of the actors and actresses give 100% to this show. Even though no one "famous" is in this show, these are some great actors. The cons; there are some useless scenes and the theme song is boring. Also, sometimes when a character must make a decision, in this show i think that some of the charcters change their mind too often. This is just a pet peeve and bothers me. I recommend watching it every Monday just to stay on top of things. Once in awhile when i miss a show, it can get very confusing.
  • It's not that bad of a show.

    It is actually a pretty good show. I can tell you that it is a whole lot better than the O.C. which some people claim it ripped off. It is a lot like the O.C. but less drama. Sometimes too much drama is annoying like in the O.C. Falcon Beach centers around more than one cast member which is also great. It develops relationships and shows you things of their past and why they cannot let go of it. The relationship between Paige and Jason is adorable. I hope they stay together. The show really is not that bad, it's actually quite good.
  • At first i didn't want to watch the show but it ended up pretty good.

    At first i hesitated on watching the show, but to please my cousin i did. Well after watching a few of the episodes it became pretty interesting. Also my friends told me not to watch it because it was copying "Laguna Beach" but actually i don't find it to be anything like it. The only thing that kind of similar is them living by water. I find this show much more amusing than "Laguna Beach" and i think people should just give it a chance and watch it because its turning out to be a really good show and it's a perfect show for the summer.
  • This show is exactly like summerland but is actually interesting =)

    I really like this show because it is very interesting and I like the personalities of a lot of the characters!!!

    Jason- he is the popular boy with the nice sweet personality, but thelove of his life comes back into his life and he doesn't know what to do...now I never heard of that before..ok maybe a couple of times...but I am still in love with him

    Danny and Erin- he is the popular boy's nerdy friend like in Saved by the Bell. It is basically the same concept as Saved by the Bell if you this about it. Danny and Erin is the same as Screech and Lisa. Erin is like the popular new girl. This is why I love these people.

    Tonya- omg I can KiLL this character. Sheis ruinin Paige's chance with Jason. She doesn't love Jason at all and she needs to grow up. I think I might actually be more mature than her and that is saying something.

    Paige- has such a bad attitude, but it is like her shield and if you break it she can get really vulnerable. This is exactly like me and I think that is why I love this character.

    Lane- he is just stupid

    overall I LoVE THiS SHoW

  • Falcon Beach is about a group of kids trying to figure out who they are and who they are meant for. And all this is happening during the summer.

    Falcon Beach was a pretty good show. I liked the characters especilly Paige and Jason, I was always wondering what was goin happen with them. Would they date and just be friends? It was interesting that they had a drug user character on the show, but it is true that people do that and do have so issues to figure out like Tonya. Also suprising was that they had Danny and Erin getting pregant and then losing it and her leaving him, was a little different for an ABC Family tv show. But in general I liked watching it every week, and was sad to see it canceled.
  • I usually hate shows like this, but i was surprised by when i watched the show out of bordom and got addicted. It\\\'s decent acting, and the relationship triangles are great. it\\\'s sad to admit, but i LOVE THIS SHOW

    when i first saw this show, i as expecting it to tank. It looked like just another one of those stupid teen drama\\\'s on The WB. But when i watched the pilot, i was surprised at how well it was written. It might not be the best acting for soem of the actors, but the relationships all work, the triangles are great, and the plot seems reasonable realistic. it has a wide variety of characters for you to be able to relate to at least one of them. QUESTION: is it a lake or ocean? Falcon BEACH? idk.... watever
  • Can't wait for season 2!

    This show was great from start to finish. I can't wait for the new season in January. It stinks tho that it takes so long to see the new episodes. But I guess it only makes me want to watch the show more. I can't wait to see what happens with Jason and Paige. I really want them to be together, but Paige going so far away to school, and Jason who doesn't seem to want to leave. I hate that he might lose her because it's hard for him to leave his home. I know that it's scary but he might lose Paige if he doesn't even put up a fight. But I think in the next season we'll see him try to get her back. They wasted so much time apart with them both being stubborn. But Jason finally realized what a screwed up person Tanya was and got rid of her. I never wanted them to be together. Also I can't wait to see what happens with Danny and Erin and the baby. How will things work out for them, with them being so young. Will they be able to cope with every thing that goes with having a baby, or will they end up giving the baby up for adoption? Only time will tell, at least the new season is right around the corner. It's just so mind wrenching waiting. It's just one of those shows you just can't wait to see.
  • Like Every show, it's full of love, gossip,Jealousy, and hardships, but it does have a killer story line!

    Falcon Beach, sounds ordinary, first glance, Ordinary, but yet I watch this Ordinary Show. Some how I got hooked into the drama of what Falcon Beach holds. Yes, It has the basic topics, but yet it explores them in certain ways. As the show progresses, you get deeper into something that you might have never expected. Family ties become twisted and stretched out while, jealousy, and lust slowly burn some relationships. All I can say is tune in, hopefully you will get hooked, but you might not, just think, at least you got a glimpse of what Falcon Beach is all about!

  • while i devoutly watch this show, it's a total soap opera.

    this show is of course filled with romance, heartbreak, lies, scandal, betrayal, death, crime...everything you find in a soap opera, because it's like all of those aspects are in every single episode.

    while i watch the show every week, and i can't resist it, it's not the greatest show in the world. but it's addictive.

    the characters seem to be with a different person every week. except for danny and erin. they're pretty stable. but like tanya and jason, or jason and paige, or paige and adrian, or tanya and lane, you never know if a relationship is on or off, or true or a rebound, or a one-night stand or whatever. it's like, ah! come on.

    but yeah, i do like the show. it's interesting, it's just not the greatest show in the world.
  • falcoln beach pretty much sucked

    Falcon beach was an alright show but it wasn't great I started watching it but really did not like it but I continued to watch don't know why this season I watched two episodes and still have the rest on my dvr I'm glad I didn't continue to watch now I have free time to watch another show that they will probly cancel. I don't know why so many good shows are getting cancelled it really sucks because every time I get into a new one it is canceled, my husband won't watch any new show with me anymore because he's right they will not last
  • Falcon beach is a cross between Dawson's Creek, and Laguna Beach. It is full of drama. It follows the life of a life gaurd, a drugee, a weightboarder,a divorced couple, a braney girl who wants to go to law school, and of couse a model.

    Falcon beach follows the life of 6 teens. All struggling to figure out what they are going to do with the rest of their life or just the rest of the summer. Will they be a life gaurd who feels responsible for a boy drowning, a model doing drugs and cheating on her boyfriend, a boy trying to save his fathers marina, a girl trying to become a lawyer while dealing with her parents divorce, a boy trying to love his girlfriend and keep the family busness running, or a guy sellin drugs. Its all goin on,during a summer on Falcon Beach.
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