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  • This show is exactly like summerland but is actually interesting =)

    I really like this show because it is very interesting and I like the personalities of a lot of the characters!!!

    Jason- he is the popular boy with the nice sweet personality, but thelove of his life comes back into his life and he doesn't know what to do...now I never heard of that before..ok maybe a couple of times...but I am still in love with him

    Danny and Erin- he is the popular boy's nerdy friend like in Saved by the Bell. It is basically the same concept as Saved by the Bell if you this about it. Danny and Erin is the same as Screech and Lisa. Erin is like the popular new girl. This is why I love these people.

    Tonya- omg I can KiLL this character. Sheis ruinin Paige's chance with Jason. She doesn't love Jason at all and she needs to grow up. I think I might actually be more mature than her and that is saying something.

    Paige- has such a bad attitude, but it is like her shield and if you break it she can get really vulnerable. This is exactly like me and I think that is why I love this character.

    Lane- he is just stupid

    overall I LoVE THiS SHoW

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