Falcon Beach

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  • A great Canadian drama, glad it's going on in the US.

    I was curious so I watched the Pilot and I thought it was going to be one of those typical teen drama shows where all the people in that place are having unrealistic problems, like One Tree Hill or Laguna Beach. This show totally suprised me. It had a good storyline, the mother coming back to her summer home and her daughter being pessimistic about everything. I liked how Jason and Danny met Paige and her mom. All the character's are different and aren't just a bunch of friends, and they all have various problems that aren't as practical as other teen drama. There's Erin with the whole lifegaurd duty. Tanya, who's a ex-model, Jason, a wakeboarder who hasnt been in any serious competions,Danny who tells Erin he loves her in the pilot instead of doing the whole Gordo/Lizzie thing. Paige's brother, who's addicted to drugs. Paige's parents who are in the middle of divorce and company losing. There's a twist to everything and it's not predictable at all. People on that show overact but that's what makes it so fun to watch.
    One flaw about this show, in my opion, guy who plays Jason is like a horrible actor.