Falcon Beach

Season 2 Episode 6

The Music Video

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 09, 2007 on Global

Episode Recap

Despite paying for the cleanup and a new tank, the Tanners still have trouble paying their regular Marina bills. Jason takes a boat pick-up job for Mr.Sinclair but stops after he finds the delivery is for stolen equipment.

Paige is suspicious of the discovered artifacts. Danny confesses to Jason about planting them at the Bradshaw's survey site. Courtney and Jason's relationship grows. When Courtney seeks Paige's advice, Paige thinks Courtney may be in love with him.

Tanya meets an old modelling friend in town for a music video; and takes her place when she quits. With Adrian's support, Tanya joins the video, but gets fired by the conflicting director. The band's manager fires the director and re-hires Tanya for her directing ideas.

Mook's wife shows up demanding money from Lane, or she'll tell the cops he and Mook were conspiring, as evidenced by Mook's phone bill. Lane gives her $5000. She later links Mook's gasoline-smelling pants with the Marina tank explosion, and extorts another $10 000 from Lane.

When the bank gives the Marina a foreclosure notice, Jason desperately accepts Mr.Sinclair's illegal boat-runs. Paige shows up at Danny's house and after a struggle with him, she finds a replica-artifact kit. She confiscates it for evidence.

Tanya's video is a success, but Lane is jealous of Adrian at the wrap-up party, so he hits on Tanya's friend.

Danny's afraid he'll go to jail for his artifact fraud, when Kelsey surprises him with a kiss. Paige anonymously leaves the artifact kit on officer Palmer's car, with no other information. Palmer informs the Bradshaws of the artifact fraud, so their development can proceed.

Courtney asks Paige the truth if she still has feelings for Jason. Paige can't deny it and tells Courtney not to see him anymore if she's her friend. Courtney agrees, but hides her pain from Paige.

Tanya makes up with Lane, and it's clear he is troubled and has been trying to tell her about Mook, but he just can't.