Falcon Beach

Season 2 Episode 12


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 23, 2007 on Global

Episode Recap

A day before the bank's deadline on the foreclosed Marina, Trevor and the Bradshaw executives gloat, but Paige doesn't feel right about celebrating. Courtney invites Jason to Switzerland with her for the winter; which surprises him as well as Paige. Tanya tells Adrian she's going to end it with Lane. The forensic report links Lane's fingerprints to the Marina's gas tank; but he fakes an alibi to Officer Palmer and says Tanya was with him. She's uncomfortable with the lie and hides from Palmer all day.

Jason goes wakeboarding again, and Paige tells him she saw him. They both agree that having fun is better than finishing 1st; then Jason tells her he accepted Courtney's offer. Ginny tells her kids she will travel the Mediterranean with Michael.

Jason's innovative design on his wakeboard proves highly successful, so he contacts his old sponsor to market a patent; but he 1st seeks Paige's advice so he wont get cheated. Danny is upset as the Marina beach is fenced off early for Oasis construction, and Courtney helps him hold a vigil beach party.

Paige discovers her father has broken many project regulations and that Nathan knew about his false finances all along. She breaks up with him and quits the resort. Nathan then abandons his job.

Des Palmer catches up with Tanya and hints Lane may have paid someone to sabotage the Marina. Tanya realizes Lane hired Mook and confronts him about it after drinking alcohol. She tells him she's leaving him and that she slept with Adrian.

Alex, from wavecrasher, is impressed with Jason's design and offers to buy his patent plus a sales cut. The deal is alot more than he and Paige expected. They rush to the Oasis and offer the bank to buy back the Marina with the patent earnings. Trevor signs the purchase before them and claims they're too late, so Paige blackmails him to rip up the contract or she'll go public about his fraud. Jason gets the Marina back and Trevor disowns Paige.

Overwhelmed, Jason and Paige get completely intimate in his truck. Courtney senses something when they arrive at the beach party. As Danny and the crowd celebrate and tear down the fence, Erin shows up in the background...