Falcon Crest

Season 9 Episode 2


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 06, 1989 on CBS



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    • Richard: I have nothing to live for except those boys.

    • Kevin: Are you going to tell us what prison was like Daddy?

    • (Angela comforts Richard at Maggie's funeral)
      Richard: What am I going to do?
      Angela: You're going to survive.

    • Charley: (Clinking the glass to get the family's attention) Right now, I like to say something, right now, to all of you. Thank you!! Thank you for feeling so at home, so welcome. I mean, there's so much warmth here, so much feeling. Emma, you have a marvelous, wonderful family. That's all!
      Pilar: Who's this creep?
      Emma: Where's this coming from, Pilar? What did Charley ever do to you?
      Charley: Oh Emma, I know you haven't lose any sleep over. Have you two been losing any sleep?
      Lance: Why don't you take a hint and get the hell out of the valley?
      Frank: (comforting Lance over Charley) Sound like you're upset, little buddy! Good morning everyone?
      Charley: Frankie, come and join the fun with us, smile sport!
      Frank: I can see what's upsetting you, and you're in my chair!
      Angela: Frank, why don't you come and sit here? We were just discussing Mr. St. James's travel plans.
      Emma: I resent that, I resent all of you. I think it's despicable the way you've been treating Charley. Now, if you want us to leave so that you can go on your trip, just say so. Say it right here, in front of everyone. Go on, say it: I want YOU to leave!
      Angela: No, I want HIM to leave!
      Emma: Well, if he goes, I go!
      Angela: Emma, I would never throw you out of your own home.
      Emma: Then we stay, and everybody better learn to accept Charley! Cause he's here, as long as I am.
      Charley: Chao-Li, uh, we'll have some sausage, please?

  • Notes

    • This is the last episode that featured Jane Wyman. After she collapsed on the set, she was rushed to the hospital, where the doctors told her to avoid work. She will return for the show's final 3 episodes, later this season.

    • German episode title: "Ein gefährlicher Liebhaber", meaning "A Dangerous Lover".

    • It is very stange that Maggie's adult children, Cole and Vicki didn't attend her funeral. Aside from not attending they were not even mentioned at all. Maggie's mother Charlotte is also nowhere to be found. Also where are Maggie's friends? Allison and Amos Fedders would surely have been there. It just didn't make any sense.

    • According to TV Guide, the decision to reduce Jane Wyman's appearances on "Falcon Crest" this season was a mutual one between Wyman and the show's producers. To accomplish that, the writers put Angela in a coma for most of the season. Executive producer Jerry Thorpe stated, "We wanted to take the show in a new direction while at the same time lightening her load a little."

    • Susan Sullivan appeared in 207 of the 227 episodes of the series, this one marking her last appearance on the show.

    • Towards the end of the episode, when Angela is in bed reading and Emma comes into say good night there is a photo of Angela (Jane Wyman) and her sister, Francesca Gioberti (Gina Lollobrigida) on the nightstand. The photo is to Angela's left and it is closest to the bed from where it sits on the night stand.

    • Mark Lindsay Chapman enters the show playing Charley St: James.

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