Falcon Crest

Season 9 Episode 22

Home Again

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 17, 1990 on CBS

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  • adel_hamdy

    hi all there
  • The End of the Gioberti Saga!

    I agree...the last episodes were rushed, but it was done to accomodate Jane Wyman's return for 3 episodes and failing ratings. Jane Wyman wanted to return so that the fans could get a satisfying end to the show....they had stuck it out for nine seasons. Shw wrote the final soliloquy for the episode. It was almost like her own personal words. Having Angela back helped the series recapture some dignity before it's end. There are some unanswered questions and plots.....but as Angela hints, "Whatever problems come up in the future, will be handled in the future...It's all in the family!" I bet they have some biggies in the future.
  • It was okay, if not a bit rushed

    Having recently had the good fortune to be able to watch the complete Falcon Crest, all nine seasons, I think I know enough about this show to make a few comments. Thankfully we have Jane Wyman back as Angela Channing, having recovered from her coma at the beginning of this season. What struck me most is that the Angela we see here is rather confused. Okay, she's still scheming, but it all seems very half hearted. The Angela from the first 8 seasons of Falcon Crest would never have changed her will so easily, nor allowed the marriage between Richard and Lauren if she had really wanted it stopped. By this point Falcon Crest had really lost the plot, right up until Angela went into her coma the show stayed on a similar theme. It seems that the producers took the opportunity of Jane Wyman's departure to experiment with the formula. Unfortunately the new cast just didn't have the talent to pull it off for the most part. For me the ending of Falcon Crest is pretty abrupt and to be honest quite welcome after almost 20 episodes of pretty average television. If they'd still had the viewers I wish they could've gone on to make a decent 10th season where they could have sent it out with a decent pace and a great cliff-hanger just like the classics from Season 3/4 with the plane crash and season 6/7 with the apparent drowning of Chase. It was also a great shame that Emma didn't return for the final episode as she was one of the few surviving characters to last thoughout all nine seasons.
  • Angela and Sharpe plot to destroy Richard and Lauren's relationship so Angela can regain full control of Falcon Crest.

    This episode was exactly what the show needed after steering so far away from its core during the season. Jane Wyman\'s return was the reason and the only reason why it felt like the same old show again. Her brand of villany was unique and it was something that belonged on Falcon Crest. The battles between her and Richard, her and Pilar, and Lance and Richard are what made the show great. Far too much time was wasted on Lauren, Michael Sharpe, Genele and Danny. The only problem with this episode is that well liked members of the cast did not return for the good bye. Emma, Frank, Julia, and Stavros would have been great to see. Angela\'s farewell soliquy was absolute beautiful. It brought together nine years of conflict and put it to an end. Jane Wyman was that show and she proved that in the show\'s final moments.
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