Falcon Crest

Season 9 Episode 22

Home Again

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 17, 1990 on CBS

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  • Angela and Sharpe plot to destroy Richard and Lauren's relationship so Angela can regain full control of Falcon Crest.

    This episode was exactly what the show needed after steering so far away from its core during the season. Jane Wyman\'s return was the reason and the only reason why it felt like the same old show again. Her brand of villany was unique and it was something that belonged on Falcon Crest. The battles between her and Richard, her and Pilar, and Lance and Richard are what made the show great. Far too much time was wasted on Lauren, Michael Sharpe, Genele and Danny. The only problem with this episode is that well liked members of the cast did not return for the good bye. Emma, Frank, Julia, and Stavros would have been great to see. Angela\'s farewell soliquy was absolute beautiful. It brought together nine years of conflict and put it to an end. Jane Wyman was that show and she proved that in the show\'s final moments.
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