Falcon Crest

Season 9 Episode 22

Home Again

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 17, 1990 on ABC - Australian Broadcasting Corporation Television



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    • Angela: Grandfather how long has it been since you came to the valley and planted your first vine from Italy? I remember how you used to hold me on the saddle, riding through the fields and teaching me about the land and the vineyards and how precious they are together seems like only yesterday.

      I think of all the people who have passed through these vineyards-- there's Chase, Maggie, Cole, Vickie, and that feisty Melissa Agretti, and Erikson, killed in the plane crash that almost killed all of us but I was spared to carry on your heritage.

      Julia is safe and happy in the convent, and Emma and Frank will both be coming home soon oh, and Stavros. Oh, it was tempting, Grandfather but in the end, you knew I couldn't follow him and live in Greece. I couldn't leave Falcon Crest.

      Training Lance to take over has been a challenge, but I think he's coming around and for the first time, I think Richard and I are beginning to understand each other.

      Meanwhile, I'm going to do everything I can to keep the vineyards and the winery the jewel of the valley, just as you always dreamed they would be.

      Yes, the past has its place but I'll keep looking to the future. After all, there's a wedding today children are playing, more children are on the way, and of course, the land, always the land. People come and go, but the land endures.

      A toast to you, Falcon Crest and long may you live.

  • Notes

    • The final Line of the Series was "A toast to you Falcon Crest, and long may to live." and was said by Angela.

    • German episode title: "Glückliches Ende", meaning "Happy End".

    • Kristian Alfonso (Pilar) appeared in 44 of the 227 episodes.

    • Jane Wyman (Angela) wrote the final monologue which her character delivers in the final scene. It includes references to many of the characters who featured in the series throughout its run, including Chase, Maggie, Emma, Julia and Melissa Agretti.

    • With the completion of this episode, Jane Wyman (Angela) came in third place in appearances as she appeared in almost every single episode, between 1981-1989, and missed 3 episodes prior to this season, due to her health problems. When she had serious health problems during the 9th season, she was written out of the show for almost the entire season and that's when the cast/crew knew that she could no longer work. However, she came back (against her doctor's advice) to appear in the final 3 shows, for a total of 208 of the 227 episodes.

    • Jane Wyman ("Angela"), Lorenzo Lamas ("Lance"), Margaret Ladd ("Emma") and Chao-Li Chi ("Chao-Li") were the only 4 regular cast members to appear in every season.

    • After this episode, Jane Wyman will be retired from acting and having herself to focus on other charity & honorable events. She said on a Falcon Crest website that she and the rest of her cast will not comeback for a Falcon Crest reunion movie despite of the issues she had, the previous season.

    • David Selby (Richard) appeared in 209 of the 227 episodes, when he joined the cast in 1982.

    • When she series ended, actress Jane Wyman (Angela) missed 16 episodes this season despite of her health problems.

    • The show's producers knew it was the final season, even before the series was moved to Thursday nights, which is why they chose to wrap up the series. In addition to Jane Wyman's limited role on the series, David Selby ("Richard") had announced he was leaving the series and Gregory Harrison ("Sharpe") had only signed a one-year deal with the series, which included a deal with CBS to headline his own series the next fall ("Family Man," which lasted one season). By the time, the final episode aired, it was being promoted as the last episode.

    • This final episode of the series contained the 4 Falcon Crest worst enemies in this season: Angela, Richard, Genele and Michael.

    • Chao-Li Chi (Chao-Li), Margaret Ladd (Emma), Bob Curtis (Father Bob) and Susan Sullivan (Maggie) also appeared in every season. They didn't appear in every episode but were present at some point in every season.

    • With the completion of this episode Lorenzo Lamas (Lance Cumson) is the only cast member to appear in all 227 episodes. Jane Wyman (Angela) missed 19 episodes total, Margaret Ladd (Emma) and Chao-Li Chi (Chao-Li) missed 44 episodes. David Selby never missed an episode from the moment he joined the cast in 1982.

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