Falcon Crest

Friday 10:00 PM on ABC - Australian Broadcasting Corporation Television Premiered Dec 04, 1981 In Season





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  • Did you know?

    Did you know that Falcon Crest was not the first time that Lorenzo Lamas and Jane Wyman had met. Wyman had worked with Lorenzo's father, Fernando, on her TV show from the 1950s, "Jane Wyman Presents The Fireside Theatre". So she had known Lorenzo since he was a baby. There are more cool facts like this at endedtvseries>com . We love . Keep up the great work!
  • The Best of the Best: WYMAN

    Jane Wyman, one of the finest if underrated actresses in Hollywood history, made a "comeback" or sorts during the decade of the 80's, inwhich her former husband, Ronald Reagan, was also playing a major political role as our President. And while I watched every single prime-time 'soap' during that era, it was "Falcon Crest" that glowed brighter than the rest. Mostly because we didn't have to take it too seriously, could find so many moments of dry humor to enjoy (just the disgusted look on Wyman's lovely face as she handed the Sheriff a check through the back window of her limousine, and then slowly raised the dark window to shut out his irritating questions.) And to add to JW's own glamorous reputation and respect, they added legendary Lana Turner as a guest star for one season and legendary Kim Novak for another season! Just perfection.
  • A classic

    This show isn't an intelligent series like L.A. Law! But it's still very funny! It has a pretty good script: who can forget when Melissa sang "Goody Goody", when Melissa and Lance got married for the second time, when Melissa got crazy for the third time, when Peter captured the heart of Angela Channing, when Angela found out that Richard was her son, when Richard died and came back from the dead in the same episode, when boring Chase finally was dropped?
    The show has wonderful actors: Anne Archer, Laura Johnson, Ana Alicia and Lana Turner to name o few. Sadly enough, Jane Wyman herself is a really bad actress. But the show is a classic!
  • Falcon Crest 1981-1990 was one of the all time favorite prime-time Soap-opera\'s.Its differed from Dynasty, Dallas and Knostlandings because of its humor and numerous gueststar appearances and is still considered one of the classic shows in prime-time.

    Falcon Crest was good to go. Numerous Guest appearances and hilarious humor abounded .This prime time Soap-Opera based in the fictional setting of Tuscany Valley within the Napa valley region and a minute away from San Francisco.Memorable Cliffhangers. Remember when Unbalanced gun-toting Julia Channing Cumson wielded a gun during a season Cliffhanger or Melissa wrestling the Vineyards away from Angela .
  • second only to dallas

    this show was one of the greats. i know i've seen every episode at least twice. it came on after dallas and for several years was just as good. i wish they would put it out on dvd, or bring back repeats agian. i've heard that you catch it streaming of the internet or ipod or something.
  • Great show

    Jane Wyman, who was then known as Ronald Reagan's ex-wife
    Prove that she had talent left in her
    As she was very funny playing the woman you love to hate a lot
    Like a female JR Ewing
    Also had a crush on Lorenzo Lamas
    He was the only one that stayed throughout the show from top to bottom
    Very good show even though it isn't good as Dallas or Dynasty!
  • Who knew Jane Wyman could be funny?

    Falcon Crest was a riot. It started off typically as a primetime sudser, but somewhere it became funny. Jane Wyman and her tv daughter Margaret Ladd played so well off each other. Every time Emma said to Angela "Hello mother, how's tricks?" I would laugh every time. When Ana Alicia came aboard as Angela's nemesis, the show really took off. Abby Dalton was also wonderful as Angela's other troubled daughter Julia. Unfortunately as it often happens, the show went downhill fast when new writers and producers came aboard in season 8 and promptly fired Ana Alicia as well as John Callahan, Dana Sparks, Brett Cullen and Mariska Hargitay. Then they gave us a whole slew of new characters nobody cared about. The writing was better in the last season, but Jane Wyman was out sick for most of the season and Susan Sullivan quit, so we were left with only David Selby and Lorenzo Lamas and new cartoon villain Gregory Harrison. But Jane Wyman came back at the end and at least gave Falcon Crest the send-off it deserved unlike the horrible final episodes of Dallas and Dynasty.
  • Though I watched it ever since I was growing up, it brought a lot of great suspense/mystery unlike many other dramatic series that's like a soap. And Jane Wyman portrayed the character in a sense that nobody else could. This was a down-to-earth soap & a

    It was a fairly good show. I recommend this to everybody who haven't been watching it or probably learned a little bit about it on DVD. This is a series where you get a chance to learn about your family and how you have the privilege of running your business.