Falcon Crest

Friday 10:00 PM on ABC - Australian Broadcasting Corporation Television Premiered Dec 04, 1981 In Season





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  • The Best of the Best: WYMAN

    Jane Wyman, one of the finest if underrated actresses in Hollywood history, made a "comeback" or sorts during the decade of the 80's, inwhich her former husband, Ronald Reagan, was also playing a major political role as our President. And while I watched every single prime-time 'soap' during that era, it was "Falcon Crest" that glowed brighter than the rest. Mostly because we didn't have to take it too seriously, could find so many moments of dry humor to enjoy (just the disgusted look on Wyman's lovely face as she handed the Sheriff a check through the back window of her limousine, and then slowly raised the dark window to shut out his irritating questions.) And to add to JW's own glamorous reputation and respect, they added legendary Lana Turner as a guest star for one season and legendary Kim Novak for another season! Just perfection.