Falcon Crest - Season 7

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Episode Guide

  • Last Dance
    Last Dance
    Episode 28
    Frustrated that he has been unable to prove that Senator Horton is a mole for The Thirteen, Richard leaves Washington for home with Maggie and Garth. As they cross that state border, two gunmen open fire on their limo. Garth's expert driving saves them. The limo is bullet-ridden and the passengers are not hurt, but in another part of town Rosemont and Gray Suit watch as Eric Stavros is pumped full of chemicals. The Thirteen is going to turn him into a killing machine. Angela comes home accompanied by Richard's security men. She's off again once she learns that Melissa and Lance are trapped in that underground bank vault in Hobart. At the drill site, Frank Agretti conducts the rescue mission. Underground, Melissa is delirious over her deed: Falcon Crest might actually belong to her. Above ground, several rescue workers resurface coughing up hydrogen sulfide fumes. Frank realizes his efforts may be in vain. Dan Fixx arrives and volunteers his help. Mr. Gray Suit shows up for his regular psychiatrist's appointment only to discover that Richard lurks behind the chair, gun in hand. Gray Suit is whisked out a window and taken to a waiting car. Richard and Garth then interrogate him until he confesses that The Thirteen has decided to kill Richard, his family and Angela in order to protect their autonomy. Eric is waiting at the Channing home when Maggie arrives with Vickie and Emma. Stavros demands to know where Richard is. Maggie lambastes him for the way he maligned Richard at the hearing and has the security men throw him out. Moments later, an inquisitive cop stops him. Eric blows the lawman away, as target practice. They're running out of oxygen, but there's still enough left for what may be Lance and Melissa's last kisses. They profess their love for each other and the sound of a drill reaches their ears. Dan hears their screams for help and locates them. With the aid of a harness, Dan rescues Melissa, but Lance slides back into the cave in a rush of rocks and debris. Angela is pulling for Lance at the drill site and the paramedics tend to Melissa. Restored, Melissa discovers that her deed to Falcon Crest is missing. She accuses Angela of stealing it. "Falcon Crest has always been mine," she says. Angela doesn't know what she's talking about. After Lance is rescued, the family returns to Falcon Crest to celebrate. Eric lies in wait upstairs. Angela almost goes up, but the doorbell interrupts her. Richard comes in and informs her of a security team he's placed around the house. Chao Li spots a shadow outside the window and shouts at Angela and Richard. Shots ring out. Richard pushes his mother to the floor, but she's hit anyway. It's only a flesh wound. Richard alerts his team to look for the mysterious gunman. Angela rests on the couch, waiting for the doctor. Touched by his care for her, Angela tells Richard she loves him. Richard is in a state of shock. Melissa berates her Uncle Frank for having taken the deed from her and accuses him of siding with Angela. Frank doesn't think Melissa needs Falcon Crest; if she were to stake a claim to it, she would hurt Lance and Angela. Lance joins them and warns Melissa is she opts for revenge; he will turn away from her. Dan is stunned when Carly tells him that she is not his sister. He insists she remain his "sister" until they both have time to figure out the implications of their relationship. Richard goes to New York to meet with The Thirteen. He offers his life in exchange for the safety of Maggie, Angela, and his children. All he asks is twelve hours to say goodbye to everyone. And he doesn't want to know when or how he'll be killed. The Thirteen's vote is unanimous. Richard reminds them that if they don't honor their end of the bargain, he will see to it that they join him in hell. Richard gives his sons a farewell hug and gets into bed with Maggie. They profess their profound feelings for each other and reflect on their life together. After his wife drifts off to sleep, Richard dresses and leaves. Waking on the dewy grass outside his home, he comes across Eric, who shoots him. Richard falls to the ground. Everyone is devastated. At the funeral, Maggie is poised in her grief. Angela stares weakly at Richard's grave. Two months after the funeral, the court decides Angela must give her home up to Melissa. Angela leaves court with Lance and Frank Agretti. Melissa is only too happy to answer the press's questions, but she's got one eye on Angela's departing limo. At Falcon Crest, Angela takes one last walk down the staircase. Marshals stand waiting as Melissa arrives to move in. There is no welcome and no welcoming committee. Frank ignores his niece. Angela takes one look at the house and tells Melissa, "I'll be back." Rosemont is yanked of a street in Bangkok and pulled into a van driven by Garth. "You're the last one on Mr. Channing's list," Garth informs him. Rosemont has left his new ruby stickpin in the dirty street. In a dimly lit church, Angela lights the last of thirteen memorial candles and she asks a cloaked figure, "Haven't you waited long enough? When are you going to tell Maggie you're alive?" The figure retreats.moreless
  • As Tears Go By
    As Tears Go By
    Episode 27
    Maggie creeps out of bed early to meet with Senator Ryder in hopes of getting Richard granted immunity for the remainder of the hearing. Alone in bed, Richard is drugged by a gloved hand. He regains consciousness to find the dead body of Madame Malec next to him. Richard shudders. It could have been Maggie. Maggie meets with Senator Ryder and wins immunity for her husband. Meanwhile, Richard has given up trying to convince anyone in Washington that The Thirteen exists and is responsible for Madame Malec's murder. Maggie persuades vitriolic Vickie to keep her trap shut about Richard at the hearing. Later Vickie blows off her husband outside the hearing room. She's helping her mother now, the brat tells Eric. With Frank out of the hospital, Melissa attempts to convince Angela to let her into Hobart to look for her heirloom. Angela is opposed to the idea. Frank tells his niece to stay put. Next, Melissa enlists Lance in her scheme to get into the fenced-in ghost town from Richard's property in Channing, Nevada. Underground, they are startled when a tunnel wall collapses on them and they tumble into an underground vault-full of old safe-deposit boxes from Wells Fargo. Richard begins to suspect that Senator Horton, who is conducting the hearings, is a mole for The Thirteen and invokes the Fifth Amendment in his testimony. Eric testifies against Richard, but Emma changes her mind about vilifying her brother in front of the Senate when he finally makes her believe that he did not kill Curtis Estabrook. At the hearing, Maggie meets John Remick again. He has had contact with The Thirteen. Maggie begs him to testify. He does, providing written proof which supports Richard's contention that The Thirteen is a very dangerous and extant organization. During a recess, Maggie turns to thank Remick, but he's gone. In a Fifth Avenue dress shop, Garth fits Angela with a bug to spy on The Thirteen in New York. She meets with them and records their discussion of economic upheaval. Back in Washington, she discovers the tape is blank. Dan's father, Tucker, comes back to tell Carly that Dan is not her brother. When Tucker married Carly's mother, she was already carrying another man's baby. Carly is crestfallen. She cooks Dan dinner, unable to tell him the truth. In the vault, Melissa finds a box for her key. She unlocks an ancient deed to Falcon Crest. The name on the deed is Agretti, not Gioberti, she tells Lance. Melissa screams in ecstasy and an avalanche of rocks seals them in.moreless
  • Telling Tales
    Telling Tales
    Episode 26
    The Thirteen withdraws fifty billion dollars- their net worth- out of the stock market and the Dow Jones average plummets. They plan to buy back devalued stocks under one of the companies Richard Channing has bought with their assistance, implicating him in their plot. Angela receives her subpoena to testify against her son in front of the Senate Select Committee. Emma is dying to ruin her brother but hasn't received a subpoena. Angela dreads having her family's affairs publicized. Maggie packs up the car and the kids and gets a flat tire shortly after leaving Falcon Crest. A police car appears to assist her, but it's driven by a decoy for The Thirteen. Maggie's spare tire is missing. The cop calls for a tow truck and checks in with Rosemont. Garth finds Maggie's car, abandoned, just as Rosemont drops into Richard's office at The New Globe to offer him yet another deal: testify our way and spend the rest of your life on Easy Street. Maggie eventually calls Richard, and he reveals his conviction to expose The Thirteen without immunity. "I've been down this road before," Dan Fixx tells Melissa as she tries to explain her relationship with Lance and how she can't seem to ever say good-bye to him completely. "See you around," says the spurned boyfriend. Lance and Melissa visit a stagecoach museum. Looking through some of the old Wells Fargo books, they discover that the coach that carried the strongbox that contains contains Melissa's treasure passed through Hobart, Uncle Frank's ghost town. Back at Falcon Crest, Chao-Li, Angela, and Lance are glued to the TV for the hearings. Rosemont pays the grape queen a visit, offering a seat with The Thirteen if she agrees to malign her son at the hearings. Angela is so incensed that Mr. Rosemont should woo her to fight Richard that she decides to play his game and get even. Vickie comes across a key to a room at the Del Oro spa and decides to investigate. The key opens the door of a suite. Inside, her husband and Madame Malec are attached at the lips. Vickie flees. Later, Madame tells Eric to run along now and await further instructions from The Thirteen. Eric leaves and Rosemont steps out of the closet. Madame is having such a good time with the Stavros boy that she's ready for another assignment. Rosemont has one in mind. Angela arrives at the hearings, having just formulated a plan with Richard to trap Rosemont at his own game. She shows expected contempt for her son, launching into a story of how Rosemont told her of Richard's plan to destroy the American economy. "She's lying!" Richard shouts. Richard tries to discredit his mother to the committee. Later, Richard and Angela clink glasses to toast her performance. Then Angela gets a phone call. Frank is out of his coma.moreless
  • King's Gambit
    King's Gambit
    Episode 25
    At Falcon Crest, Maggie has a premonition of her husband surrounded by a sinister group of men. Richard is awakened in his home by a contingent of FBI men who have come to question him after the collapse of three foreign banks. Looks like The Thirteen's plan to destroy the world economy is beginning to take shape. Richard tells the Feds The Thirteen is out to drive the stock market into another crash. He can't prove it, though. Richard is chagrined to find the files in his office missing and his secretary replaced. Taking the FBI to The Thirteen's headquarters in New York, Richard finds that the elevator only goes to the twelfth floor. He takes them to the nearest conference room, but it's filled with toy salespeople. On a flight back to the U.S., Vickie barks at the attendants when she finds that her husband isn't with her. Eric doesn't seem to miss Vickie. He's detained in Geneva with Madame Malec, Richard's Communist buddy from Yugoslavia who helped him find Vickie when Dimitrov kidnapped her. Madame is training Eric to join The Thirteen. Her agenda includes seduction and brainwashing. Eric is a good student. He takes exams in Madame's bed while Vickie storms around Tuscany blaming everyone for keeping her husband away from her. Maggie tells her daughter while she's breaking valuables that none of this would have happened if she and Eric hadn't tried to rob Richard. When Vickie finally finds her man, some sex shuts her up but, after a quickie, Eric dispatches his wife and heads to an adjoining room- and Madame Malec. Angela wants the key to Melissa's treasure and she wants Lance to butter her up. Lance won't trail his ex so the grape queen throws a phony charity benefit at the house for the Frank Agretti Cancer fund. As Frank's only surviving relative, Melissa is forced to attend. Angela tells her erratic nemesis that Lance still loves her; this bit of gossip is music to Melissa's silly ears. But what about Dan? On the road, Dan stops for gas and coffee, and his friend Red places a timing device full of nitroglycerin under his rig. Carly is in hot pursuit of her brother. She finally catches up to him, driving alongside and convincing him to pull over. Dan bolts from the truck and, minutes later, it explodes. Dan and Carly catch Red. He's arrested. Maggie dances with Senator Peter Ryder at Angela's bogus charity fete and is shocked to learn that he is John Remick's brother. He wants her help in finding John. She'd like to find Richard first, but he's off being interviewed by the FBI and Maggie can't get any information out of Garth. One night at Falcon Crest she awakens to find a man's hand over her mouth. It's Richard, who updates her on his confession with the federal agents. Maggie's already told Peter Ryder that she's going to stand by her man, criminal charges or not. She leaves Falcon Crest and goes back to Richard, despite Emma's pleas to divorce him. Returning from his near-disaster on the road, Dan Fixx gets back to Tuscany in time to see Melissa going out on a date with Lance. Maybe they'll discuss what Melissa has learned on her trip to the Wells Fargo Key Company. It's something about a stagecoach from the past. Will Lance try to help? Ryder discusses Richard's imminent arrest with the FBI agents. They think Richard knows about Kathryn Anderson and Remick's disappearance and has been using this business with The Thirteen as a cover. Senator Ryder thinks the group does exist, but he doesn't know how Richard fits in. The FBI sends him home until they know more and pays a visit to the Channing home. Richard is handed a subpoena to testify in front of the Senate Select Committee. "We have enough proof to put you away," they tell him.moreless
  • The Key to Angela
    The Key to Angela
    Episode 24
    Richard sends the children to Emma while Maggie dries out. He's mulling over what to do about Melissa's plan to get into Hobart now that she's decided not to spy on Lance for him. He takes turns with Emma watching over Maggie, who painfully weans herself of alcohol- until she gets a letter from Vickie, delivered by Emma. Maggie is shocked to find that her daughter is in jail in Switzerland and that her husband is responsible. She goes to call Geneva but finds that the telephones have been removed. Furious and frustrated and feeling totally deceived by her husband, Maggie reaches for a hidden bottle of brandy and pours herself a drink. Richard comes home and finds Maggie seated with a glass of brandy. She tells him she knows where Vickie is and what he has done to put her there. He begs Maggie not to take the drink. The smell of it alone makes her sick, Maggie tells him. She pours the brandy into a nearby planter and says, "A toast to my daughter in Switzerland." Richard can't find a thing to say. Now that she knows her husband is responsible for putting Vickie in jail, Maggie is all ears when Emma suggests coming to Falcon Crest. Emma has convinced her mother that perhaps they can persuade Maggie to divorce Richard if she is isolated from him. Desperate to keep Maggie at his side, Richard asks Garth to push for Vickie and Eric's release. Lance approaches Senator John Ryder for help in proving Richard's guilt in the disappearance of Ryder's brother, John Remick. Lance reminds him of his obligation to John for saving his neck years before when a drug charge could have ruined his political career. Once Ryder verifies Lance's allegations with the FBI, he warns Lance to let the authorities take control of the investigation before anyone else gets hurt. It's inheritance time again and Len Potts comes a-courting with the third codicil to Chase's will. Chase requested that Melissa be present. Everyone shows up to discover that Chase has left Melissa a key-to destroy their common enemy, Angela. Rosemont insists that Richard print an article that will trigger the collapse of foreign banks in California. Richard refuses his arrogant demand and Rosemont blocks Vickie and Eric's release from jail. Richard changes his mind and boards a plane to Geneva to bargain for getting the Stavroses out of prison. After much debate, Melissa finally signs the forms to have her comatose but only living relative operated on. The operation is a success. Soon Frank Agretti will be back on his feet. With this taken care of, Melissa can get back to finding her treasure. She goes to a stagecoach museum to do some research. Angela has asked Lance to keep a close eye on his former wife and that key she's got. Carly overhears Dan's alleged friend Red insinuate that the nitroglycerin shipment is part of a setup. She steals a car to find her brother before he is blown to bits. Richard meets with opposition in Geneva. He can't get Vickie or Eric released from jail and is forced to print Rosemont's alarming article in The New Globe. Richard's next plan is to lure The Thirteen into a trap. He makes a phone call that will change his life, to Senator Ryder and the FBI. Richard's ready to spill his guts.moreless
  • Flying Blind
    Flying Blind
    Episode 23
    Nightmares have Maggie sleepwalking. She dreams that Vickie and all the people she loves are leaving her. Richard finds her and pulls her from her reverie. He has proof that Nellie Maxwell, their housekeeper, is a spy working for Angela in her determination to find evidence that will enable her to win custody of Michael Channing. Maggie gives Nellie the boot. Frustrated, Angela joins Lance in his investigation of Richard's association with The Thirteen. Coma-bound Frank Agretti needs an operation to save his life. But Dr. Huston informs Angela that Melissa, as his next of kin, has to grant permission. The Tuscany spitfire has a tough time with this one, although Angela begs her to sign the consent form. Dan Fixx's first delivery with his new trucking company is no piece of cake. It's a shipment of nitroglycerin. He won't tell Melissa exactly what he is transporting in his truck, which he has named "Wendi", but she eventually finds out and they argue. Carly wants to ride with Dan. He refuses, but she sneaks into the cab anyway. Vickie's lawyer in Switzerland can't tell her why her mother hasn't received any of her letters and she fires him. Eric later makes a deal with someone to smuggle a letter to Maggie. They are trying to come up with a plan that will get them released from prison. Richard is adamant about wanting no part of The Thirteen's plot to dismantle the economic structure of the United States. Rosemont is not happy. He comes back to his office to find an entry in his appointment book to meet Angela Channing at Falcon Crest. Rosemont listens carefully as Angela threatens him. If he helps Richard, he will become her enemy, she informs him. Not knowing quite what that means, Rosemont assures Angela he has no intention of interfering with her relationship with her son. Lance warns his grandmother about tangling with The Thirteen. Rosemont looks forward to getting into the revenge business with Angela.moreless
  • Dirty Tricks
    Dirty Tricks
    Episode 22
    John Remick is alive. At least Lance and Kathryn know that much. Back in the Tuscany Valley, Kathryn thinks she can convince Rosemont that Lance believes Remick is dead. Rosemont is correct in thinking his decoy has fallen for the Tuscany Valley stud and makes a telephone call to have her eliminated. Although Kathryn has confided her knowledge of The Thirteen to Lance, he has not told her about the note he found hidden in his passport. Now that Angela has bought the little town of Hobart, California and put up a fence around it, Melissa is going to have trouble looking for the Agretti heirloom. The grape queen claims she is keeping the property safe until Frank comes out of his coma. Lucky for Melissa, it turns out that Hobart is just across the state line from Channing, Nevada, Richard's town. She wants to tunnel through to Hobart starting in Channing to a mine where her heritage supposedly waits for her. Playing on her former involvement years ago with Richard, Melissa meets him at The Max and tries to "dirty dance" Richard into making a deal. She's quite a spectacle on the dance floor, sliding on Richard's leg. Her womanly wiles are not enough to win Richard's cooperation, so Melissa shows him Frank's treasure map. Richard pledges to help her if she finds out what Lance has learned about John Remick. Lance shows the note he found in his passport to Maggie. "Keep after Channing. I'll be in touch," it reads. Maggie doesn't believe John Remick wrote it, as Lance claims. Anybody could have written the note, Maggie counters. Emma returns from visiting her sister Julia in the convent and she gives her brother Richard a very icy shoulder. She's holding a grudge about Curtis Estabrook's murder. She still believes Richard is responsible and intends to get even. Sympathetic when Maggie tells her about her habitual drinking, Emma also learns of Lance's accusations against Richard. She files this away. The Falcon Crest winery is threatened with a strike when Melissa deliberately plants some misinformation among the workers. Angela has to break up a fight between opposing groups, but eventually settles the dispute with the union leader. Maggie balks at Richard's idea of sending her away to a private clinic to get her to stop drinking. She goes to see Dr. Everdene, a specialist who treats alcoholics. Together, they work out a plan for Maggie to kick the habit at home. Lance receives an urgent phone call from Kathryn, who believes she is in danger from The Thirteen. In her apartment, they find a bomb rigged to her telephone. They scheme to take her death. The bomb explodes and Kathryn leaves safely for Mexico. Garth has been investigating The Thirteen for Richard and reports that the group plans to attack the banks and stock market in New York and cripple the economic structure of the United States. That's why they've been helping Richard buy the newspaper and the movie studio. Richard wants no part of this political upheaval, but he really doesn't have a choice. He made a pact with The Thirteen and the time has come to honor his commitment.moreless
  • False Faces
    False Faces
    Episode 21
    The Justice Department is hardly all ears to Lance's plea for help in nailing Richard. An associate of the department, one Kathryn Anderson, offers her help. She makes an appointment to meet him with a lead on Richard. Lance shows up first and narrowly misses getting hit by a car. Kathryn is an employee of the thirteen. Rosemont instructs her on how to handle Lance Cumson. If she cannot scare Lance off Richard's case, Rosemont suggests that she may have to kill him. Angela takes Michael out to the toy store, but soon she discovers he's missing. An hour passes and Maggie appears. She berates Angela for losing her son. The store manager finds Michael in a back room; Garth has been hiding him in order to discredit Angela. Maggie leaves with Michael and Angela suspects foul play. Angela arrives home to find herself in the midst of a surprise party thrown by Carly, who has managed to invite most of Tuscany and then some. Angela is delighted and moved by her gesture, but the party mood changes abruptly by an enraged Richard. Pretending to have just found out about Michael's disappearance, he threatens to appeal the court's decision to give her rights to Michael. The court revokes Angela's visitation rights to Michael. Richard buys a movie studio. Rosemont approves. Garth informs Richard that Maggie's been looking for Vickie. They plan to distract her with postcards from the missing daughter. Richard leaves abruptly for an appointment with a specialist in alcoholism, who tells him that Maggie must want to help herself. In Africa, Lance and Kathryn come to blows with several mercenaries as George Westcott readies a plane to take them further into the jungle. Later, they are shot down by the rebel troops and crash land in the bush. Angela meets a poker-player investigator from the underworld to help in obtaining proof against Richard and Maggie for her custody suit for Michael. At Angela's behest, Carly follows Melissa to the local college, where Melissa obtains information about the map she took from Frank Agretti. Carly finds out where she is going and tells Angela. Dan and Melissa drive to Hobart, California. They discover that Angela has purchased the property they were looking for and put up a barbed-wire fence. Maggie hires a new housekeeper, one "Nellie Maxwell", the assumed name of Angela's investigator. Garth discovers Angela's home phone number in Nellie's purse and informs Richard. They decide not to tell Maggie. Surrounded by rebel troops, Lance and Kathryn learn of Remick's capture and probable death. News of the sudden financial backing of the rebels confirms Lance's suspicions of Richard's involvement. Lance decides to dig up Remick's grave against Kathryn's protests. Lance finds an empty coffin and Kathryn holding a gun on him. In the back of a crowded Al-Anon meeting room, Richard's heart breaks from the stories he has heard. He realizes that he and Maggie have a serious problem. His wife is an alcoholic.moreless
  • Channing Vs. Channing
    Maggie recovers from her drunken fall and decides to throw away all of the alcohol in the house so she won't be tempted to drink again. Lance continues to investigate Curtis's allegations about Richard's underworld activity. Richard finds him rifling through Emma's office at the New Globe and warns him to stay away from Maggie. Lance tries in vain to enlist Maggie's support, but she denies Lance's accusations and tells him to stop before anyone else gets hurt. Frank and Melissa ride out to Hobart, California using Frank's antiquated map. Melissa accuses him of selfish motives, but when Frank raises his gun and shoots a rattler lying close to her, Melissa is embarrassed into silence. Frank tells her that he is dying and has no desire of cheating her out of her legacy. When they get to Hobart, all they find are abandoned buildings from an old mining community. On further inspection of a shack, Melissa falls through the crumbling flooring into a hole below. Frank attempts to rescue Melissa and as he succeeds in pulling her up, he is hit by a falling beam from above and is left unconscious. Angela comes to Frank's bedside to find her friend in a coma. As she leaves her room, she spots Melissa and accuses her of causing her uncle's accident. Maggie confides her "accident" to her friend Allison. Allison tells Maggie that she has been subpoenaed to testify about her fitness as a parent. Maggie is incredulous as Garth enters the room with a child welfare worker. The welfare worker assigned to Michael's case tells Angela that she is going to recommend that she see her grandson more than once a month. Meanwhile, Richard and Maggie discuss the upcoming hearing. Richard has arranged for Judge Ambrose to be discredited by publishing an article in the Globe revealing his inability to account for his campaign funds. Maggie thinks that won't stop Angela. At Falcon Crest, Ambrose laments his fate at the hands of Richard, as Angela reminds him of his indebtedness to her. After testimony at the hearing, the judge grants Angela visitation rights to Michael, once a week. Maggie and Richard argue over the decision. Angela returns to Falcon Crest and gloats over her success.moreless
  • Wheels Within Wheels
    Shortly after Richard carries Maggie across the threshold of their new home, he is perturbed by the news that Eric and Vickie have left for Europe and that someone has broken into his wall safe. Also, the key to his Swiss bank safe-deposit box has been copied in wax. In Geneva, Eric and Vickie put their plan into motion, getting a wax mold of the key that will admit them to the bank vault. Melissa will not warm up to her uncle Frank and Angela frankly doesn't know why he even bothers trying to win her over. Frank Agretti then tells Angela that he's not sure what his heirloom is, but he has to pass it on before he dies. Angela learns he has six months to two years to live. To help Emma figure out why Curtis Estabrook was murdered, Lance goes to Las Vegas to speak with George Wescott, a man who tells him about John Remick's connection to the murder. Maggie is shocked to hear him report that whatever Curtis knew about Remick resulted in his death. Also, Richard is involved in this somehow. It's also impossible to get in touch with Remick because he's been taken prisoner in Africa. Angela gets Carly a job at the spa. She pulls her off the switchboard to snoop through Frank Agretti's room. Frank catches Carly and throws her out. The grape queen finds him packing his jeep for a trip to the desert. He's been looking at an antique map and survey book in Melissa's cellar. Melissa insists on traveling with her uncle. Vickie and Eric break into Richard's safe deposit box, but they don't even have time to count their booty. Richard found out what they were up to. Vickie and Eric are arrested and held in custody by the Swiss police. Feeling just a twinge of paranoia, Richard tells Maggie that his son Michael is off limits to his grandmother. Maggie rebels and brings the boy to Falcon Crest. Having Garth living under the same roof as the two of them has Maggie boiling mad; Garth is listening in on her phone calls and telling Richard about her every move. The strain on the Channing marriage is driving Maggie to drink. When Richard is served papers for custody of Michael Channing on behalf of Angela, Maggie hits rock bottom. Richard comes home to find her stinking drunk. They get into an ugly fight over this latest problem with Angela. Maggie falls and hits her head on the floor.moreless
  • Legacies
    Episode 18
    Melissa rejects her long-lost Uncle Frank, who turns to Angela to help him heal the family rift with his only living relative. After Maggie turns the reins of her Gioberti winery over to Angela, she and Richard start their delayed honeymoon in the Caribbean, which proves not to be the idyllic getaway for which she had hoped. Emma blames Richard for her friend's death and seeks revenge. When Dan's former wife tries to meet with him, Melissa interferes. Before Richard can seek revenge for Eric's disloyalty, Eric makes plans to take Vickie and escape from the valley.moreless
  • Stormy Weather
    Stormy Weather
    Episode 17
    When Maggie and Richard spend their wedding night at Falcon Crest, they are trapped in a house with no food, no phone, a murderer, and no way out, while Angela listens at every keyhole. A storm forces Angela to be the unwilling hostess for Maggie, Richard, Dan, Melissa, Vicky, Eric, Garth, Curtis and Sheriff Buckman. In order to keep the uninvited guests, Lance, Carly, Chao-Li and her mother occupied during their forced hibernation, Emma organizes a game of murder. However, when the game turns into reality at midnight, Richard is the prime suspect.moreless
  • A Madness Most Discreet
    Maggie and Richard decide to try again, while Angela proves uncharacteristically supportive. When Lance moves back into the manor house, Angela joyfully greets him with the news that Carly will be staying for a few days. In a misguided attempt to help Emma, Curtis digs dirt on Richard. At Lance's instigation, Melissa enters into an elaborate masquerade to rescue Emma. In his effort to break the codicil to Chase's will, Richard enrolls some dangerous assistance. When Gabrielle returns to the valley on the anniversary of Chase's death, she gives Maggie some hopeful news.moreless
  • The Uncertainty Principle
    In spite of Emma's well-laid plans for a beautiful affair, fate makes a travesty of Maggie and Richard's wedding day. After Maggie finds the perfect house, Richard agrees to have the wedding in the garden. Tempers erupt when Eric creates an unpleasant situation at Richard's bachelor party. When Melissa shows up at Maggie's bridal shower, the two finally reconcile. While Eric is able to perform an errand for Richard that could affect Maggie's future, Carly runs an errand for Angela, which does affect Melissa's future. Lance and Tony fight over Shannon.moreless
  • Hornet's Nest
    Hornet's Nest
    Episode 14
    Angela takes advantage of Richard's absence to get closer to her grandson and Maggie, while Richard and Eric search for Vickie overseas. Richard seeks the help of a beautiful party leader to help him rescue Vicky, but must use strong tactics and blackmail to get her cooperation. When Dan tries to help Carly, Melissa lacks the patience to deal with the wild young woman who could threaten her happiness. Emma's kindness makes her prey for a scheming couple. Shannon thinks she might find happiness with Lance, but her past again interferes. Angela anticipates that all of her own wishes will soon come true.moreless
  • Rescue Me
    Rescue Me
    Episode 13
    After Vicky vanishes from Angela's party, Richard and Eric frantically search for her. After Dan is surprised by the arrival of a half-sister whom he didn't know he had, he puts her to work in the grape fields. Shannon tries to leave the valley after Lance questions her. Melissa is able to deflect Angela's scheme to get her committed so that Angela instead loses her hold on Dan. Angela succeeds in prying into Maggie's affairs.moreless
  • Twist and Shout
    Twist and Shout
    Episode 12
    After discovering that Maggie has finally accepted Richard, Emma and Angela throw a surprise engagement party. During the party, Melissa makes her entrance dressed only in a bathrobe. Lance discovers that the charming stranger he has befriended knows secrets that could directly impact him. Liz makes an announcement that infuriates Angela but delights Maggie. Melissa overhears Angela talking about her plan to drive Melissa insane and have her committed. Richard saves Eric from making a terrible mistake.moreless
  • Across the Bridge
    Across the Bridge
    Episode 11
    When Maggie returns to the valley with Vickie and Eric, she learns that Richard and Liz have been traveling together. Eric realizes that his gambling debts are following him and that he must pay more than money to escape them. When Melissa starts to experience strange phenomena due to Angela's hired illusionist Foster Glenn, Melissa's world begins to fall apart. Emma's success as a columnist disturbs Angela, who goes to Father Bob for advice about her family.moreless
  • Lovers and Friends
    Lovers and Friends
    Episode 10
    Upset with Richard's involvement with Liz and unable to make a decision about his proposal, Maggie leaves the Tuscany Valley to join Vicky in Monte Carlo. While a mysterious and eerie assassin figure stalks Liz, Maggie resents her reliance on Richard's protection. After Melissa gets even with Angela, Angela retaliates with a scheme that boomerangs. Maggie enters her new wine in a contest and wins second place. Angela discovers that Dan's father has a second family. After Lance rescues Emma from her would-be producers, she starts writing an advice column for The New Globe.moreless
  • Hunter's Moon
    Hunter's Moon
    Episode 9
    Lance's determination to clear himself and bring the real murderer to justice endangers his own life. Tony insists that Lance, who is very sick, check into a hospital. However, Lance, despite the poison coursing through his veins, brings Nurse Chadway to justice. Richard assists the daughter of an old friend and becomes involved in helping her save her ball team. Angela tries to destroy Melissa's new vineyards. Richard asks Maggie to marry him.moreless
  • Manhunt
    Episode 8
    After Angela digs into the past to save Richard from Carlton Travis, she must open old wounds. Angela goes to the wife of a Supreme Court justice and one of Washington's most celebrated hostesses to recruit help in rescuing her son. When Lance is arrested for murder, Melissa comes to his aid. A man who Dan suspects is a thief turns out to be his father. While asleep, Lance is injected with a toxin that will kill him within 24 hours.moreless
  • Sweet Revenge
    Sweet Revenge
    Episode 7
    After Richard rejects Carlton Travis's offer of a truce, Travis kidnaps him and Angela. After Maggie hires an old friend to plan a birthday party for Richard's son, Angela brings a puppy as a gift to the party. Melissa spirits her son away for a picnic and becomes lost in the Australian bush. Dina's nurse gets her to sign Lance's half-million-dollar check over to her. Lance suspects that Frank Starr tampered with his car.moreless
  • New Faces
    New Faces
    Episode 6
    After Angela and Richard meet the mysterious Carlton Travis, Angela conspires with Carlton to destroy Richard. Richard realizes that although Carlton is a man who won't listen to reason, he will listen to Angela. With all the trimmings Hollywood offers, Emma works on her screenplay. Melissa takes Dan to Australia to visit Cole and her son. With Frank Starr's assistance, Dina's nurse works on her patient to discredit Lance. Angela and Travis discover that they have a history.moreless
  • Dead End
    Dead End
    Episode 5
    After Angela and Richard individually maneuver to meet the man behind the mysterious activity in the Tuscany Valley, they are both placed in precarious positions. Maggie can't understand Richard's reluctance to rely on the police. Angela forces Wilkinson to reveal Richard's ownership of lake property in Nevada. Emma, agreeing to write her autobiography, acquires a ghostwriter and personal manager, and heads for Hollywood. While Lance discovers that someone sabotaged his car, Vickie finds herself among the homeless. In conclusion, an explosion destroys the Gioberti home.moreless
  • The Big Bang
    The Big Bang
    Episode 4
    When Richard Channing and John Remick offer to help Maggie pay off Angela, each plays dirty to make sure that he will be the one to whom she is indebted. When Angela sends Lance and Dan to investigate Emma's new job, she is too late. Vickie not only tells Maggie that she is pregnant, but also confesses Eric's gambling mania. Dina is seriously injured in a car accident with Lance. While Maggie and Richard visit his new Nevada property, they are unaware that they are under surveillance. Consequently, they return home to face Angela's demand for payment.moreless
  • Redemption
    Episode 3
    Unsuccessful in luring Lance back to her side, Angela turns to Dan to manage her winery and find someone new to run the spa. However, when Dan assigns Melissa to manage the spa, Melissa, to Angela's consternation, creates a successful nightclub for the Del Oro. On the turn of a card, Richard wins Eric's Nevada land and plans to create a town called Channing. While Maggie agrees not to press charges against Melissa, Nicole continues to harass Maggie until Angela enters the fray.moreless
  • Obsession, Possession
    A French woman and a mercenary soldier from Chase's past intrude on the lives of Angela and Maggie and force them to face unpleasant consequences. Angela's wiles work on Chao-Li. Emma believes she is embarking on a new life as a businesswoman. After Lance moves in with Dina amid Melissa's accusations that he cares more for his car than he does for her, Melissa attempts to make peace with Lance.moreless
  • Opening Moves
    Opening Moves
    Episode 1
    Angela learns the truth about her supposedly deceased child. The car chase has endangered Melissa, Chase, Richard, Dan and Maggie's lives. After taking a disastrous fall, Chao-Li lies at the foot of the stairs. Emma, frustrated with her mother's meddling, stands high above Falcon Crest and threatens to jump.