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  • Season 1
    • Paying The Piper
      Paying The Piper
      Episode 9
    • You Can't Always Get What You Want.
      The assistant director of the FBI, Floyd Kehoe, criticizes Jules for the way he is running the operation and wants to meet with Joe. Kehoe questions Joe's loyalty to the Bureau and his mental stability after twenty-nine months undercover. He wants to end the operation and write it off as a failure--they have come up with only enough evidence for small cases against Sonny, Jimmy, Sally and Vito, that they know the Family's counsel, Noah Dietrich, will easily be able to fight. So far they have nothing on the boss or underboss. kehoe also feels that they no longer even have to go after Ricci, because the D.A.'s office will be bringing him to trial for an unrelated charge in a couple weeks. Luckily, Jules and Joe are able to convince Kehoe that D.A. Gold's case is weak at best and it would be profitable to continue their operation, since Caesar, Ricci and Sonny appear to be setting up a major heoin import and distribution network. Kehoe gives them two weeks, and Joe starts wearing a wire to speed up the operation. Meanwhile, Joe's home life is starting to fall apart; Maggie asks him to stay away until the investigation is over and he can be a full-time husband and father again. Sonny, still grieving for his friend Lucky, turns to Joe as the only one he can trust. He admits to executing Lucky and tells Joe the details of the drug operation--Joe catches both conversations on tape. The FBI makes plans to be there to bust the first shipment of heroin when it comes in. Meanwhile, Sonny's sister Dede has become romantically involved with Caesar, against strict orders from her brother to stay away from him. Caesar has always hated Sonny and wants him dead, and Sonny sees the relationship as a way for the underboss to get to him. Sonny orders Dede to take her son Christopher and leave town until he tells her it's okay to return, and warns her not to tell anyone that she is leaving. Dede, however, disobeys her brother once more and innocently informs Caesar of the plan. Caesar takes Dede's absence as an oppurtunity to hit Sonny. But his plan goes tragically wrong when his men screw up and plant a bomb in Sonny's car before Dede is safely out of town. Caesar orders his man to stop the hit at the last moment when he learns of the mistake, but it is too late. Sonny and Dede are loading the last bag into the trunk before leaving for the airport when Christopher, playing in the front seat, turns the key and triggers the explosion.moreless
    • ...But Not Forgotten.
      When Caesar discovers that Dominic has been murdered, he orders Sonny to clean his house; in other words, to get rid of Lucky. Sonny goes to Ricci to appeal the order--Lucky is a childhood friend and as close to Sonny as a brother--but Ricci refuses to go against Caesar and the rules. Ricci and the Volonte Family need Caesar and his international drug connections, and Ricci can't oppose him until a drug deal is in place. After that, he assures, Sonny, Caesar will be whacked and Sonny will be upped to underboss in his place; but this won't happen in time to save Lucky. Meanwhile, D.A. Gold has found a witness who heard the hasty burial of Dominic, and she arrests Jimmy and Joe for the murder. She doesn't formally charge them, but buries them in the system until Monday--when she knows Family consigliere Noah Dietrich will demand that she charge or release--in the hopes that she can turn one of them. She separates them for interrogation and leads Jimmy to believe that Joe is talking to the D.A.'s office. Jimmy has always had doubts about Joe's integrity, and this makes his suspicions ever more firm. Jimmy is forced to accept Joe and put aside his doubts, however, when Joe saves his life in prison. Sonny and Lucky spend a last night chatting about past times, and Lucky ends the conversation by telling Sonny that he knows there's no other way out and that he's ready for Sonny to kill him. Sonny somewhat tearfully shoots his friend to save himself. Meanwhile, a coroner's report presents evidence that Lucky was Dominic's murderer at the same time that Lucky's body turns up. Jimmy and Joe are released. Joe goes home to his wife and kids, but Maggie tells him that she can't handle what his job is doing to their lives and their children, and she suggests that they separate for awhile. Joe makes his way back to the Motion Lounge, where he finds Sonny sitting alone and mourning Lucky.moreless
    • That's Amore
      That's Amore
      Episode 6
      JImmy, Lucky and Sonny's sister Dede are in a wedding together, and one of the ushers is arrested, leaving Dede without a partner. She asks Sonny to fill in, but he volunteers Joe for the job instead. Dede hugs him to thank him, and accidentally gets perfume and a smudge of lipstick on his shirt. Maggie sees this while doing laundry and accuses Joe of having an affair. She later bumps into Joe and Dede at the mall looking for a tux, which fuels her suspicions. Joe is able to make her leave before she blows his cover, but later she warns him that after the wedding he had better come home. Joe must also deal with D.A. Francesca Gold, who has decided she is going to use him as a way to get to Sonny and the Volontes despite Jules' warnings to back off. Lucky, meanwhile, has developed a crush on his partner at the wedding, Alana, a hairdresser. Sonny's crew visits the salon where Alana works to sell the owner some stolen shampoo they ended up with by mistake. While there, Lucky sees Alana flirting with Dominic, one of Caesar's men. Lucky beats the guy up out of jealousy, and Sonny has to sit down with Caesar about the fight. Caesar takes away the shampoo deal as payment for Dominic's trouble, and Sonny warns Lucky to control himself in the future. But when Lucky inadvertently happens upon Dominic and Alana having sex in the men's restroom at the wedding reception, he stabs Dominic to death. Instead of going home to his wife, Joe is forced to help Jimmy and Sally bury the body. Sonny orders Lucky to go into hiding from Caesar. Already having a bad enough day, Sonny walks outside just in time to catch Dede, who advances at the wedding were gently brushed off by Joe, getting into a taxie with his enemy Caesar Nicoletti.moreless
    • Lealta
      Episode 5
      Joe's elder daughter, Amanda, is suspended from school school after getting into a fistfight with a classmate. Despite urging from Maggie and Joe, Amanda refuses to talk about what happened and the principal threatens to expel her. Joe must balance this with his job, where things are heating up because of the pressure Caesar, the new underboss, is putting on Sonny. Caesar hates Sonny and wants to have him killed, but he knows the boss would never sanction it. So instead he pushes Sonny and tries to force him to make a mistake, which would give Caesar a legitimate reason to take him out. Caesar demands that Sonny whack his Uncle Jackie Savino, who took Sonny under his wing after his father was killed for ratting out when Sonny was a boy. Sonny loves Jackie like a father, but rules are rules and he assigns the hit to Joe when he offers. The FBI visits Jackie to tell him about the contract, and they plan to snatch him off the street before the hit can go down. Sonny also tips off Jackie and suggests that he run. Jackie, however, goes after Caesar instead--but he has a heart attack before he can go through with the hit. He is hospitalized, where he makes a deal with Jules and the FBI. He also meets with Sonny and tells him that if he gets out of the hospital, an order is an order and Sonny should come after him like he's supposed to. But after Sonny leaves, Jackie decides to make it easy on him and does the job himself by disconnecting his heart machine. Meanwhile, the girl whom Amanda got in a fight with admits that she provoked Amanda, and she is allowed to return to school. Caesar tells Sonny to find the rat that tipped off Jackie to the hit, and he suggests that it could be Joe. But Sonny confesses to his crew that it was him that tipped off the old Savino, and it starts to look more and more like a war is between the two is inevitable.moreless
    • Double Exposure
      Double Exposure
      Episode 4
      After Cerrone practically drops Pistone's home address right into the mob's lap, the Pistones change their name to Egan and find a house in a different part of the city. They are unable to buy it immediately, however, because of a Bureau error. Meanwhile, Sonny is approached by Al "Ruby" Rubirosa, a Miami con man and thief who is trying to sell a lithograph plate used to make birth certificates. Joe is stunned when Ruby reveals to him that he knows Joe is a Fed--but he won't say anything if Joe can get Sonny to buy the plate and if he won't tell Sonny that Ruby was an informant in Miami. Sonny doesn't pay much attention to Ruby at first, but when Ricci names his underboss Sonny is forced to reconsider. Caesar Nicoletti, a "zip" from Sicily, is upped to underboss, a position Sonny had hoped would be his. Caesar and Sonny hate eachother, and now Sonny must prove himself to be a good earner or risk being whacked out. They take the plate to an expert, who say it is flawless, but Sonny won't give Ruby the control he wants over the deal. Ruby destroys the plate, and Joe begins to tail him to see what he's up to. He learns that Ruby needs the money from the plate immediately so he and his pregnant girlfriend Chloe can move out of New York City. He also discovers that Ruby stole the plate from the Cuban Mafia, two members of which Ruby ends up shooting to save Joe's life. Together, Ruby and Joe devise a plan to get Chloe out of NYC and to get the remaining copy of the lithograph plate off the street and in the hands of the FBI. The plan succeeds, but at the cost of Ruby's life.moreless
    • Windows
      Episode 3
      Sonny learns from his sister DeDe that his nephew, Christopher, is autistic. Wanting to help, Joe tells Sonny about a school that helps autistic children, but the school is in Rego Park, meaning DeDe and Christopher must move, leaving Sonny to come up with $20,000 for a house. The plan is for Fitzroy's $52,000 debt to go away if he awards Allo (agent Cerrone) the bid to replace the city's school windows with a $50 per window kick back going to Sonny. All is well until Allo screws up the deal, causing Joe to scramble to stay undercover, save Allo and get Sonny his money, all at the same time.moreless
    • Tight Rope
      Tight Rope
      Episode 2
      After taking Victor out, Sonny now controls his debts, one of which includes an outstanding note for 52 large,($52,000)owed by "Fitz". Fitz turns out to be Bernard Fitzroy, chairman of the board of education finance committee. Jules, Joe's supervisor, decides to introduce Joe to another agent, Ray Cerrone, who will be working with Joe to set Sonny up on an extortion charge. Sonny decides to take the bait.moreless
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      Joe Pistone, special agent with the FBI, has been inside the mafia for two years. He's a trusted friend to Santino "Sonny Boy" Napoli, a mobster who is upped to Captain after a war with Victor "The Pick" Mura, where both are trying to become underboss. Joe, trying to spend time at home after his wife, Maggie, is involved in an auto accident, has some tense moments of his own when a member of Sonny's crew challenges Joe's loyalty and identity.moreless