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ABC Family (Mini-Series 2007)



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All Aaron Corbett ever wanted was a normal life. But on his eighteenth birthday he will find out that he has a destiny beyond his wildest dreams. Caught in a battle between opposing celestial forces, Aaron will have to make a difficult choice.

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AIRED ON 8/5/2007

Season 1 : Episode 4


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    • Important error

      lists this miniseries wrong.

      It is not a 4-parter. It is a 3-parter, namely a made for TV movie and two subsequent ones made a year later.

      They are titled: The Beginning, The Journey, and The Destiny.

      There have never been 4 episodes.
    • A clever title goes here!

      I thought this was a good series, but then what about the Fallen novels by lauren kate? Is one a ripoff of the other or they r based on the same book?
    • Aaron finds out on his 18th birthday that not only that he is a nephilim but the one nephilim searched by many fallen angels looking for redemption

      Aside from the book i give this a 8. After reading the books and then re-watching i have to give it a four! The director fell of the plot line terribly.

      The main downfall of this series to me is that the director used the first book as a basis for the story line, then uses pretty much nothing of main importance from the remaining 3 books. The 4 books could have made into maybe a 4 season show. If he would of followed the plot line, almost to the key maybe with a little extra off the topic stuff made more money from 4 seasons then 6 mini-movies. I would have loved to see the fight between the leviathan and Aaron. Not only that but the final battle between Aaron and Verchiel. Hell in the book is not portrayed as place but a state of suffering/pain/anguish inside Lucifer. Lucifer was portrayed as antagonist from being to end in the show but in the book Lucifer started as a antagonist from his feelings of jealousy when later he became a protagonist by not letting the hell God gave to him as his punishment destroy humanity and angels alike.moreless
    • Everyone should watch Fallen.

      This is a sci fi drama full of fantasy/spirituality and lots of action about Aaron Corbett, who when he turns 18 finds out about his destiny...which is far from the normal life he desires. This show is so unique and goes far beyond any drama on TV today. The fallen angels long to be redeemed and Aaron is the piece to this dramatic puzzle.

      I really enjoyed Fallen and highly recommend this for everyone to watch.

      This is such a strong story and I would love to see more and I am going to read the books by Tom Sniegoski that this is based on.moreless
    • This is a new pilot which also doubles as a 2 hour (with adverts) tv movie: it is a film adaptation of the first book in the 'Fallen' series, by Tom Sniegoski. It's on Abc family, but don't let that put you off!moreless

      Anyone who has seen the adverts for the show or has tried to research the book it is based on will know the premise: Lucifer and some of his fellow angels rebelled against God and were banished from Heaven, to live on earth: they are the Fallen. These fallen angels mated with mortal women and their offspring were known as the Nephilim, half-angel, half-human creatures. This is where the show starts to deviate from known theology: we then learn, in a voice-over to a montage of paintings with angelic themes, of a prophecy regarding the birth of a special Nephilim, a Chosen One who will redeem the Fallen angels and return them to their heavenly home. The problem lies in a battalion of warrior angels, called the Powers, who have made it their vocation to destroy all the Nephilim they can find.

      Once all this is explained to us (at length), we come to the real point of this show, a teenager who feels different and out of place in his life. Unlike normal teen dramas, this feeling has an actual cause - he IS different. Through the events of one tumultuous day, Aaron will find out that he is one of the Nephilim, possibly THE one. Aaron starts to hear animals talking to him, he understands all languages, and the names of the Fallen angels (in angelic script) start to appear on his arm. His eighteenth birthday is much more life-changing than he had ever expected! I particularly enjoyed the little hints we got of Aaron's special nature, even before the big revelation (which is why I would have done without the opening montage, which I felt was particularly exposition heavy). For example, his autistic step-brother Stevie only lets Aaron touch and hold him without warning, and calms down as soon as Aaron talks to him. Aaron is an orphan of unknown parentage, and he even has a dog named Gabriel. The name, Aaron, means, among other things, 'messenger', which is also an ancient definition of the word 'angel'.

      However, it isn't all good for Aaron: he starts having nightmares of something chasing him in order to destroy him utterly, and he soon realises that his presence will endanger everyone he loves. Besides, just when his crush, the cute Brazilian girl in his high school, finally likes him back, he has to run before the Powers catch up with him!

      As I was reviewing this episode, I tried to be fair and judge it on its own merits, not just by comparing it to the book. I felt that Paul Wesley did a good job in conveying Aaron's confusion and panic when he realises that his dream of a normal and happy life will now probably never come true.

      All the characters came across very clearly and I did not feel it dragged in any way (often one of the teething problems of a pilot). I quite enjoyed Elizabeth Lackey's performance as Verchiel, one of the Powers, whose hatred of and loathing for all Nephilim leads to her calling them Abomination. Rick Worthy is, as always, amazing as Camael, another Power, and Fernanda Andrade was in no way annoying as Aaron's object of desire. I would have said I found Tom Skerrit to be over-acting and irritating, but other reviewers reversed my opinion: i.e., they found Lackey annoying and loved Skerrit, so I think this is a matter of taste.

      In conclusion, I just (!) wanted to say that I really enjoyed this in every way: I liked the themes, I didn't feel it deviated from the book in any way that was crucial, and the special effects were good enough for a tv show. If you like fantasy and action, you will love this show!moreless

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