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Fallen TV Movie

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 23, 2006 on ABC Family
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Fallen TV Movie
On Aaron's eighteenth birthday, life as he knows it changes forever. He develops unusual powers and a strange dream haunts him. A homeless man named Ezekiel, who claims to be a fallen angel, tells Aaron that he is a Nephilim, part human and part angel, and the Powers, an army of angels, are coming to destroy him.

Aaron at first cannot believe that he has been drawn into a centuries long battle between the Powers and the Fallen, a group of angels who have been banished from heaven. Soon he will have to accept the truth as inexplicable things keep happening around him, his abilities increase and strange people start following himmoreless

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  • iTunes did a great job for this "Made for TV movie"

    When I saw the preview for the tv movie Fallen I was very skeptical of it I didn't think it looked that good. When I saw that iTunes was offering the first part of it free i naturally accepted the episode and watched it. Dang iTunes does a great job in selecting their free things in order to get people hooked. So I downloaded the second part of it and watched. I think that it was just as I classified above average. When I heard that they were making a regular show about it I was happy because they did sort of leave a lot up in the air. I look forward to seeing the regular series.moreless
  • I found this show kind of confusing but I watched the entire first episode and I would watch it again to give it another chance.

    The part where the good angels and "bad" angels do battle is really, really cool. It is a different kind of show in that it is always unclear exactly where the good angel Aaron comes from. Of course heaven seems the obvious answer but that is not really the case. Its possible I think that later shows will depict him as being from outer space. That is the cool part of the show and an interesting idea. I wish that there were more shows on T V. that were like this and not reality shows. Its fun to watch science fiction.moreless
Tom Skerritt

Tom Skerritt


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Russell Porter

Russell Porter

Tom Corbett

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Malcolm Stewart

Malcolm Stewart

Dr. Michael Jonas

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Darren Scott

Darren Scott

Gabe (voice)

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    • Aaron: It has been said they walk among us. That they guide us. It could be the banker, the girl next door or the cop on the beat. But now I know that some tempt us. They even destroy what we believe in. My future is not my own. My destiny has been rewritten.

    • Aaron: This is impossible. I'm not half an angel.
      Zeke: Oh, sorry to tell you, kid, but you're probably more than that.

    • Zeke: Uhh, the Powers think that they are the Creator's personal stormtroopers and their whole goal is to get rid of Nephilim and they absolutely hate the Fallen.

    • Zeke: (Sanskrit) Hello young Nephilim. Do you understand the tongue of the messenger?
      Aaron: Messenger?
      Zeke: What you are is obvious. You are in danger, Nephilim.

    • (Dr. Jonas reads from a book in Italian)
      Dr. Jonas: So, what did I just say?
      Aaron: That's from Dante's Inferno. We read it last year in Language Arts. The fallen angels are angry because Dante's in Hell but he's not dead.
      Dr. Jonas: Did you, um, read this book in Italian?
      Aaron: (Italian) No. I don't know Italian.

    • Aaron: When God created Man, a jealous Lucifer mounted a great rebellion in Heaven. His army of angels was defeated and forever banished from Paradise. These angels, the Fallen, abandoned Lucifer, choosing to live on Earth among the pleasures of humans. They took mortal wives and fathered abominations, children called Nephilim, who had the power of angels, but the souls of men. Angry, the Creator flooded the Earth, killing the Nephilim and driving the Fallen into hiding. He sent the Powers, fierce warrior angels, to hunt those that survived the flood. But there was hope for the Fallen in a prophecy; a Nephilim would be born who would redeem them and return them to Paradise. So the Fallen watched. And waited.

    • Gabriel: Aaron!
      Aaron: Stevie?
      [Aaron's dog Gabriel comes running down the stairs]
      Gabriel: Aaron Aaron Aaron! Love you love you love you! OK, play now with Gabriel?
      [Aaron looks at Gabriel in shock]
      Gabriel: Aaron scared. Aaron OK?
      Aaron: I swear if I hear one more word from you, I'm gonna scream.
      Lori: Aaron? Hey, you're home early. Is everything alright?
      Gabriel: Yeah, are you OK?

    • (Aaron runs up the stairs, Gabriel following.)
      Gabriel: Hey! Wait for Gabriel!
      (Aaron shuts Gabriel out of his room.)
      Aaron: Gabe is not talking to me. Gabe is not talking to me.
      Gabriel: Aaron angry at Gabriel?
      Aaron: Gabe is not talking to me.
      Gabriel: Gabriel did something wrong?
      Aaron: Shut up. Please, just shut up. I'm losing it. This can't be happening.
      Gabriel: Aaron angry. Gabriel knows why.
      Aaron: It's a dream, it's...hallucinations from the fever. Maybe I hit my head too hard in gym class.
      Gabriel: Gabriel took. Chewed up. (pushes sock under the door) Couldn't stop! Gabriel sorry. (Aaron opens door.) Aaron! Please forgive! Please! Gabe will never chew socks!
      Aaron: It's not about the damn sock.
      Gabriel: I know, but I promise I will never chew socks.
      Aaron: Please be quiet for a second?
      Lori: (calling up from downstairs) Is everything ok up there?
      Gabriel: Gabriel fine! Aaron act funny.

    • Aaron: Oh, uh, I was uh, I was talking to Gabe.
      Vilma: Oh, hi poochie!
      Gabriel: Not poochie -- Gabriel.
      Vilma: What a pretty dog!
      Gabriel: Yeah, Gabriel very pretty.

    • Aaron: (Portuguese) How are you?
      Vilma: (Portuguese) You speak Portuguese? I didn't know.
      Aaron: (Portuguese) No...no...I don't speak Portuguese. I mean... (English) I, I mean, um, well, kind of. Not really. Just a little bit.
      Vilma: But your accent is perfect.
      Aaron: Yeah. I've, I've been studying it some. It's...a pretty language.

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