Season 1 Episode 4

Il Gran Rifiuto

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 05, 2007 on ABC Family



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    • Camael: I've never considered that your powers would apply to me. I've taken so many lives, Aaron. I've killed so many. I, I have not earned my redemption.
      Aaron: If anyone's earned their redemption, Camael, it's you.

    • Vilma: So, what do you wanna do?
      Gabe: Yeah. What's next?
      Aaron: I wanna go home. Will you come with me?
      Vilma: Anywhere.

    • Aaron: Where are we?
      Lucifer: The monastery is where I broke through, Aaron. My portal to Earth. I'm not able to leave its grounds, but I am allowed certain comforts of home here. To enter these walls is to enter Hell itself.
      Aaron: This is Hell?
      Lucifer: Yes. This is my dominion. And you, like these poor souls, are now a prisoner here. But I am offering you something that the rest of my guests would do anything to have: a way out. Send me home, son. To Paradise.
      Aaron: So you can take over? Is that what you want? No. I won't let you. And if I have to spend an eternity in Hell to make sure that you never get there, that's a sacrifice that I'm willing to make.
      Lucifer: How noble of you.

    • Aaron: So you're telling me that in order to save Earth I have to send the Devil back to Heaven?

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    • Il Gran Rifiuto

      This is a reference to line 60 of the 3rd canto of the Inferno section of Dante's "The Divine Comedy".

      "Che fece per viltate il gran rifiuto" (who made, through cowardice, the great refusal)

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