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  • An uneven miniseries at best.

    The first part Fallen: The Beginning which aired last summer was really good. Well, it was ok for summer tv and ABC Family at that. Definitely not as awesome as that other ABC Family sort of sci-fi show Kyle XY. But it was good. I dug it. As such I was really excited to see that they were going to show the rest of the series, FINALLY. And then... And then this show asked me to do 3 things that I was not in love with. First, I had to sometimes sit through that weird Kyle XY commercial/bad music video. I mean, I'm sorry but who told April Matson that she could sing? Ugh, so horrible! Secondly, they asked me to believe that Aaron and Camael have been traveling for a year but they somehow end up in the same place where Vilma is being held hostage. Whatever. And lastly, they asked me to sit through the horrible romantics which I, possibly the only one, was completely disinvested in the central love story. Bring on the ANGELS! Bring on Camael! More fiery swords! Thank the creator for the dvr. So if you're like me and you saw the first part finish it. It's not particularly satisfying in the end, although the sincerely emotional scene with Camael and Aaron is a highlight. It's ok as far as summer fare goes. So if you've nothing to do, or lots to do but no will to bother, try and catch the 6-hour mini series just for S's & G's.

    Oh and by the way, Vilma is the most irritating character. She's weak, pouty, and largely superfluous. Who would have thought a dog could be more engaging. Boo Boo Vilma.
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