Season 1 Episode 3

Someone Always Has to Die

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 05, 2007 on ABC Family



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    • Vilma: Why were you imprisoned? None of the other Fallen were, right? Just you.
      Azazel: I'm not just any other Fallen, sweetheart. I used to lead them.
      Aaron: You lead them?
      Azazel: Almost straight to Hell. It was my idea to come to Earth, you know. We made a decent team, Lucifer and me, but it was a temporary alliance from the start. I never wanted to take over Heaven like he did. I was fighting for the right to leave it.

    • Aaron: What do you people want from me?
      Hawkins: What do you think we want? We want redemption. Did you really think your powers can only be used on the Fallen?
      Azazel: His power wasn't meant for you. It was meant for us.
      Hawkins: That's not true. You, you can send anyone you want to Heaven. Whether they deserve it or not.
      Azazel: Yeah. Whether they worship graven images or not. Whether they covet their neighbor's wife. Whether they repent or not.
      Aaron: I would never use my powers like that.

    • Mazarin: (to Aaron) Nephilim, you face warriors of Heaven. We fought in the greatest war in the history of creation. And won. Do you really think you stand a chance against us?
      Azazel: Hello, Mazarin. So, who wants to die first?
      Mazarin: This can't be.
      Azazel: That's exactly what Nathaniel said moments before I was dusting him off my boots. You're, uh, scar's healing up. Looks good...ish.
      Mazarin: (to Aaron) It is our mission to cleanse the Earth of your kind and those that spawned you. We will not abandon it.
      Aaron: We don't have to fight. Just turn around and leave. You do that, no one has to die.
      Azazel: Oh, come on. Someone always has to die. That's part of the fun.

    • Lucifer: Vanity is a sin, Azazel.
      Azazel: If the Creator hadn't wanted me to admire myself he wouldn't have made me so pretty.

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