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AIRED ON 8/30/2015

Season 5 : Episode 10

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Beginning 6 months after a devastating alien invasion has reduced humanity to tatters FALLING SKIES follows former history professor Tom Mason and Captain (later Colonel) Dan Weaver as they lead a band of survivors called The 2nd Mass across Massachusetts and parts of the Eastern United States as they face daily struggles and battles with the alien invaders and human foes alike.

Waging a continuous war of insurrection and maintaining a vigilant search for a permanent safe haven The 2nd Mass experience victory and loss, joy and sadness, hope and desperation but the bonds of family and friendship they share as well as their compassion and dedication may be just what they need to gain ultimate victory against an alien civilization with vastly superior technology, staggering numbers and deplorable methods.

Exec produced by Steven Spielberg FALLING SKIES returns to TNT in the SUMMER of 2015 for the 5th and final season.

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Fan Reviews (128)

  • wow, it was

    it was science fiction.
  • The Show that keeps interrupting the hour of continuous commercials.

    Falling Skies is a great show if your able to follow it 3 or 4 minutes at a time. Half way through an episode you've been hit with so many TV commercials you lose interest. Whats worse they keep showing the very same commercials over and over insuring I'll never buy their products because, I'm sick of hearing about them. It's like they are purposely trying to brain wash you. Try showing Falling Skies more than you show the same old commercials and you'd get more viewers. My rating is based on the hour of commercials I had to watch and not the 15 minutes of show.moreless
  • Yeah, I'm done

    After this episode, "Everybody Has Their Reasons", I'm finally done. It's been going downhill for a while now, but these last couple of episodes, introducing new characters, not focussing on the main storyline anymore, utter crap plots. It's not worth my time anymore. Bye bye.
  • Failing Shite

    Was this meant to be a comedy?? Or is it really just woefully bad?? I think the latter! There's a necessity to have a very low level of intellect to watch and enjoy this American jingo crap. A dysfunctional American family with their belief that after America defended itself from and defeated the rest of the world, they were then invaded by a fascist alien race. Despite the alien's vastly superior technology and having decimated the human population, the Mason family with their lame militia and a goofy alien friend aim to restore America back to its apple pie baking, star spangled banner waving normal self again. God Bless America.moreless
  • If You Need an Emetic, the "American (Dysfuntional) Family Values in This Show Will Do the Job.

    Where should I start: Bad science, pretentious patriotism, the rest of the world doesn't count... Oh, Right, that's the way all Americans roll. Steven Spielberg should be making a fortune wiith this series, but he should be ashamed of all of the normal American dysfunctional family values that he is using to do it. I liked him before this bigoted, "America-is-everything" series came to the small screen. If he wanted to make an allegoric film or serie about the American revolutionary war, he should have spent more time talking about the most important victims (Hint: It ain't the "American Family"), it's humanity in general and Americans don't represent that. No one in this story is interested in the survival of humanity. Everyone is for himself or herself, their tiny group, or for "America", which is the American way since no one else of consequence on the planet exists. I root for the aliens. The acting is excellent, but it's a shame the story is so "Americo-centric and patriotic". Maybe Spielberg is trying to please middle America (the colon and rectum of the American body politic) after all the excellent films and series he has made and produced, some of which didn't go over well with "Middle America". What a shame. But I'm not surprised by the success of the series given the American lack of discernment. Earth vs. Aliens wouldn't bother me, but America vs. Aleins (Americans re-fighting the Revolutionary War) is not what the US needs right now. Solidarity with the countries of the world is what we need.moreless
  • U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

    Falling Skies Series Finale Review: To the Inept Go the Spoils

    The final battle for Earth begins! And ends! Cue the speeches-- not that Tom's ever needed an excuse for THAT.


    Falling Skies "Reunion" Review: Weapons of Mass Discussion

    In the middle of preparations for the final attack on the Espheni, the 2nd Mass got a surprise visit that threatened to tear them apart. Again.

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