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Beginning 6 months after a devastating alien invasion has reduced humanity to tatters FALLING SKIES follows former history professor Tom Mason and Captain (later Colonel) Dan Weaver as they lead a band of survivors called The 2nd Mass across Massachusetts and parts of the Eastern United States as they face daily struggles and battles with the alien invaders and human foes alike.

Waging a continuous war of insurrection and maintaining a vigilant search for a permanent safe haven The 2nd Mass experience victory and loss, joy and sadness, hope and desperation but the bonds of family and friendship they share as well as their compassion and dedication may be just what they need to gain ultimate victory against an alien civilization with vastly superior technology, staggering numbers and deplorable methods.

Exec produced by Steven Spielberg FALLING SKIES returns to TNT in the SUMMER of 2015 for the 5th and final season.


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  • U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

    Falling Skies Series Finale Review: To the Inept Go the Spoils

    The final battle for Earth begins! And ends! Cue the speeches-- not that Tom's ever needed an excuse for THAT.


    Falling Skies "Reunion" Review: Weapons of Mass Discussion

    In the middle of preparations for the final attack on the Espheni, the 2nd Mass got a surprise visit that threatened to tear them apart. Again.

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    Fan Reviews (129)

    • Like losing Friends

      The wrap up season. The disasters come thick and fast. The body count continues to rise. In one episode the group encounters a Salem Witch Hunt experience that is tearing an allied division apart. Knowing the series was going to end we are taken toward an obvious resolution.

      We have watched the younger Mason boys grow up on set. Drew Roy playing a teenager in his thirties is a feat of acting. Noah Wyle is barely recognizable as the insecure young doctor who played on ER. As he has quipped being an Executive Producer Wile felt secure that he would survive the series.moreless
    • XCOM: the series! YAY!!!

      Seriously! It might as well be... (or at least UFO: Aftermath, but then I loved that

      I didn't know if this one was going to get past it's first season, not because it wasn't any good but because it was a sci-fi series that was actually a nice and even balance of drama AND action! The emphasis on drama that some shows have stuffed down our throats has left me callous, while Falling Skies, especially now in to Season 2, has left me really rooting for the characters and truly shocked when one of them buys the farm (S2E07 Homecoming, for example - I really thought he was going to last a little longer).

      I want more of this. I want this to go the distance and give us all the fun and thrills that we've come to enjoy from a series that managed to avoid any sense of pretentious chuff. :Dmoreless
    • The ending. . .

      . . . it was not good.

      The series had promise -post apocalyptic world, aliens and a guerrilla war -but overall it just never lived up to my expectations.

      Even though it has had 5 seasons; I doubt anyone will be recommending it to anyone in 5-10 years.

      In the end -I think it was just not good enough to be memorable.
    • The Show that keeps interrupting the hour of continuous commercials.

      Falling Skies is a great show if your able to follow it 3 or 4 minutes at a time. Half way through an episode you've been hit with so many TV commercials you lose interest. Whats worse they keep showing the very same commercials over and over insuring I'll never buy their products because, I'm sick of hearing about them. It's like they are purposely trying to brain wash you. Try showing Falling Skies more than you show the same old commercials and you'd get more viewers. My rating is based on the hour of commercials I had to watch and not the 15 minutes of show.moreless
    • Yeah, I'm done

      After this episode, "Everybody Has Their Reasons", I'm finally done. It's been going downhill for a while now, but these last couple of episodes, introducing new characters, not focussing on the main storyline anymore, utter crap plots. It's not worth my time anymore. Bye bye.

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