Falling Skies

Season 2 Episode 10

A More Perfect Union

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 19, 2012 on TNT

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  • Worthy finale built on a rock solid foundation so fragilized by a few slothful and sluggish ideas (Spoilers)

    Ready for the finale ? Season 2 had its ups and downs but overall it had been good so far. That's why I didn't worry at all about this last episode because the show, contrary to the 2nd Mass, clearly knows where it's heading. However it desperately needs warfare and military consultants because watching the Captain talking to Tom on the enemy field was absurd. Stop under estimating the audience intelligence and find more realistic and TV-friendly ways to represent such actions ! What about some simple eye contacts and meaningful hand signs ?

    Extraordinary ! It's the first word that popped up in my little big head because somehow the magicians behind the show found a way to push the immersion barrier even further. A group of CG Skitters in the base ? Nice ! One six legged creature interacting with objects in a room while walking then talking through Ben ? Wow ! Skitters running on cylindrical walls and jumping aggressively like giant spiders ? How exciting ! The sets and ambiance were also top notch. I mean the weapon room was well designed and full of sci-fi candies like glowing cocoons, metallic tiles and a strange orange lighting.

    Double combo ! When the previous installment was weak in the action department this one focused more on it. However it still managed to deliver an ecclectic story. That's probably why it felt longer than fourty minutes and in equilibrium even if a few shortcuts tainted the picture. The most annoying one was the teleportation from the base to the cave. I also found the ending way too rushed.

    Eye of the Skitter ! Mind gamers have already solved my little puzzle but seriously I almost cried when Red Eye died. He's definitely a character model for other shows because he blurred the lines between the protagonists and antagonists. The efforts made to develop relationships also paid off during the torture scene. I wish I had been Hal when Karen French bugged his mouth but Maggie's reaction seemed believable. Still I'm disappointed that she didn't get the same treament as Tom and the Captain. Nothing would have made me happier than watching her suffer ! A joke that leads us to Anne's pregnancy. It was inevitable and I almost mentioned it in one of my critics. But what could have been a clich was deeply empathic as I sincerely care for her and Lourdes, specially after what happened to Jamil. Can you believe that they're still refering to him when he died two episodes ago ? How respectful ! Last but not least Tom will make a great father, what a lucky guy, and his reply to the nurse's question proved again that the series has moral values. Reproduction, so love, is the key when it comes to survival !

    Yak ! The writers laziness just makes me sick at times. Matt left all alone with a harnessed girl in Death March. Tom's suspicious return in Shall We Gather at the River. And so on That's why I couldn't believe that they made the stupid decision, sorry folks, of letting Hal lying in a bed unconcious. Of course he had been bugged ! The scene before the mirror was spooky and I can't wait for him to plot against his own people but such bad decisions are unacceptable. I mean season 3 has to be obliterated from these cons. I have no doubt that the talented individuals behind the show will keep learning from their mistakes and improving but I worry that the attention to details will never meet my expectations. Come on guys, you can do it !

    Epic cliffhanger ? My opinion is mixed because in the one hand the new race looks exciting but in the other hand their arrival was questionable and the alien's face wasn't neutral. Don't get me wrong I always enjoy apocalyptic situations specially when stormy dark clouds are featured. The scene reminded me of WarCraft III : Reign of Chaos's opening cinematic, when a violent fight between an orc and a human is interrupted by a rain of mysterious fireballs, and the film Starship Troopers, when the infantry is sent on planets infested by bugs. However the dumb way they all gathered to check out what was going on was painful to watch. That's the 2nd Mass ? A group of survivors supposed to save the world ? I almost wish that the creatures are enemies that will wipe them all out in a single shot. Strike ? We'll see !

    Note : This review was first posted on Kritikenstein, my weblog.
  • Love from norway ;-)

    The best sci-fi. I love it. Send more please.....seasong 3 and 4 , 5
  • You seriously cannot just leave it here!

    This was a perfect season finale. It was filled with plot and action and so much fantasticness. And the cliff hanger ending is maybe a little bit mind-blowing. I cannot wait for season 3 to start up!
  • real show

    really really cool^^
  • A More Perfect Union

    A More Perfect Union was a perfectly entertaining season one finale of Falling Skies. I really liked this episode because the story was awesome and full of character and plot development. There was a lot of action, drama and intrigue as the rebel skitters reveal themselves and a plan to kill an important overlord. I liked how every thing played out and the ending with different looking aliens appearing was awesome. I certainly look forward to the next season!!!!!!!!!