Falling Skies

Season 3 Episode 6

Be Silent And Come Out

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jul 07, 2013 on TNT

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  • What the heck were they thinking

    I usually enjoy episodes of falling skies but this one just didn't have that wow factor I've been so used to. It was too unrealistic I guess, I mean come on! After how so many times that family back-stabbed them in the span of an hour, he still wanted to save them!? I would have said screw them, lets get our stuff and get the hell out of here! I know he was just trying to keep his family safe, but so was Tom and they tried to kill them for it. So yeah, Okay it was just not really great
  • I'm not really sure.....

    What made this episode special? What are the cliffhangers I look forward to solving? I'm not really sure. The hostage situation was solved in an orderly manner (although you could see that he shot away from his own head), but it never felt as though any member of the family was really in danger. So no really suspense. Still think the new president is the mole. I'll be probably back next season anyway.
  • Entertaining, but disastrous political premises.

    Entertaining, but disastrous political premises.

    The one good thing the alien invaders did was destroy the oppressive federal government.

    So what does the protagonist, a history professor no loess, do the first chance he gets?

    He reconstitutes the federal government!

    Talk about failing to learn the lessons of history!

    Given that the producer is Steven Spielberg, apologist par excellence for democratic dictatorship, that's hardly a surprise.
  • that was fun

    well.. i cant say that it was an superb episode. i think that they solved the hal problem a littel to fast. i was missing the mason family love (and hugs). i love that the show is Focus on the masons,

    especially hal and tom.

    cant wait for next episode..