Falling Skies

Season 3 Episode 10


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 04, 2013 on TNT

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  • The big and loud Volm weapon goes out with a whimper.

    A season finale that leaves so much to be desired.
  • Not great.

    Not great. So, the Volm want to protect the humans by moving them to safety in Brazil while they take out the fish heads. What's so bad about that? while the warriors among them still want to fight for their right to party in the USA, it's unfair to make that decision for everyone at the camp. At least some of them should have been taken to safety to make sure the human race survives.
  • Marking Time

    Falling Skies started out quite interesting. It looked good with the right budget. At times it was bogged down with back-stories playing out slowly. It survived not only alien invasion, but clumsiness in story building. Season two had more action as it went along and that is what many of us viewers wanted. It got better. Season three was, mostly, good too with Tom coming back . So, we're at a big cross-roads as the last two episodes have played up.

    The problem is how the last two episodes played out. Simply put, a letdown. It was building to an epic battle with a "big weapon" possibly turning the tide. When all was said and done it smelled of writer's block and marking time for a possible "game changer" of a fourth season.

    So the Mass eluded the Volm's (sp?) relocation to Brazil. Is this exciting? Hardly. How can a faithful viewer feel anything but strangely scratching one's head?

    This show has evolved to a must have realization of what the Aliens, the Volms, and the humans are all heading toward yet we really haven't much of a clue. That empty feeling means we're going to watch alright, but patience due to the final season three installments wares thin. Either season four comes all with the kitchen sink of resistance against the shady alien forces or nothing. Enough marking time.