Falling Skies

Season 3 Episode 2

Collateral Damage

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jun 09, 2013 on TNT

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  • Forging Ahead With Almost A Re-Invention of the Series...

    In some very pertinent ways Falling Skies seems to have reinvented itself This show has began afresh. In season two it seemed Falling Skies was inching toward something better. As if the first season was a slow setup with myriad, almost maudlin personal side-stories explored, the second season's later half edged toward more action and less stories of the heart to be blunt. The action between life and death at the hands of the invaders should be what its all about because If I want a slice of humanity I'll watch Steel Magnolias again.

    The effects are ramped, the help from the extraterrestrial force that strangely appeared really works. There's some real strategy working to circumvent the obvious leaks. It's a real cauldron of fear brewing. The new characters like the mad nuclear scientist add color. And what? Tom has a hybrid kid now??? Things are going in so many directions all at once there is a kind of chaotic brilliance that hopefully will be fully realized down the road. What started as "iffy" sci-fi has now morphed into something still just shy of a TV Classic Sci-Fi opus. If it can keep the level up, even expounding more on it perhaps, season three of Falling Skies is like a whole new experience.
  • Collateral Damage

    Collateral Damage was a perfect follow up to the third season premier of Falling Skies. There was mire action, drama and suspense as more was revealed. I liked learning more about all the different aliens though it's never enough for me. I want more! It was cool to see The Volm and their project. Tom has a plan which was great. The new baby is cute and has some unique advances. It was a little scary too. Pope and his crew still have their own views and agendas about the aliens as do others. Hal learns of a connection to Karen who is now more than she seems. There is so much more to discuss or point out. I liked every aspect of the episode and can't wait for more!!!!!!!!!