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I couldn’t help but get the feeling that the writers Weddle and Thompson were channeling the cliff notes history lesson to “The Battle of Stalingrad” …You have two parts to this episode “Saturday Night Massacre”:part 1 “The Oh No Humans Are Evil “ Lexi revelation and part 2 “ Why We Fight” Tom Mason.The problem with this episode that is that it spent almost no time explaining or stating why Lexi thinks the Espheni are so amazingly peaceful.

[Anyone else curious what happened to Matt's little friend back at Nazis Boarding School??? Or hell what really the entire Nazis Boarding School Program Was Supposed To Gain The Espheni Exactly? More mystery for reason-- a hallmark of a David S. Eick production just like BSG!]

I’m just going to list the absurd elements in this episode:

1) Tom’s Bold Plan to blow up the bridge:Well, yes, blowing a bridge will slow down an enemy’s land forces.However, let me as you this do you blow up the bridge 6 hrs early so the Espheni Recon Elements can watch you do it? Or do you blow up it with a battalion of Mechs on it? That is a hard one—the first option tells the enemy what is going to happen and allows them to alter their plans. The second option uses surprise and totally screws up the plans of the Espheni…So what should Tom do? I know consult the budget and see that they only have money for one big Gas-Fueled Fire Ball this season! Yippee…My rule is if you don’t have the budget don’t write the story like that! (Just Imagine if the Espheni could build their own bridges when this stuff happens?)

2) Encirclement! Yeah, why would a race of aliens that have built their entire technology base around destroying and enslaving populations of planets ever use encirclement? I mean really, it is so passé right?So, of course it makes perfect sense the Espheni would commit their ground forces to a target with out air support… or transport either. Yeah, these guys are just so good at taking over worlds!

3) Airpower—it seems odd that the Espheni are not using Air Power more. It must be that damn budget again in the way.I mean after all the Volm have all but pulled out of the Earth so that means the humans cannot really stop the Espheni from exploiting potential power resources. So really what is stopping the Espheni Air Force from decimating the human population? Also paradoxically, the Espheni transport themselves and weapons in vast spaceships but have no equivalent to a C-130 or C-17 Cargo Plane they could use to rapidly deploy their own skitters and mechs to an area using an air-drop? (damn that budget.)

4) Mechs- obviously mechs are not water proof or amphibious designs. I guess Mechs melt in water or sink to the bottom? I’m not sure why that is the case but it seems to me that if you attack worlds for living—you might want to make your machines amphibious and all terrain capable. It is just a thought on my part.

5)Sharps Rifles from the late 1870’s are not exactly going to be the worlds best weapons! And guess what you probably wouldn’t find in a city like that either ! What ever armorer brought that oldie but goodie out from the vault needs to be fired. I mean I could see a M82A1 or AX-50 sniper rifle in the city but not a rifle or reproduction of one that is over 130 years old. It makes no sense. Modern Arms are far more likely to be found.

6) Gas Main Leaks… Either that explosion is the longest delayed secondary explosion or those gas likes are so amazingly well pressurized that it must be a miracle. Butsome how the writers want us to believe that a city with as much damage as that one has some how has a gas main line withfull pressure and gas—three years after the city has been totally destroyed?

7) Suicide Bombers do not look like a Flame Thrower has hit them…Sorry Tector but you would be in many small slightly charred pieces!

8) Hitting a gun in the head with a pipe wrench—is not exactly the best way to knock a person out—however, it usually does fracture the skull nicely leading to massive hemorrhaging and death! So way to go Tector what the Espheni didn’t do you just did! Who’s side are you on you crafty bastard you!

9) Dr. Kadar—Some how an explosion that left his lab intact managed to cause a chard of glass to fly from some unknown window into his kidneys. When some one explains to me how a lab in the middle of a building that was unaffected by the explosion does this—I want to know!?

10) Look everyone if we hid in the bomb shelter no one will ever find us here! So shush up everyone and wait until morning. Espheni have only travelled billions of millions in space with advanced technology—some how I think they might have a means to penetrate the ground and scan for life! But I guess not right? I mean theseare the Espheni after all.

11) That is damn odd—my drone just blew up? Damn cheep Chinese Labor Camps! I’m trying to figure out how the Espheni didn’t find it odd that his UAV just suddenly bursts into flames and explodes? I mean that usually tends to point to a more advanced technology being used? But not this Espheni Warlord—he just says Damn QC—I’ll need to liquidate a few more Skitters!Real World that gives away the Volm Position and also indicates the area is probably more defended than first thought. Which means more weapons are brought in with a stand off capability… Hell why not nuke the city?

12) Plasma Fences—remember when the Espheni created the Warsaw Ghetto? Yeah—I do, what’s your point?Well doesn’t it make sense that they would use a similar tactic for this city too?I mean why even bother invading it or wasting all those resources in material? Just seal it off with the big green plasma fence and then bomb the hell out of the interior city!Oh wait that makes sense… So we know the Espheni have to do the exact opposite of that or the audience will not find their ways dramatic enough!

13) Lexi—this freaky Asian-Alien girl with ESP seems to also have a serious case of Cognitive Dissonance. If she can link her mind to her Brother Ben’s or Mother’s why doesn’t she see the pain the Espheni have caused her parents? And clearly she is not cool with Sperm-Daddy Tom Mason! He is really not going to get a father’s day card this year!But really they need to explain how the Espheni have brainwashed her so well.

14) Ben--- I need to save my sister? I sort of believe it. However, I also don’t believe it? It seems a little undeveloped. But not as bad as Hal the Baby Killer! Hal’s character is what exactly now?

15) Who wanted Tector to tell the world the way he gets through tough times at the front is through the use of his anal beads?

16) Lourdes dies! That was a good thing sort of. It got rid of a problematic character, but it was done in a way that was totally absurd.Why did Lexi free Lourdes by killing her? Why not take over her mind or something?It seems to me that they just were tired of writing Lourdes so she died.

17) Maggie doesn’t die—she’s just a gimp…. Proving once again hot chicks with potential for Brother-Love Triangles never die like a sucker!

18) What exactly was the defensive plan for the City beyond blowing up the bridge and building a few thermite bombs? I didn’t see any comprehensive defensive plan—and to be honest they would only do a delaying action until they could leave!

19) Col. Weaver for a military man seems to have no idea how to conduct a guerrilla warfare campaign. It would help if he read a few books on it. Staying in a city waiting for the enemy to bring his superior forces down around and encircle you is stupid.Delay him and force him to split his forces up that is the best way to deal with him.

20) Anything written by Weddle and Thompson is usually complete crap! Just remember how bad the episode of BSG called Scar was!

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Aug 07, 2014
The Volm told Hal that Espheni are very dangerous when they come out of their cocoons - mind control, heat blasts, etc. "I lost nine brothers last time." So, where are all these other mind-controlling, heat-blasting Espheni?
Sep 01, 2014
Eating Take Out in a real Chinese Town...
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