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Falling Skies S04E06: "Door Number Three"

For an episode that revealed so much about Lexie and the Espheni, not a whole heck of a lot actually happened in "Door Number Three"—and what did happen, well, I like Lexie and all, but now that we're straying into kindhearted alien-messiah territory, I can't help but wonder about what Lexie can't do. The girl's got a new power every week, and they always follow the same pattern: Lexie is perpetually stoned on free love and peace, man;  somebody does something Lexie doesn't much care for, Lexie does something freaky and questionable with some weird new ability, and then everyone distrusts Lexie except for Lourdes, who is kind of a loon. At this point, I can't tell whether Lourdes' lines are written to deliberately make her sound like a crazy alien groupie or if they're just poorly written. "I can't wait for her to come out," with the wistful sigh, gave me the heebie jeebies. 

Basically, Lexie got herself sealed up in some Espheni cocoon like some sort of demented butterfly, and Camp Free Love found itself divided between rabid Lexie lovers and the newcomers. The latter mostly consisted of Hal's crew, who were antagonized by Pope and fueled by Cochise's revelation that what comes out of the Espheni cocoon will most certainly slaughter everyone in sight. At this point, I really hope so. 

Lexie is interesting when there's ambiguity about her allegiance or intention. One of the best moments—if not the best moment—in "Door Number Three" was the showdown between Hal and the rest of his family. To be fair to Tom, he did admit that if Lexie came out of her pod with bloodlust on the brain, he'd put her down to save the rest of the 2nd Mass, even though she was family. But Hal went one step further, arguing that the people in his charge are every bit his family as Tom, Matt, Ben, Annie, and Lexie; and in the case of Lexie specifically, maybe even more so. The uncomfortable aspect of Lexie's relationship with her family is the brutal reality that if we're being honest, they don't actually know her. At all. There's certainly something to be said about unconditional love, but in the context of the world of Falling Skies, to have Lexie's family blindly ally with her in the face of overwhelming evidence that suggest they should do the otherwise would be pretty hard to swallow. The struggle and confusion within the Mason family has made for some good TV over the last few weeks, and while Falling Skies can only drag out Lexie's ambiguity for so long, I can't help but feel like we're going to lose something if she just strolls out of the cocoon and rains down peace and puppies on the warring human and Espheni factions. 

I'm also not sure how I feel about Annie and Lexie's shared memories. They make sense, sure, but they also came off as just one more magical Lexie thing, revealed just in time to keep the murderous hoards away from her giant alien incubator. Plus, who's to say she didn't just totally plant some B.S. memory in Annie's head to exploit her momma-bear tendencies? (Yes, pls.) 

Meanwhile, Ben had a dream about banging Maggie because that's healthy and Annie had terrible flashbacks to losing her first child during the Espheni invasion and if you think about it, it's kind of horrifying how many dead children populate the minds of the 2nd Mass. It makes the decision to age Lexie up a little bit more thoughtful. If the Masons do end up being forced to kill her—which I doubt will be the case, but the possibility is currently on the table—no one wants to see them execute what appears to be a nine-year-old. The fact Lexie should technically still be in Pull-Ups adds a layer of horror to the whole problem, but if we don't think too hard about that, then for all intents and purposes, she's an adult. 

"Door Number Three" amounted to a lot of standing around and waiting, but at least the truth about Lexie has become a little more clear and the Mason family is finally reunited. It's impossible to shake the feeling that something huge is just around the corner—and hopefully, it'll turn out to be something awesome. 


 What do you think is going to happen with Lexie? 

– Does Pope and Tom disagreeing with each other ever get old? 

– Should we be concerned about the burn on Weaver's hand? 

– I'll admit, there was something sweet about Lexie being the one to free Annie from Karen last season. 

What did you think of "Door Number Three"?

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