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Falling Skies S04E08: "A Thing With Feathers"

Welcome back to Crazytown, kids. In the aftermath of last week's botched showdown with the Espheni, the 2nd Mass launched an effort to recover its lost members—including Tom Mason. Lexie showed big brother Ben her science project, while Hal totally betrayed Maggie's wishes and shot her full of alien juice instead of letting her die a human. She was surprisingly okay with it when she woke up, though, so I really hope she'll turn out to be evil or something and that it wasn't just messy plotting. But wait, no I don't, because I'm sick of everybody on Falling Skies being evil every 10 seconds. 

Also, we also need to talk about the messed up Ben-Hal-Lexie love triangle that the writers want so very, very badly but are still showing restraint toward: No no no no, pls alien messiah, no.

As you can see, it was a very busy week on Falling Skies

The scenery was grim when the smoke cleared on the 2nd Mass's battlefield. Maggie was paralyzed and possibly (probably) dying, Ben was MIA, Tom and Dingaan were trapped, and Dingaan was having a meltdown about karma and death. After Tom got real with Dingaan about his own feelings of despair and the way he routinely hides them for the good of the group, Dingaan told a really sad story about his life pre-invasion, and how his family had actually died long before the aliens showed up, and it was all his fault (but not really). I'm really liking the background that Falling Skies is indulging in this season, particularly with its less prominent characters. Sarah's addiction, Dingaan's personal tragedy—they don't play a huge part in the story at hand, but they are the experiences that've shaped these characters. We know that Tom's background as a professor and the loss of his wife have influenced the way his character written, especially in Falling Skies' earlier seasons, when he was often pitted against the more militant Weaver in matters of priorities for their people. Meanwhile, Annie's fanatical dedication to Lexie goes much deeper than her motherhood: Lexie is Annie's second chance. She's already lost one child to the Espheni, and she refuses to lose another. That Falling Skies is now moving toward giving its more peripheral characters such vivid personal histories is indicative of how lush and detailed its world has become.

Over at Lexie's science fair of horrors, Ben got a firsthand glimpse of the Espheni's attempts to mutate humans into hybrids. Naturally, Lexie thought it was the best thing ever, but Ben was appropriately horrified. I feel like this is one of the bigger arcs of the season that keeps getting pushed aside, but with Lexie on the scene, maybe we'll start to see more of it. At eight episodes in, we're getting close to crunch time (and if Season 4 had stuck to Falling Skies' usual 10-episode order, we'd actually be on the penultimate episode next week); while Lexie's mystery has mostly held our attention all this time and the Masons are all back together and the 2nd Mass is, as usual, about 10 seconds away from total obliteration, none of the current storylines feel particularly epic the way Tom and the gang taking out a giant Espheni generator... or building the Volm secret weapon... or stumbling across an underground city of survivors did. However, I think that Falling Skies has made good use of its extra time so far, and I'm willing to wait a tiny bit longer if it means we get more jam-packed installments like this one.


– Yeah, no, not okay with pulling gross squid things out of peoples' arms. Nope.

– Do you think there will be repercussions to Ben and Maggie sharing a set of spikes? 

– Is Lexie redeemable?

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