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Spoiler alert: The invading aliens of Falling Skies will not wipe humanity off the face of the Earth in Season 3. The time jump, the crazy talking baby, the alien named "Cochise," the mole talk, the "can he or can't he walk?" question with Hal, and whatever else has happened in the last few episodes (I'm a little behind) have all inspired TNT to grant its summer sci-fi series a 10-episode fourth season, set to air in 2014.

Falling Skies is the number-one basic-cable summer scripted series among 18-49 year olds and 25-54 year olds, according to TNT, and is averaging 5.8 million viewers when a week's worth of DVR numbers are factored in. 3.2 million people watched Sunday's most recent episode live.

Okay, those are the hard numbers, but is Falling Skies currently any good? Based on what I've seen of Season 3 and read in MaryAnn's awesome reviews, I think it's more of the same. The same being "It has its moments, but could be a lot better." At least Sarah Carter (my girl!) is still around.

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AIRED ON 8/30/2015

Season 5 : Episode 10

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