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Apr 20, 2015
Season 5 ???
Is theircgoing tobbe a season 5??? I love this show would love
to see it continue..
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Aug 06, 2014
Achtung Panzer!

I couldn’t help but get the feeling that the writers Weddle and Thompson were channeling the cliff notes history lesson to “The Battle of Stalingrad” …You have two parts to this episode “Saturday Night Massacre”:part 1 “The Oh No Humans Are Evil “ Lexi revelation and part 2 “ Why We Fight” Tom Mason.The problem with this episode that is that it spent almost no time explaining or stating why Lexi thinks the Espheni are so amazingly peaceful.

[Anyone else curious what happened to Matt's little friend back at Nazis Boarding School??? Or hell what really the entire Nazis Boarding School Program Was Supposed To Gain The Espheni Exactly? More mystery for reason-- a hallmark of a David S. Eick production just like BSG!]

I’m just going to list the absurd elements in this episode:

1) Tom’s Bold Plan to blow up the bridge:Well, yes ...Read more
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Beginning 6 months after a devastating alien invasion has reduced humanity to tatters FALLING SKIES follows former history professor Tom Mason and Captain (later Colonel) Dan Weaver as they lead a band of survivors called The 2nd Mass across Massachusetts and parts of the Eastern United States as they face daily struggles and battles with the alien invaders and human foes alike.

Waging a continuous war of insurrection and maintaining a vigilant search for a permanent safe haven The 2nd Mass experience victory and loss, joy and sadness, hope and desperation but the bonds of family and friendship they share as well as their compassion and dedication may be just what they need to gain ultimate victory against an alien civilization with vastly superior technology, staggering numbers and deplorable methods.

Exec produced by Steven Spielberg FALLING SKIES returns to TNT in the SUMMER of 2015 for the 5th and final season.