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Falling Skies

Season 4 Episode 10

Drawing Straws

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 24, 2014 on TNT
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Episode Summary

Tom and the 2nd Mass learn to pilot an airship as part of a perilous mission to destroy the Espheni power core. Meanwhile, long-standing issues impact the group as the threat of death hangs over them.
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  • Star trekkin

    Tom and co prepare to fly to the moon.
  • Bored Now

    RabbitEars54 has already covered some of what's wrong with this show. It has been on a slide for the last two seasons and that is accelerating downslope. The writers abandoned the shows main premises toward the end of season 2. This typically happens when the original premise was aimed toward a culmination beyond which the show's creators could not see how to continue. I could, but (typically) they didn't.

    And the bailouts, patches, quick fixes, and infodumps with special effects to distract keep coming. And treating those kids in the middle of planet wide war they have lived through for years as this naive and stupid is insulting... to viewers looking for more than their latest SF fix. It is being done (in such character bumbling fashion) purely as way to shortcut the need of reasoned solutions by the adults... AND the kids.

    And I am sick to death of Lexi. I pity the actress for what the writers have been doing to her character.moreless
  • Mamas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Masons

    Last episode, Matt disobeyed orders and allowed a collaborator to call in an air strike. This episode, Matt disobeys orders [AGAIN] and locates the controls of the alien ship.

    Ben pleads with his brother that the spikes take away his self control, simultaneously arguing that he should pilot the ship made by the same aliens who control the spikes.

    Lexi begins to notice that the invading aliens who destroyed 99% of Humanity and wrecked the planet may not be on the side of peace after all.

    Tom, you can stay, but your kids are in *permanent* timeout.moreless

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