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    Well. I started to feel it now. It's not about sci-fiction TV series. It's just like Pacific. It's not about war. This is about family story about human should be united together at difficult time.

    If you consider it's a TV series about Alien, 100% you will get disappointed.

    There are way too many things in this show are in-logical.

    This is a just crappy show without any reality. If you try to calculate how many miracles things happening in one episode, you will get this.

    1. He is lucky skitter is not armed.

    2. He is lucky skitter doesn't have GPS device (are they naked all the time?).

    3. He is lucky skitter only transmit radio signal in a short range.

    4. He is lucky kids with weapon didn't walk in the shop.

    5. He is lucky skitter commending kids climb in the shop without any weapons.

    6. He is lucky skitter never carry a weapon.

    7. Rick's father is lucky that when he tear off alien device out of Rick, Rick didn't die.

    8. Rick's father is lucky he didn't get any punishment by putting his team in the risk, almost killed the only alive alien and killed his son.


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    The humans in this show do not possess the weapons and the means that can act as a deterrent against the aliens. In the latest episode, season 2, episode 7, "Molon Labe" they are surrounded by mechs. Armored mechs, with Gatling cannons, rockets and laser aims (etc., etc.)

    Now, here's the deal. What do you think ONE Abrams tank could do to their little encampment? Yeah, that's right. Sushi.

    & this is an alien regiment of armor (who knows, could've been a whole army there).

    There are literally hundreds, maybe even thousands of people involved in this production. Are all of them willing to accept the level of bullchit, or do they just act / work to do their job and stash the paycheck?

    I am curious.

    The producers should flick on the Discovery channel and just take a look at the Future Weapons show (one simple example). Since the weapons there are advertized, do you not think that the makers would be happy to have them included in a high-profile show.... I mean, WHATEVER, just do SOMETHING to make it believable (at least a little bit, if possible); otherwise it's such a waste.
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    I agree with both comments in this forum. I just don't understand the appeal of this show. I've tried to watch the episodes each week, but the more I watch, the more I tire of it. This show is unrealistic and has many discrepancies, which is sad because I do think had the producers and writers really stretched their imagination Falling Skies could have been something grand.

    In this last episode that just aired on Sunday,Noah Wyle's character saves the middle son Ben from running off with Karen (his eldest son's ex-girlfriend) who was harnessed by the skitters and now has become the main correspondent between the aliens (whom she serves) and the humans. The captain Weaver is somehow up on his feet again after nearly dying from alien bacteria in the last episode. Meanwhile,they are regrouping and they also manage to capture a fish head (who are the head honchos and the whole brains behind the alien invasion)

    I'm still trying to figure out how they could have captured one of these aliens they call fish heads. I got the impression that these aliens are superior beings compared to humans who have to use weaponry to kill and manage to screw up every plan they decide on, but get really lucky. They can read your thoughts and brainwaves. These are the same aliens who invaded the planet and killed thousands upon thousands of people. Then supposedly like the fish head stated when he took over Ben's body, they want to make peace and study humanity. Again I reiterate, why the hostile invasion if the aliens' intentions were to study the nature of human beings?

    Also I still don't even know where those alien bugs came from. They never even said. Therefore I just assume they popped out of thin air. Then the middle son Ben decides to leave because he needs to contact the red-eyed skitter and see if he can gather the skitters who are rebelling against the fish heads. Really?? I guess he supposed to be the next John Connor..Then the cheesy romance scenes they keeping throwing in there. Dialogue like "Are you okay? I thought I almost lost you.." I love a good romance, but every gesture of love in this show makes me wanna gag. I wonder when they gonna get to Charleston cause they been saying that from the beginning..

    The characters are irritating. For one, they are so contrived and not very believable. I think any story, book, TV show or movie that details the destruction of the human race has to provide a sense of realism. Watch Schindler's List (since Spielberg directed that) or documentaries on 9/11 or some unbelievable tragedy in the world and see how false these characters are in this show. In senseless times or even insurmountable circumstances human beings become primitive, desperate, and even maniacal. You don't see any of that in this show and it is hard to continue watching a show that has no basis in reality, even though it is about aliens.

    Just my opinion on the show.

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    i like the show not as much as the first season but its still good
    as long as they get thier mech bullets back and stop focusing on ben all the dam time it should be a hello of a ride

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