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Mech Bullets ?

Should the 2nd Mass still have Mech Bullets?

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    Its been bugging me all season how the mech bullets are suddenly less effective or useless all of a sudden

    now i heard on the show runners has gotten rid of the things cause he didnt like them.

    He called em magic bullets and said he would prefer human ingenuity to beat the aliens rather than magic bullets.

    Mech bullets seemd pretty ingenius to me like the other abandoned idea jamming thier control frequncy

    I of course disagree with the man its feels like a huge retro grade step

    they wernt magic bullets as i recall

    they just made the odds even(they seemd to use lots just killing that one mech outside the school)

    the worst part is the "in show" reason for getting rid of them is they left the school and now longer had the infrastructure to make bullets

    you would think the first thing theyd do would be to take with them the shell casings and bullet molds

    you know so thay can can actually hurt the enemy

    they had the attack on boston planned for ages they even had a fall back base were the civilians were to meet up with the fighters after the attack and yet no one said" hey did you bring the tools for making mech bullets?"

    "oh heck i thought you brought em"


    anyway rant over

    your thoughts if you please

    ladies and gents

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