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supposed to be war zone... yet they walk in open drive with lights on..

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    [1]Aug 1, 2012
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    it drives me crazy that they walk around yelling "YAHOO" in the pharmacy... park their bikes outside the main entrance together (standing up)... leave maggie sittin on the front stoop right out in the open... drive their vehicles around at night with their lights on and not blinded (covered except for small slits)... travel in a huge group together when they move... have open fires in 55 gallon drums... practice shootin guns near their camp.... just act like everything is normal, i mean right after the mechs had passed by and they get out of the car and are talking in regular voices not even whispering or sticking to the buildings for cover... even while the mechs were going by, they were in the car talking and laughing... it's just so frustrating to watch... i really want to like, no love, this show because it's a pure sci-fi type of show and is right down my alley... but i'm ex military and this is crazy how these people act in a behind the enemy lines situation.. drives me nuts and makes the whole experience sour for me...

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    [2]Aug 16, 2012
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    3th repost. OMG. a TROLL!!!!

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