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World's Apart/Shall We Gather at the River Discussion

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    [1]Jun 20, 2012
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    Please direct all discussion regarding the opening two episodes of season 2 to this thread, thanks.
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    [2]Jun 21, 2012
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    I thin kit was a solid intro. I could've gone better... but it was still fairly solid.

    Things are looking more grimm, a complaint SOME people had last season. They felt last season felt a bit too cheery and kid-like since they were hiding out in a fairly clean school.

    There was action. Ben is like a Marvel super-hero, Mechs attacking, etc

    We got Noah Wyle facing off with a head alien, once again using History as a basis for his speech / argument. I WAS hoping for something more mysterious... like their motives or what not. I'm still considering that they're not 100% the bad guys here... that they're trying to save the planet from a bigger threat.

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