Falling Skies

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jul 03, 2011 on TNT
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Tom and Hal lead a team to find more motorcycles for the 2nd Mass after Pope provides details on where they can be found. Back at the high school where they've set up base Dr. Harris and Anne disagree over the best tactic to gather more intelligence on the aliens.moreless

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  • needs more alien psychology

    less praying

    The scenes where they try to figure out how to connect with the alien were great, but the rest of the episode was farily boring.
  • "Falling ratings" this is what the show should be called OMG this show is so lame and I will give you five reasons why!

    1.) Why is it that all the people are unattractive or poor actors, none of them are really appealing or believable.

    2.) The show needs to show more action! I mean what is it with these lame aliens who are not even a threat to the surviving humans. They just walk around in large groups or hang around schools, with no impending danger. The aliens could learn something from the Decepticons on how to take over a frikkin planet. This is the main reason why the Walking dead is a better all around show. ThougH I still think the minority cast on that show kinda sucks! Anyone remember the brother who gets punked by the redneck, and later loses the handcuff key to free said redneck because he was clumsy? B.S.

    3.) The show is hipocrytacle! They preach about GOD like all the time, but the situations the writers put the minority characters in are just plain ridiculouse. Rickyyyy!, me and my friends who WERE watching this show all found that scene hilariouse when Ricky's dad went screaming all crazy style to save his enslaved son in the midst of the alien territory, only to put everyone else in danger, AND INADVERTANTLEY have his son disceccted on like a lab rat instead of the Librarians kid. How the show is racist is they have all minorities getting insulted by racists who should be shot or at least locked up, or getting killed leaving the real ETHNIC ones around not to get any girlfriends to keep the race alive becuz they almost look alien themselves!( i.e. think SEAL w/ no money or talent) As a minority myself they could have done better! I digress BUT the Ricky being saved scene irritatingly reminded me of the last ep. of V. when the token brother going against all common scence tries to save his daughter who didnt know him and was raised by a being that hated him only to fail and be killed in the process! Thats one of the reasons why that dreadful show got canceled and why this one will too.

    4.) Every one seems idiotic! I mean really noone can cook? So they trust the psyco redneck to not spit in, or poisin everyones food? This is just one example of the unbelievability of the human stupidity here!

    5.) Finally! the show has not EARNED the stuff they are expecting us to accept. I mean that blatant rip off scene of Independance day where Will is dragging the alien in his parachute, well the Librarian is soooo awesome he is able to do this where no other trained soldier could! He and everyone else would of been more likeable, and these episodes would of been more watchable, if they had either done flashbacks like L0st! or just plain start from the beginning. That way when you see the goofy Librarian lose his wife and kid to an alien apocolypse, and have to bare arms and kick some butt! It would be alot more dramatic when he actually becomes the reluctant hero who goes on missions alone w/ a bunch of multicultural, untrained kids to fight aliens, who with just said aliens sit around MIND RAPING KIDS, only to be attacked instead of what the writers are now trying to stuff down our throats. My final thoughts are that this show really cut its own throat w/ its current premise when it had so much potential. Too bad Spielburg, b/c I expected better from you since you have been addicted to this genre since like the 70's! Duh'oh well maybe when this show gets canceled in a couple of weeks the people who produce Terra Nova will learn from Skies's mistakes. But I do know me and everyone I know who likes Scifi have officially checked out on this show! Sunday nites will now consist of me watching animation domination! followed by True Blood, ending w/ me Falling Asleep! Wich in turn is actualy easier to do if I watch the TNT show.moreless
  • Grace

    Grace was a superb episode of Falling Skies and I really enjoyed watching this episode because the captured alien and others had lots of screen time and the resistance learned a lot more about the invaders this episode. With shows like this it is important to give enough screen time and information about the Aliens to keep viewers interested and this series has done that so far. If only V had shown the visitors true form more often! The characters are typical yet the actors still manage to make them endearing. There was some action, drama, intrigue, revelation, and character development in this episode. Pope is an interesting character whom I hope to see more of. I can't wait to learn more about the Aliens. I look forward to watching the next episode of Falling Skies!!!!!!!moreless
  • Another good episode

    The main point of this episode was the team gathering more resources for the 2nd Mass specifically motorcycles which have proven useful in avoiding those nasty alien bug things. This episode also saw a temporary reprieve from OPERATION: RESCUE BEN though not by choice I would imagine for Tom and Hal at least

    After being in lockup since his capture Pope was finally allowed out and led Tom and his team to an old garage where they found several motorcycles and also had to contend with Skitters and some harnessed teenagers which raised a big moral question - While as people the survivors of this invasion might have to kill but at what point do you draw the line, Tom drew that line by refusing to shoot the harnessed children despite the fact that their lives were in danger, It also showed us how truly evil the aliens are they must know that most people would have trouble shooting at or attacking kids even if those kids are shooting and attacking them.

    Not surprisingly Pope abused Tom's trust and whacked Dai over the head before doing a runner though he did manage to slaughter some Skitters on his way out even though that did lead to the above shotting kids thing. Given that Colin Cunningham is listed as a series regular it should be interesting to see what makes him come back and how the others respond to him when he does. How people cope with the invasion also was raised in this episode with people like Anne and Weaver choosing to focus on their jobs and Lourdes going with her religion which may benefit her but seemed to irk some of the other characters and some of the fans should be interesting to see if she gets more\less religious as the show goes on.

    Overall another good episode that blended SFX with real human emotion stories. This show just keeps getting better and better. Can't wait to see more.moreless
  • Grace...

    For a show about aliens, Falling Skies had, up until this week, managed to keep from relying too heavily on it's Earth invaders for a story. "Grace", however, was essentially the equivalent of a mythology episode for a show with a deeper backstory - filling in one of the blanks as to the hows and whys of the alien way. With Mike's son appearing to be recovering nicely from his harness-ectomy, the science team of the second Mass. get hard to work on trying to figure out what makes their captive alien tick. Whilst Dr. Glass tries a mild mannered approach, Dr. Harris - certain that they are little more than animals - treats their captive with hostility. With no real communication coming from the Skitter, we follow Tom's team on yet another mission - this time, getting transport. After Pope informs the members of the second Mass. of a motorcycle shop off the beaten path that may not have been hit by the invaders, Weaver sends Tom, Pope and the rest of his unit to see what might be left and bring it back to the base. On their travels, the team comes across a group of Skitters sleeping, but when they realize that they are surrounded by enemy forces, skip the opportunity to attack - instead opting to stealthily make their way through. Sure enough, when they reach their destination, there are several bikes to be taken by the troops, but the lack of gas slows them down.

    As the team searches for fuel, Pope takes the opportunity to cold-cock Dai and escape on one of the only functioning bikes. Heading back to the place that the group came across the sleeping foes, Pope blows them up with an improvised bomb and presumably escapes, whilst Tom and his team are surrounded by harnessed kids with assault rifles. As the children are seemingly under the control of an alien, the team opts not to fight their fellow humans but instead escape without harming them. Creating a distraction, half of the team escapes whilst Tom helps Dai - wounded in the initial blaze of gunfire from the children - onto a bike before they are encountered by the alien in command. After Dai kills it, the children all stand down their weapons, confirming Tom's suspicions that the aliens control the children somehow. Back at base the suspicion is also confirmed when the psychic link between the Skitter and Mike's son comes to fruition. Forcing him to wake and re-attach his harness, the Skitter tries to free itself using Mike's son, but when Dr. Glass figures out what is going on, it is stopped before it can escape. Instead, communicating through Mike's son, the Skitter demands to either be released or killed, as there will be some form of consequences for it from the other aliens if it remains a captive of the humans. The episode ends with the returned team, Dr. Glass and Weaver all joining Lourdes - the only one of the second Mass. still displaying faith in god - in thanking god for their food - a parting gift from Pope.

    "Grace" was perfectly acceptable television, but probably the weakest of the four episodes of Falling Skies thus far. When it comes to fleshing out a major plot point involving the aliens and how they communicate, you really need to get it right, and whilst again, it was perfectly acceptable, I didn't find myself anxious to see where they were going with it. For some reason the execution just didn't quite grip me and in reflection, I think the episode could have portrayed the same information in a far more dramatic way, focussing more on Tom's mission than the scientists. I'd also argue that it took far too long to get to the point, given how last week's episode ended, but when it comes down to it, Falling Skies is still going pretty strong.moreless
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