Falling Skies

Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jul 15, 2012 on TNT

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  • Good but disappointing installment of this sci-fi television series

    While on patrol, Hal and Maggie discover an unharnessed and alive Karen among a group of half-buried unharnessed corpses. Tom has some tough decisions to make when Weaver falls gravely ill from the bite he received at the harnessing factory. In my opinion, this was a good episode of "Falling Skies" but it was nowhere near as amazing as the previous two episodes. There was nothing spectacular, ground-breaking, breath-taking, or any of that stuff about this episode. Nothing much really went on in this episode and that's what disappointed me the most. The storyline was predictable like everything that happened in this episode was all called by me because I predicted pretty much every single one of them. This season gives you surprises by this episode, not really. The only surprise in this episode was probably when Hal and Margaret found a bunch of dead bodies in the forest near the beginning of the episode and that's it. But yeah, nothing much goes on here and not only that but there was pretty much no action whatsoever in this episode. I'm glad that Captain Weaver was recovered, there were good character development here and there, the storyline, while mostly and VERY predictable, was handled and executed decently, and that one surprise near the beginning of the episode. I lost some respect for Ben in this episode and it was so freakin' predictable that Ben would hit Hal when Hal said "Ben, come over here now" then Ben walks towards Hal and says "Thanks for looking after me" then hits him. Like wow!!! that really shocked me (sarcasm). I saw that coming 100%. The episode dragged in a lot of parts too and some of the dialogue didn't really matter in this episode was nothing but unsettling boredom. Also, I felt like Ben and that blonde girl's acting was pretty bad in this episode especially that blonde girl and that scene where the blonde girl (don't know her name) attacking Margaret almost felt abysmal to watch. I don't know, there were just some things about this episode that could've been fixed. As much as I'm enjoying this season SO FAR at least, this is the 2nd weakest episode of the season while "Compass" the 1st weakest episode of the season. Overall, a good but disappointing episode of "Falling Skies"... they can do so much better than this so hopefully the next episode will make up for this episode. 7/10

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