Falling Skies

Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jul 15, 2012 on TNT

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  • Inspiring Tom & Anne, I've joined the 2nd Mass, intense parallel stories, exciting confusion and wowing action but slightly predictable (Spoilers)

    Anne, would you marry me ? The first minutes sounded like a siren song destined to lure the innocent viewer to its doom. But it's Noah Wyle & Moon Bloodgood's lair we're talking about here so there's nothing to fear. Wait, was Red Eye under their bed ? Probably but what matters is that Tom looked like a mess, as he hasn't shaved for months not taken a bath in weeks, when Anne was screaming "Sleeping Beauty doesn't stand a chance against me". Seriously beside their charming personalities I was also quite moved by their discussion about past and present. How their lives used to be, with their respective partners and children. Moreover it was inspiring because I couldn't agree more that surviving is a lot about moving forward despite all the traumatic experiences we have endured. Tom lost his wife for instance but he still has his three sons. As for Anne she represents the future of their "colony" considering the number of people she has already saved.

    It leads us to Captain Weaver's mysterious illness. I wasn't surprised his leg got infected by an alien parasite considering his wound already looked disgusting in the past episode. I didn't really worry about his fate because killing him would represent a risk I'm not sure the producers are willing to take. We lost Jimmy a few weeks ago so please give us a break. Yes your devoted servitor is in fact a proud member of the 2nd Mass ! But I'm not ready to tell you my name because it would compromise the future of my extraordinary mission. That's why I did my best to support Tom as he had to take charge and deal with our fuel crisis. And as usual we could count on our jack of all trades, what a great guy, as he was even able to build a machine to boil up our Captain's blood. In my subjective opinion a kiss from Anne would have done the job nicely but it would have made me jealous so let's just welcome our brave leader into the world of the living. This is Falling Skies, not The Walking Dead ! Remember ?

    But the highlight of this week was definitely Karen's arrival. When Hal came back from patrol with her in his arms I smelled trouble or "big badaboom" as my muse Leeloo would say. Enduring Maggie's lunatic behavior is already annoying, even if I envy their relationship, so we didn't need an other blonde to lower the total IQ of our group. Just a little joke to welcome John Pope's return ! However this time he wasn't the bad guy but the one who warned us about Karen. Otherwise I saw it coming from miles away considering how viciously she stared at the camera. What was the point of revealing her true nature to the people watching us ? It should have been kept a secret until the last minutes ! Moreover she was locked into a room when "Benalien" can move freely just because he's Tom's son. I also wonder if he has the same abilities than Karen because thanks to the camera I had discreetly placed I was able to witness the surreal moves she executed to knock out Maggie. Remember Trinity in The Matrix ? Not as mind blowing but definitely entertaining ! Last but not least my favorite part was when I heard Ben getting all paranoiac about Ben when he was actually the one under the influence of Karen. Once again someone let negative emotions take over but lucky for him cowgirl Maggie was around and decided to face her illegal doppelganger !

    Note : This review was first posted on Kritikenstein, my weblog.
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