Falling Skies

Season 4 Episode 5

Mind Wars

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jul 20, 2014 on TNT

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  • This is getting back to good

    I have been somewhat let down this season, particularly with the Nazi/Espheni youth school and somwhat with Lexi's group, as the stories had broken apart into what seems like a group of three story lines. However as the season has progressed things are heading toward what looks like a uniting of all the key characters. This episode continues in that direction and leaves the youth school behind, thankfully. And while Lexi's commune is still a big part what is happening there is interesting. Is the Espheni alien that is Lexi's connection with the Espheni who he says he is, a seeming friend, or is he something much more malacious? And what a surprise at the end when he reveals what else he is. Tom's abduction story and how it played out was a interesting side plot as well and it was good seeing Matt back with Tom and Weaver. Hopefully things will continue to move in this direction bringing back more of the plot lines from earlier seasons with less of these Espheni social organizations.
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