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  • current season

    falling Skies has been my favorite show from the first episode of the first season. After this seasons slow start I am hoping the rest of the season gets better with some action. I have had a hard time watching the episodes because the show has just dragged on and on.. Every episode so far I have waited for the action to start but it just doesn't ever get there. If they had to start this season off with resetting up the plot maybe they should have crammed some of the slower parts into a 2 hour episode so we would not be so disappointed and possibly stop watching. But the end of tonight's show finally gives you hope that maybe it will get back to getting and keeping our attention for the full hour! Lets wait and see because I am getting tired of the show jumping all over the place!
  • i like it

    don't pay attention to these bad reviews. if you like sci fi and aliens there is nothing better on tv.
  • Stupid movie

    This movie is a cat from the Walking Dead, instead of the zombies, it's a whole bunch of stupid Hollywood details of the sense is so blame copy. Trash movie and waist my time.
  • Shit has hit the fan.

    The 1st 2 seasons were way better, season 3 was tolerable but it went south as it progressed. But this season is appalling.
  • Horrible

    The New Casts are nonsense. Seriously. The show had captivated me for a few seasons but Season 4 is atrocious.
  • Time for some new writers

    After about 3 seasons a shows writing staff needs to be changed. Nowhere is this more evident than in this seasons "Falling Skies". I mean really, a Nazi style school for children, complete with the teenage commander who is even wearing Hitler's hair style??? C'mon you couldn't think of anything better than THAT? And you mean to tell me that with the multitude of storylines that could've been developed for Lexie, you decided to go with "She turns into a hot Blonde white chick, with special powers and a cult following" REALLY??? This whole season so far is complete crap. Change the writing staff or continue to lose your audience, unless 3 seasons was all you were hoping for.
  • hodge podge

    could not understand or follow any thing they were doing. There's a reason they film this show at night. Enjoyed the 1st 3 seasons. don't think I'll be back
  • A how-to on taking a great cast and series into the toilet

    S4 opening was mind bogglingly bad.

    A fantastic cast. I had such high hopes for the show. Each season showed potential, and was good enough to keep me watching (despite the foolish under use of Jessy Schram) because of the cast.

    This was a total failure. It isn't worth the time it would take to tear it apart. Squandering potentially good scifi is unforgivable.
  • Falling from the skies of crap.

    I love sci-fi and watch all the series in the genre. It's a shame that, once again, an intriguing premise is so poorly done. But l kept watching it for 3 seasons,

    in the hope that it could improve. But this first episode of season 4 was utterly bad.
  • Unbelievable.

    I managed (whitout any effort at all) to get my filthy hands on the first ep of season four before it aired, so unless you've seen this there will be spoliers.

    I really, REALLY hope everything in this ep is a mindfrack conducted by the fish-heads on our "heroes".

    If not, please put this sorry excuse of a sci-fi series out of it's misery.

    A few minutes in most of our merry band of freedomfighters find themselves captured and some of them (the elders) are put into a camp surrounded by an aproximatly 4m high energyfence. In an effort to escape some of them come up with the amazingly stupid idea to try to overload the fence. The first thing I thought of was a tunnel. Or getting over it using the very solid posts angeling the fence around the camp. But noooooo... Lets go for a "simple" overload.

    Others (the teens) somehow find themselves in "Chinatown" untouched by the war. In here a cult surrounding Tom and Annes half-alien child rules and miracles happen. A mech made it in there and was struck by lightning disableing it just when it was kneeling in front of an alter..... How lucky the aliens thought about everything including a shot of a .50 cal between the lenses, but not a universal common thing like a bolt of electricity.

    Another part of them (the kids) ends up in a hitlerjugendisch school where they are forced to repeat how good the aliens are for everyone.... At this point I started to skip ahead to see if anything even remotly interesting was going to happen.

    It didnt.

    And I almost forgot about those not captured. Led by Anne they somehow find out the aliens are making a shipment. For some reason they think it contains weapons captured by the aliens. They come up with a "cunning" plan to blow up a bridge to stop the truck (Why a truck? They've got frickin spaceships!). The problem is this: They plan to blow the bridge 100 yards before the truck reaches it and hijack it. They plan to do this from the OTHER side of the bridge the truck is coming from....

    There is so much potential in this series. The production is well made, the actors good, but the writing lacks ANY imagination.

    This is how it should be made: Lets try a tunnel under the energyfence. It extends down making that a nonoption. Lets try going over it using a simple plank. Nope, sentries on the outside pops up shooting making that another nonoption. NOW we try overloading the fence and hope the sentries goes down with it....

    How frickin' hard can it be?
  • People still watch this?

    I have to say, though I don't think there's anything particularly bad about Falling Skies (I watched the first 2 seasons and managed about half of the 3rd. I also think there are some grrreat actors in the cast), I find it quite astounding that this remains popular, yet seems to get more and more boring by every episode. I literally found it too tedious to watch the last few episodes of season 3 and gave up on it, fully expecting it to be dropped by whatever network was showing it.

    I'm actually really surprised to see it still here... especially when one considers and compares it to the shows that have been killed off over the period through which Falling Skies has existed. I actually found 'Flash Forward" more enjoyable (and certainly more original) than this by the time the third season's first few episodes had aired!

    Anyway, I SHAN'T be returning to the fold. Big name producers may be able to keep shows on TV when similar (often higher quality) ones are being dropped, but they still can't make me watch them!
  • Love the show, but enough Noah Wyle!

    I know Wyle is a co-producer, but his omnipresence is grating. Try finishing your drink ONLY when Wyle is OFF screen during an episode ... good luck! As another small example, in "Pickett's Line", while everyone else stays meekly lined up against the wall, only Wyle turns around (face time!) and barks out something courageous.
  • Will Patton (Weaver) branching out

    I was surprised when I started listening to the audio book of Stephen King's 'Doctor Sleep' and realized that Will Patton was the narrator. On the show he has a little bit of a mush mouth with a whistle, although I do like him and his character. I was wondering if that would become annoying.

    Turns out he has been a great 'reader' of King's novel. He does a great job of handling all the characters from children to adults, as well as females. I was impressed with both the book and his narration.
  • american tv

    all american sci fi tv programs are the same. how easy is it to be a writer. season one you fight the enemy season two alsways against humans season 3 a combination of both. walking dead went same way, jericho, 4400, loads more i cant remeber right now but all the same
  • Spielberg is a genius...

    but he did way better with Taken.
  • Can't wait!

    This show is amazing!! It made it into my top 5 :P

    Can't wait for Season 4!
  • I'll wait...

    For now I gave it a now! Not that fascinating! We'll see!
  • A Question or Two!!!

    First of all I love this series, it is about time that a show like this has come around, now past its 3rd season in the US I think we can all agree it has cemented itself into the Sci-fi history books. The Ideas, the concept and the budget have really provided a truly brilliant series.

    However I do have a few questions;

    1. What has happened to the promise left to us all from season 2 episode 3 (compass), where a visitor from Charleston said that they were working on a plan to try and forge a United Global Command. Involving the women in the old by-plane flying from the US Via Greenland, then Iceland, and finally hitting either the UK or continental Europe, along with establishing short wave links so humanity can try to unite to fight once again?

    i ) This whole point of a United world command is to ensure that humanity as a whole or what is left of it can fight.

    ii )Whilst the journey to what is left of Europe may not be possible the promise was kind off implied that the fight for earth would not just happen state side

    iii ) There has been no evidence of com's with any other part of the world, even during Season 3

    2. When are persons / Groups and so on from other parts of the planet going to be brought in to the show, after all the premise of the show is that we are in it for the species people?

    i ) This show is popular over seas in some countries pulling in quite large numbers, even Star Trek and Stargate to name just two highly popular global sci-fi success stories had international representation, all be it that those two shows were a completely different format than Falling Skies.

    ii ) Perhaps we may see evidence of a "in it for the species" story line in season 4 involving other peoples and countries other than American's, this maybe sci-fi but a reality check people?

    3. Can we please move away from the teenage love story line's, yes it is good to see such in a post-apocalyptic war scenario, but their has been far to much of it, as like me I am a full grown adult and like so many of viewers enough already?

    i ) Teenage relationship's V's Adult issue's for adult viewers!

    4, When are we going to see an end to the notion of a President who leads the military, aka civilian leadership and oversight of the military (what's left), I know it goes very much against the whole Ideal of the "one nation indivisible" but come on please, the people left after invasion would more likely to vote in Town, city, regional presidents. As the idea of nationhood would be dead until the war was ended and those presidents would more likely hold the title General, above any political title as in the set up seen in the Sci-fi series Revolution which also has issues I have to say.

    Anyway thanks guys and girls, keep up the great work just listen to the international fans, not just your US one's please, can't wait for season 4. :)

  • The Next Season.

    When is the new season scheduled to start?That piece of info seems to have escaped the producers.

  • Weak season that finished with a whimper

    Not sure I'm coming back next season to watch more boring or just nonsensical storylines. Like they are walking out of boston and next thing you know they are loading up cars and trucks. Where'd they get those? Where do they get gas? Where did they get the train anyway? They didn't show the Chicago battle (budget cuts?) and I didn't even know why they were in the train anyway.

    This season finished with no drama to bring anyone back. Used to be a fan....

    . Where did they get the boat and how did they put the big laser thingy on it?

  • What did I miss?

    I am by no means a Sci Fi fan in general but I have a thing for shows with an apocalyptic theme. I really enjoyed much of the first season with the struggle for humanity and regrouping but I was completely nonplussed by the idea of aliens. I would have preferred they stay in the background rather than become the main theme. The human side of things is much more fascinating to me. Anyway, I watched Season 2 warily and this third even more so. I have been disappointed that it seems that the majority just wants more flashbangs and aliens and less story.

    Frankly, this last season has left me completely confused. Too many time leaps within the season that are unexplained and make zero sense. Tonight's episode was the clincher honestly thought maybe I was behind a show or two or something. Each episode this season left me feeling like I'd just missed something. I'd rather have some blanks filled in.

    The best episode this season that had me the most engaged in the story was the one where they debugged Hal. I was actually riveted. Before that, the only other episode that I can remember being that into was the one in Season two where the rebel skitters fought with the humans and Red Eye died. Beyond that I have had no real attachment to the alien storylines. I am bored of all the kidnapping and worm pointless if people like Hal who was just only recently infected don't follow common sense! Was I the only one screaming at him to back away from the face of the wormplagued chick?

    I predict also that Maggie will hop in Pope's bed of her own accord to drown her sorrows from the Hal breakup.
  • Brazil (with spoilers)

    The "Brazil" episode, the season finale had some nice CGI, but the letdown was the battle sequences. Captain Weaver, Pope and a few of the 2nd Massachusetts, were on a train approaching some Mechs to do battle, but the battle wasn't shown. Meanwhile, Tom, Cochise and the rest of the clan destroy the alien superstructure. Nothing really exciting, except some very good CGI. There's a latter battle with Karen, 4 Skitters and a Mech that lasted about 35 seconds. That's it for the action, which was pretty subpar after the 9 episode buildup to what, I thought was going to be a dramatic action finale. Karen returns Anne and Alexis. Alexis, looking 6 years old, has grown at an alarming rate, and has special abilities. I'll bet that when season 4 starts, in June 2014, Alexis will be a fully grown adult. It will be interesting to see how her abilities help the 2nd Massachusetts. The episode had a few revelations, was super light on action, and was overall, entertaining, yet disappointing.
  • Losing a little flair

    Previous episodes much more exciting. This is by far one of the best series I have seen in a long time. It makes me wanting more when it ends. But this season has lost some of the drama. I have a feeling this may have been created to be a short term series (like Earth: Final Conflict 5 year run). After all how long can it go on? I suspected the baby was going to be alien before it was born. But I don't believe Ann and the baby are dead. The one thing that is aggravating about this show is that they only do 10 episodes a year. That's a long time to wait between seasons.
  • the best falling skies

    writers keep the story going it's riveting, exciting, unexpected and unexplained happen this is the best series in a very long time.
  • justs gets more and more annoying

    Alien baby and the wretched plot device of not telling anyone, evil Hal and the stupid plot technique of keeping it a secret. Alien moles and don't worry about locking the doors. Aliens that speech english with no explanation. Heartfelt speech after heartfelt speech followed by some mind numbingly inane family drama that really is so unimportant in a survival situation. Bit sad really as it could have been good. But it seems the writers have decided to vomit up regurgitated sci-fi cliches and mix in some daytime movie special sentimental BS. Struggling to get to the end of the series.
  • upsetting

    whats the point in watching this any more? IF YOUR GOING TO KEEP WRITING IN HUMANS WITH LITTLE BUGS in their heads, were just going to all die anyway.
  • This is my must have show

    I don't know if other people do this but I watch reruns of Falling Skies to relax. I like to have it playing in the background while I'm doing other things and glance up once in a while and something about it is comforting .. no idea why. I love this series and I keep it on hand like a wooby
  • exemple of diversity

    The first episode of season 3 was great, except for the fact that women and disabled, along with children and aliens were standing behind the bunch of old white male around the council table. I think we could do better diversity wise in this show...
  • How to enjoy Falling Skies

    Easy. Just turn off the sound!

    Seems silly but makes this show actually watchable. No more cringeworthy dialogue, no more pointless touchy-feely scenes ad nauseam: You just sit there, enjoy your favourite sci-fi audio book and have a great time figuring out what's going on, or alternatively imagining that there actually is something going on.

    And just in case you take issues with wooden acting: Just close your eyes, too! That way you can experience all the good things about this awesome alien invasion show without having to suffer through the bad things.

    Love the characters!!! This show is entertaining and gripping with sci fi awesomeness. I really wish I would have found it sooner!
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