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Falling Skies

Sunday 10:00 PM on TNT Premiered Jun 19, 2011 Between Seasons



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  • Season 2 was great!

    1st season kinda let me down. I'm a huge si-fi fan, but on the premiere season it seems the money was spent on marketing instead of producing the show. Second season changed it completely. I can only hope for a good 3rd season, but I do not believe this show will last longer than 3 or 4 seasons, due to the very bad start. Such a shame.
  • LOVIN IT!!!!

    I didnt think Si FI was my thing but this I like
  • camerawork please

    What's with the all shook up shakey iphone like camera work for ALL the scenes in Falling Skies. That type of lousy videography is WAY overdone. I thought you used GOOD cameras for TV work. I doubt I will continue watching something videoed with an iphone. I hate bad camerawork. It isn't very realistic, no matter how hard you try, and distracts a LOT from the story line. That's why I quit watching Stargate Universe at the 2nd episode. Better camerawork needed.
  • Waste of time

    Bad acting, bad story....gave up after the first 6 episodes

    I am so happy that I FINALLY found a good sci fi show! Can't wait for the next season to start.
  • It grows on you..

    I've watched so many promising sci-fi series get canceled too soon, just as they are getting good. I'm not sure why sci-fi series gets cut so easily compared to other genres, but I do hope this one wont be. I didnt think very highly of it the first few episodes of season one, but after that it's been getting alot better.
  • robvi

    I'm surprised at some remarks for this show from people who say they read/watch a lot of sci-fi. I've been a fan for 51 years. This show has holes in the story and rollout but for a tv show is well done. Comparison to Terra Nova is a laugh. There is no comparison to that tacky effort at sci-fi. Falling Skies is getting better as it goes and I enjoy it as well as other sci-fi friends.
  • Like watching seventh heaven gone sci fi, pure CRAP!!!!

    Its hard to find a worse show in the gengre, I Thought Terra Nova was the lowest of the low until I saw Falling Skies. Conservative bs all the way in this one..........
  • More Real

    This series is more like the reality of what might be happening and may not have enough violent action for some people. However, I love it for its honesty and truth and complexity. It's fun and engaging and the characters and situations have time to develop. Those who don't like it are probably looking for instant stuff everywhere. Everything cannot be settled in an hour.
  • Enjoyable and engaging

    I think its a pretty solid series for Sci-Fi fans. The dialogue can be predictable, the characters have been a little unconvincing but they are definitely fleshing out now that they're 18 episodes in and the storyline is getting more interesting and possibilities of developing multiple arcs now that Ben has left. This is a great chance to take the story into different directions much like a lot of the best series have done before. If you only follow one story arc with one set of characters you're not expanding the depth.

    The Wire, Game of Thrones, Caprica, Battlestar Galactica, they all had different story arcs that inter-crossed with each other and it makes the series seem so much bigger. Thats my major criticism. I applaud the network for sticking with this, it takes time to develop characters and story you have to invest to get the most out of something, and for that matter so do the audience.
  • Idea is great!!! execution is mediocre

    it drives me crazy that they walk around yelling "YAHOO" in the pharmacy... park their bikes outside the main entrance together (standing up)... leave maggie sittin on the front stoop right out in the open... drive their vehicles around at night with their lights on and not blinded (covered except for small slits)... travel in a huge group together when they move... have open fires in 55 gallon drums... practice shootin guns near their camp.... just act like everything is normal, i mean right after the mechs had passed by and they get out of the car and are talking in regular voices not even whispering or sticking to the buildings for cover... even while the mechs were going by, they were in the car talking and laughing... it's just so frustrating to watch... i really want to like, no love, this show because it's a pure sci-fi type of show and is right down my alley... but i'm ex military and this is crazy how these people act in a behind the enemy lines situation.. drives me nuts and makes the whole experience sour for me...
  • How long will it last?

    Falling Skies is a good Sci-Fi show, which means since it's not on the SyFy channel it's going to get cancelled, I know that I may sound pessimistic but that seems like what happens to all Sy-fy shows that aren't on the Syfy network. I hope Falling Skies gets the ratings to stick around a while, but if it doesn't I hope that TNT atleast gives us an ending,which rearly happens on the network channels!
  • XCOM: the series! YAY!!!

    Seriously! It might as well be... (or at least UFO: Aftermath, but then I loved that too...)

    I didn't know if this one was going to get past it's first season, not because it wasn't any good but because it was a sci-fi series that was actually a nice and even balance of drama AND action! The emphasis on drama that some shows have stuffed down our throats has left me callous, while Falling Skies, especially now in to Season 2, has left me really rooting for the characters and truly shocked when one of them buys the farm (S2E07 Homecoming, for example - I really thought he was going to last a little longer).

    I want more of this. I want this to go the distance and give us all the fun and thrills that we've come to enjoy from a series that managed to avoid any sense of pretentious chuff. :D
  • its greeat, come on people,

    its greeat, come on people,
  • Drama?

    I think it's a mistake to view this as a Sci-Fi series when this is clearly a well written Drama that takes place in a Sci-Fi setting. The reboot of V tried this and failed to pull it out of the Sci-Fi genre enough and it ended up feeling as flat as the cgi backdrops. I believe Falling Skies has a good balance of the two, but it's the plot and writing that keeps me coming back. Some very good actors in this too.
  • When its gonna stop?

    so the show is based on misunderstandings now? We will feel so stupid and weird all this season?
  • Cheese

    While the premise of the alien invasion is a good one, and the biological twists of the harnesses and taken children drive the plot, the two main characters are so obnoxious the show is about unwatchable. The Captain such a flat character and reacts in illogical ways for a trained military officer. The directors try to squeeze in so much military jargon that it seems out of place.
  • A decent Sci-Fi series

    TV has tried (and failed) to bring a Sci-Fi series about the possibility of an alien takeover of the Earth, but now Steven Spielburg & Robert Rodat has somewhat managed to take on this challenge & has come up with a series worth watching.

    Falling Skies takes place after an invasion by aliens who not only manage to decimate civilization, but also enslave humans through biomechanical means for whatever sinister purposes the aliens have in mind. But it also tells the story of a militia, the 2nd Mass who are fighting back the aliens in order to survive.

    The cast includes Noah Wyle as teacher turned soldier Tom Mason, Moon Bloodgood as Anne Glass, a one-time doctor who is the militia's medic & Will Patton as Weaver the commandant of the militia leading the battle against the invaders.

    This is a good Sci-Fi show, even though some detractors might be put off by its slow pacing & their critiques of "Been There, Seen That" in terms of post-invasion Earth that plagued other series such as V & War Of The Worlds. What do these people expect, Star Wars?

    All criticism aside, this show is one of the few TNT original series that's actually worth watching, if given the chance. Detractors, be damned!
  • It has potential

    This show has potential, but it unfortunately has very annoying aspects.

    First, there's the annoying character of Captain Weaver, whose facial expression and tone of voice never change (I know it's intentional, but it doesn't make sense, it's bad, melodramatic writing) and the actor who plays him, Will Paxton, apparently cannot pronounce the letter "S" properly, which is extremely annoying. The guy from "Avatar" and the defunct "Terra Nova" would have been a much better choice.

    Then there's the stupid Catholic girl who keeps her faith and encourages everyone else to do so. The religiocity of this show is idiotic. Proof of life that is not from Earth would essentially disprove the Bible, and Catholicism, since the Bible and Catholicism (and all religions, for that matter) claim that god made one world and one species of sentient life.

    At least they had the sense to get rid of that annoying 13-year-old from the first episode (the one who called the dog and drew fire). He was a terrible character idea.
  • Falling Skies More Ludacris Every Day

    Every time I watch this show it gets more and more random. It's like the writers were at a complete loss as to what to do this season. Even the fansite at struggles to say anything positive about the series or the episodes so far. It's easy to understand why the ratings have been falling and if this show is renewed for a 3rd season it will be unbelievable!
  • Falling Skies is awesome

    I would like to say that theoretically if there was to be an alien apocalypse that falling skies portrays the happenings of the the end to the tee. This is one of my favorite shows and keeps you wanting more. I especially like the subplot with the rebellious alien/skitter. The Universe is vast, and who is to say that we are the only life forms there in
  • Not amazing, but not bad

    I like that series. I think you don't have to look to It like a "great sci-fi series", but like a enjoyable Alien series you can watch on Sundays. I like the cast and to be honest, after see a stupid series like Terra Nova, watching Falling Skies is a good entertainment option.
  • Surprised Steven Spielberg is attached to a boring show

    I usually like all of Steven Spielberg's projects. He is one of those veteran directors that knows what it takes to make a compelling storyline and larger than life characters, but Falling Skies has none of that.

    I watched the first season last year because Spielberg's name was attached to it and because I have nothing to watch. Entertainment is now just a loophole of remakes and reality TV, but I tried it out and sad to say that this show is a miss, not a hit. Definitely not a summer obsession as they were saying last year.

    There is no intense drama. That being the motto of TNT. Two reasons being, the lack of building up the plot and the lack of character development.

    For me personally, the thing that irked me the most is the poor character development. I definitely have to agree with what others said about the stereotypical characters who add no depth to the story. I like Noah Wylie. I remember when he was in ER and I actually prefer him in ER than in this show. The father of 3 sons who was a history professor that becomes a freedom fighter once the aliens attack. He has no military background so I don't understand how he can have knowledge of fighting aliens from having a degree in history. I also hate the pep talks he is always giving his kids. It becomes tedious. I'm also tired of some of these butch females trying to be Tomb Raider. I love a strong female character but in this show the female characters in combat are too contrived. But I can skip over that.

    I honestly don't care for the romance between him and the pediatrician. They have no chemistry whatsoever and it's just dull and boring. For the most part the whole cast ensemble is pretty weak also. I think this show would have been 10 times more intriguing if it had a dynamite cast of actors. The acting is cheesy in a good amount of episodes and the dialogue is even cringe worthy sometimes. The best actor in the bunch is probably Will Patton because he is the most experienced. I guess you gotta blame that on the writers and the casting director.

    The graphics is possibly the only good thing about the show. On a scale of one to ten. The graphics are probably a five.

    So I gave this show a chance, even tried watching the second season but it is not floating my boat. If I do watch anymore of this show, it will be out of sheer boredom because there is nothing else on TV to watch.
  • Not good enough.

    Poor "special effects", aliens are so poorly done, the way they move, react etc.. Guns & Firing effects aren't perfect either, it's a shame, it could've been much better. Idea's good though, not good enough to keep you "wanting more", I barely watched 3 episodes and was like "Mhh.. this ain't worth watching". There are much better SCI-FI TV Shows out there. Most of them are getting canceled due to "budget problems", which is a big shame since, in my opinion, are better than some shows that are still on the air..
  • Finally!

    I love this show. I read some reviews first but I bought the first season anyway and I'm so glad I did. Finally a show where people actually fight back. As long as the show doesn't devolve into an attempt at making peace with the aliens I hope it stays on the air. You can really see Spielberg's influence on it too. A lot of TV shows try and focus on one or two characters per episode but in this series you rarely go a whole episode without getting a good dose of your favorite character. It has a definite movie feel to it. The production quality if high and there are few, if any, annoying characters. Which is a lot more than I can say for the Battelstar Galactica or Star Trek shows.
  • Season 2? Can't wait!

    Post apocalyptic shows are the best, its fascinating to see other people's takes on what they think the world will be like after a massive disaster/pandemic. Personally, I think this one (and Walking Dead) is amazing. Its the perfect combination of sci fi and family drama. The season finale was great, I just hope they don't go the same way V went, and have the aliens communicating with us and helping to 'save our future'.
  • I had high hopes and they were dashed

    I'm afraid I gave up on this one within the first couple of episodes. Too many things irked me. Firstly, it seems that when the world ends all the womenfolk go back to raising the kids and cooking the meals. Apart from one token female soldier. Secondly, aliens who arrive when the plot wants them to and pretty much vanish otherwise. Despite our heroes setting up a huge camp in a field and trundling down the middle of a main street complete with cars and tanks and other noisy engines - in broad daylight - it seems they were invisible to alien foot and air patrols. Thirdly, they tried to use the dog as live bait. Yes, I know the kid leapt out at the last moment to rescue it, but it was made pretty clear the adults took a dim view of him doing so and that the actual plan had been for the dog to die. Sorry, that was it - I was out of there!

    But, you know, I'm always happy to see the fans of a show get more. I don't like it, but if you do - congrats and enjoy!
  • Great story, love this kind of show

    I love the post-apocalyptic, sci-fi shows, so I liked it from the start. This one kind of reminds me of Jericho ( aired on CBS for 1 season, viewers brought it back for a 2nd and eventually got a comic book ). Falling skies has a great storyline, characters, effects. And sense it is on a cable network it doesn't require as many viewers as other networks, some requiring as much as 10 million or nothing, and this show has alot getting as much as 6 million.
  • Post holcaust series are relatively cheap and easy to make - getting a good script together is the bigger challenge. Rocky in places, nevertheless, the characters are interesting (if a bit conventional) and the entertainment factor is there.


    Post holcaust series are relatively cheap and easy to make - getting a good script together is the bigger challenge. Rocky in places, nevertheless, the characters are interesting (if a bit conventional) and the entertainment factor is there.

    There are the usual plotelements of humans with varying points of view - defeatists, the vengeful, collaborators and some just simply caught in the headlights of disater - but at the heart of the series it is a family story - about a father trying to do his best for his growing sons under adverse circumstances.

    Possibly one of the strongest points in favour of a second season is the fact that some of the characters are so sketchy and singular dimensionally that there is heaps of room for character development. For example - Weaver can develop a stronger leadership role as he opens up more - the young fighter he has taken a liking too being a plot mechanisim for this... and you can see the script writers doing this in the speech he gives acknowledging the vital role of the civilian survivors. Similarly the lead female character (the doctor) also has room for development within her capacity as a civilian touchstone and also within herself - gaining greater maturity in her abilities.

    The aliens face a tough job impressing people as aliens have been done thru so many forms... the difficulty exists in resolving any sort of detante with a race that has just obliterated 90% of humanity and set out to enslave the children - yeah, lets sit down and talk this out...

    However, the "out" here is the fifth column in the form of the similarly oppressed "skitters" who - to quote a line "have to make up the numbers" through their operations against humanity. If they can be liberated and/or turned then the masters behind this operation would face a serious threat.

    So far the plot is proceeding fast enough to maintain interest - let us hope it does not get bogged down in "drama" as SGU did - such that missing an episode doesn't matter and the program falls off the "want to see" list and onto the "record and watch maybe later" list.

    Best of luck and hope we see a season 2.

  • As plausible as you could imagine, given we don't have REAL ET aliens carousing the planet.

    OH, COME ON PEOPLE! IT'S A FRIGGIN' SHOW ON TV! There are state-sponsored enemies of our country that have the capabilities of knocking out our telecommunications infrastructure. Undoubtedly some of the nay-sayers of this show will believe "reality" shows are just that- REAL. Get a life.

    The characters' personalities are pretty much what you find in a war-time mode; there are people who will fight, there are those who won't, and worst of all there are people who will help the enemy. If you've never been to war (I wouldn't recommend it for the average person), you haven't seen this.

    Bottom line: IT'S JUST A TV SHOW.
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