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  • Love it!

    The show is extreamly good, I love it!
  • Awesome !!

    Greatest series yet. Can't wait for the next season xD ,
  • What?

    Does any one atleast have theory of what Tom could see? To me it was a Pink Skitter!!!
  • Will Patton (Weaver) branching out

    I was surprised when I started listening to the audio book of Stephen King's 'Doctor Sleep' and realized that Will Patton was the narrator. On the show he has a little bit of a mush mouth with a whistle, although I do like him and his character. I was wondering if that would become annoying.

    Turns out he has been a great 'reader' of King's novel. He does a great job of handling all the characters from children to adults, as well as females. I was impressed with both the book and his narration.
  • Can't wait!

    This show is amazing!! It made it into my top 5 :P

    Can't wait for Season 4!
  • A Question or Two!!!

    First of all I love this series, it is about time that a show like this has come around, now past its 3rd season in the US I think we can all agree it has cemented itself into the Sci-fi history books. The Ideas, the concept and the budget have really provided a truly brilliant series.

    However I do have a few questions;

    1. What has happened to the promise left to us all from season 2 episode 3 (compass), where a visitor from Charleston said that they were working on a plan to try and forge a United Global Command. Involving the women in the old by-plane flying from the US Via Greenland, then Iceland, and finally hitting either the UK or continental Europe, along with establishing short wave links so humanity can try to unite to fight once again?

    i ) This whole point of a United world command is to ensure that humanity as a whole or what is left of it can fight.

    ii )Whilst the journey to what is left of Europe may not be possible the promise was kind off implied that the fight for earth would not just happen state side

    iii ) There has been no evidence of com's with any other part of the world, even during Season 3

    2. When are persons / Groups and so on from other parts of the planet going to be brought in to the show, after all the premise of the show is that we are in it for the species people?

    i ) This show is popular over seas in some countries pulling in quite large numbers, even Star Trek and Stargate to name just two highly popular global sci-fi success stories had international representation, all be it that those two shows were a completely different format than Falling Skies.

    ii ) Perhaps we may see evidence of a "in it for the species" story line in season 4 involving other peoples and countries other than American's, this maybe sci-fi but a reality check people?

    3. Can we please move away from the teenage love story line's, yes it is good to see such in a post-apocalyptic war scenario, but their has been far to much of it, as like me I am a full grown adult and like so many of viewers enough already?

    i ) Teenage relationship's V's Adult issue's for adult viewers!

    4, When are we going to see an end to the notion of a President who leads the military, aka civilian leadership and oversight of the military (what's left), I know it goes very much against the whole Ideal of the "one nation indivisible" but come on please, the people left after invasion would more likely to vote in Town, city, regional presidents. As the idea of nationhood would be dead until the war was ended and those presidents would more likely hold the title General, above any political title as in the set up seen in the Sci-fi series Revolution which also has issues I have to say.

    Anyway thanks guys and girls, keep up the great work just listen to the international fans, not just your US one's please, can't wait for season 4. :)

  • the best falling skies

    writers keep the story going it's riveting, exciting, unexpected and unexplained happen this is the best series in a very long time.
  • This is my must have show

    I don't know if other people do this but I watch reruns of Falling Skies to relax. I like to have it playing in the background while I'm doing other things and glance up once in a while and something about it is comforting .. no idea why. I love this series and I keep it on hand like a wooby

    Love the characters!!! This show is entertaining and gripping with sci fi awesomeness. I really wish I would have found it sooner!
  • Season 2 was great!

    1st season kinda let me down. I'm a huge si-fi fan, but on the premiere season it seems the money was spent on marketing instead of producing the show. Second season changed it completely. I can only hope for a good 3rd season, but I do not believe this show will last longer than 3 or 4 seasons, due to the very bad start. Such a shame.
  • More Real

    This series is more like the reality of what might be happening and may not have enough violent action for some people. However, I love it for its honesty and truth and complexity. It's fun and engaging and the characters and situations have time to develop. Those who don't like it are probably looking for instant stuff everywhere. Everything cannot be settled in an hour.
  • its greeat, come on people,

    its greeat, come on people,
  • Season 2? Can't wait!

    Post apocalyptic shows are the best, its fascinating to see other people's takes on what they think the world will be like after a massive disaster/pandemic. Personally, I think this one (and Walking Dead) is amazing. Its the perfect combination of sci fi and family drama. The season finale was great, I just hope they don't go the same way V went, and have the aliens communicating with us and helping to 'save our future'.
  • Great story, love this kind of show

    I love the post-apocalyptic, sci-fi shows, so I liked it from the start. This one kind of reminds me of Jericho ( aired on CBS for 1 season, viewers brought it back for a 2nd and eventually got a comic book ). Falling skies has a great storyline, characters, effects. And sense it is on a cable network it doesn't require as many viewers as other networks, some requiring as much as 10 million or nothing, and this show has alot getting as much as 6 million.
  • One of my fav

    What can I say I like this kind of show. It has a good story, solid characters and the action is good enough for someone like me...
    I think people are more important then aliens getting blown up!Don't get me wrong i like that too and for me it's has it's fair share of blowing up skitters and macs!
    I think it has a perfect balance!!
  • I feel this version of the aftermath of an alien apocalypse is off to a great start and is thus far better than most others in the genre.

    I recently received the Falling Skies press kit in the mail. In preparation for discussing the episode on the Falling SkiesCast, I have had the privilege of watching the two part series opener that will air June 19, 9 pm - 11pm, and the following episode that will air June 26, from 10 pm - 11pm (the regular time slot).

    I thoroughly enjoyed these first three hours of the show. I have watched many sci-fi shows and movies and I feel this version of an alien apocalypse is off to a great start and is thus far better than most others in the genre. In many ways the story is a familiar one; however the team behind Falling Skies has done some amazing things. This is definitely a different take on the similar storyline that you have probably seen elsewhere. There are some twist and turns through this first part of the series. There are some unanswered questions from the beginning, but we are given most of what we need to know about the events leading up to then series with the opening voice over.

    The acting is top notch, even from the child actors. I think one of the most important aspects of these episodes is that I felt a connection to these characters early on. The characters are fleshed out, they feel like real people which makes the various dangers they face have added tension.

    This show has the look and feel of a major motion picture. The CGI looks really sharp for a TV show, but is not over used. The score adds depth to the stunning visuals.

    If you are a sct-fi fan or not, I think that you should check out this series. Many non-horror fans were rewarded with great television by watching the Walking Dead, and I think the same will be true of Falling Skies. This story takes place during the alien invasion of the earth, but it's really about the characters and their story of survival, much like the Walking Dead.

    One small thing that reminded me of the Walking Dead is that different people have different names for the aliens, much like different people had different names for the zombies (walkers and geeks).

    I know this article is broad without much details about the storyline. I was instructed in the press kit to be sure not to spoil any of the surprises of the show due to the mysterious nature of Falling Skies. On my site and in my podcasts, I will not seek to spoil anyone on these episodes or for future episodes of Falling Skies.

    Jimmy in GA from the Falling SkiesCast - The First Podcast Dedicated to Falling Skies
  • Woweee!!

    i never expected falling skies to be this good .
    before i watched it i read the reviews here and i expected nothing less than a dissaster, it was not.
    for a tv show that rquiers a huge budget they were able to make it very realistic , it feels like you the viewer are in a postapocolyptic time.

    it could even be better than the walking dead.. could be. the acting is great , the directing is magnificent for a tv show also the aliens did not look as fake as i expected..
    i only saw the first 2 episodes and they were great and they ended with a promise that this show is truly uniqe . if you haven't seen go see it. i highly reccomend it.
  • If you liked Super 8, Close encounters, Firefly, Terminator, or Walking Dead- Falling Skies is everything you ever wanted. Why would I lie? Put simply, it delivers. FURTHER PROOF: my wife loves it. Scifi that you can watch with your wife is TV GOLD!

    I beg the writers to read this. Keep on keeping on. So, if a couple folks give you some thumbs down, you are making some pretty great art here. Your act breaks are tight and you are allowing your character's personalities, pasts, and motivations be revealed over time. Reviewers haven't you ever heard of story arcs before?! Give it time. Also, as a soldier/writer, I can write that you have the militia aspect of essentially Guardsmen soldiers down pat. You've got it. I thought this episode "Grace" was great. It moved the overall story forward and we learned more about the characters. Also, the eye candy explosions are awesome.
  • Awesome show. 2 hour premier was kinda slow but after a few episodes I am hooked.

    I started watching this show a few days ago. So far I am at episoded 6. The aliens in this show are really well done. They have a lot of detail. I think the acting is fine. The characters are interesting enough. Each episode has gotten progressively better. I am really hoping they will renew this for a 2nd season.
  • If a show gets your heart bouncing while watching, it's just a damn good show!

    Heart thumping in my throat several times... honestly!
    I think it's really growing and it gets more and more exiting with every episode. How can you watch this and not want to know how it ends???

    And as for all you out there that hates on this show 'cause of its lack of realism... If you want reality, watch the news and don't even try si-fi!

    Falling Skies is Awesome!!

    And as for the 'Lost' comparisons...
    I loved 'Lost', but didn't like how they finished it.
    Falling Skies feels like it has more sense of direction so far! So! Keep it up!! Lovin' it!
  • Loved it!

    I've seen the series finally like five minutes ago, and I'm crying my eyes out. And I wanna say that I LOVED it. I mean, I started watching the serie like a week ago. Really, I started watching on Sunday and today is tuesday. So I watched it in just 10 days. once I stayed up till 7 just to finish a season. I couldn't stop. And I watch (no joke) 70 series. and this was one of my fafourite. I made a top 10 and falling skies deserves a beatiful second place (second mass lol). Only The walking dead could end up one place higher. So thank you for these beautiful 10 days with a lack of sleep but a great new experiance. I loved it and I'm so going to force my brother and mother to watch it. I know they'll love it. And maybe I can convince my father and sister to watch it with me again. I probably can't. But thanks :)
  • did she really die? lets hope not!!!

    any news on this matter or season 5?
  • american tv

    all american sci fi tv programs are the same. how easy is it to be a writer. season one you fight the enemy season two alsways against humans season 3 a combination of both. walking dead went same way, jericho, 4400, loads more i cant remeber right now but all the same
  • The Next Season.

    When is the new season scheduled to start?That piece of info seems to have escaped the producers.

  • LOVIN IT!!!!

    I didnt think Si FI was my thing but this I like
  • How long will it last?

    Falling Skies is a good Sci-Fi show, which means since it's not on the SyFy channel it's going to get cancelled, I know that I may sound pessimistic but that seems like what happens to all Sy-fy shows that aren't on the Syfy network. I hope Falling Skies gets the ratings to stick around a while, but if it doesn't I hope that TNT atleast gives us an ending,which rearly happens on the network channels!
  • Drama?

    I think it's a mistake to view this as a Sci-Fi series when this is clearly a well written Drama that takes place in a Sci-Fi setting. The reboot of V tried this and failed to pull it out of the Sci-Fi genre enough and it ended up feeling as flat as the cgi backdrops. I believe Falling Skies has a good balance of the two, but it's the plot and writing that keeps me coming back. Some very good actors in this too.
  • I honestly do not know what people are thinking when they rate this show badly.

    First of all if you do not like science fiction then why on earth are you watching this and second if you expect this series to have the budget of a movie that is produced for over a year by a large crew, just because Spielberg is involved than you are, well, dumb. This is a series people 40+ minutes every week, what do you expect? I think this is a very good show and I have enjoyed every single episode. The characters have developed since the pilot, the story is unfolding quickly enough, there is action there are some special effects... what else do you need?
  • June 28th

    Falling Skies returns for its fifth and final season on June 28th..
  • Season 4 is true scify!

    This last season is the real thing. At last no more shooting with ak's titanium (or what ever they are made of) mechs. It's since Farscape and Defying Gravity I wasn't so axious to see the next episode.

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