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  • Failing Shite

    Was this meant to be a comedy?? Or is it really just woefully bad?? I think the latter! There's a necessity to have a very low level of intellect to watch and enjoy this American jingo crap. A dysfunctional American family with their belief that after America defended itself from and defeated the rest of the world, they were then invaded by a fascist alien race. Despite the alien's vastly superior technology and having decimated the human population, the Mason family with their lame militia and a goofy alien friend aim to restore America back to its apple pie baking, star spangled banner waving normal self again. God Bless America.
  • Falling through the floor

    I used to like this show for a short while, then it turned from a earth vs aliens angle, to the Mason family vs Aliens. The storylines have turned to muck. Moon Bloodgood needs to be thrown into a pit of acting coaches. Pope is the only character worth caring about, but in the final two seasons he just seems to be there to shout abuse at Tom Mason every time he survives an encounter with the aliens. Avoid at all costs
  • Falling Standards

    What was an epic sci-fi event has become a direction-less soap with clichd cardboard characters. What went wrong? All through series 2 I kept waiting for the padding to stop and some kind of reveal to happen. But nothing did. The padding went on and on and on. Like a horse designed by committee, this camel wandered into the desert and expired from lack of meaningful script.

    I stopped watching as soon as they replicated (verbatim) the star-child plot-line from the original V.

    How it kept going when better series were cancelled is beyond me - Intelligence, Believe; even Dracula was better than this!
  • Why a fifth season? WHY???

    This show is so dead. The end of third season was so stupid (No, we won't go to a safe place in Brazil, after all we have suffered we want more dead, we want to be tracked by the aliens until we die!) that the writers are now stuck into a full nonsense and dull storyline. And the fifth season has been ordered nevertheless.

    At least, Under the Dome is awful, but it's fun. here, each episode is like a shot of tranquilizer.
  • FALLEN Skies !

    This was our favorite, favorite show! Season 3 got a little slow but we stuck with it. Now they have thrown every cliche in the TV-world into the plot. BORING! Too many stupid plot lines going nowhere, fast. Nazis, really?? Platinum blonde airhead being worshipped?? Last night - Weaver's daughter in a spandex lizard suit?? Or was she charred pizza? Loved Mira Sorvino - she was a breath of fresh air - alive! The scene with her and Pope was like old times. Everything bad is not the fault of any actor (except blondie), however - the dialogue has gotten so dumb we can barely stand to listen. We are grieving the loss. Some of the most intelligent, well-read people we know - who don't even enjoy Sci-Fi - were loving this show. You all blew it! We're done.
  • Shit has hit the fan.

    The 1st 2 seasons were way better, season 3 was tolerable but it went south as it progressed. But this season is appalling.
  • Time for some new writers

    After about 3 seasons a shows writing staff needs to be changed. Nowhere is this more evident than in this seasons "Falling Skies". I mean really, a Nazi style school for children, complete with the teenage commander who is even wearing Hitler's hair style??? C'mon you couldn't think of anything better than THAT? And you mean to tell me that with the multitude of storylines that could've been developed for Lexie, you decided to go with "She turns into a hot Blonde white chick, with special powers and a cult following" REALLY??? This whole season so far is complete crap. Change the writing staff or continue to lose your audience, unless 3 seasons was all you were hoping for.
  • hodge podge

    could not understand or follow any thing they were doing. There's a reason they film this show at night. Enjoyed the 1st 3 seasons. don't think I'll be back
  • Unbelievable.

    I managed (whitout any effort at all) to get my filthy hands on the first ep of season four before it aired, so unless you've seen this there will be spoliers.

    I really, REALLY hope everything in this ep is a mindfrack conducted by the fish-heads on our "heroes".

    If not, please put this sorry excuse of a sci-fi series out of it's misery.

    A few minutes in most of our merry band of freedomfighters find themselves captured and some of them (the elders) are put into a camp surrounded by an aproximatly 4m high energyfence. In an effort to escape some of them come up with the amazingly stupid idea to try to overload the fence. The first thing I thought of was a tunnel. Or getting over it using the very solid posts angeling the fence around the camp. But noooooo... Lets go for a "simple" overload.

    Others (the teens) somehow find themselves in "Chinatown" untouched by the war. In here a cult surrounding Tom and Annes half-alien child rules and miracles happen. A mech made it in there and was struck by lightning disableing it just when it was kneeling in front of an alter..... How lucky the aliens thought about everything including a shot of a .50 cal between the lenses, but not a universal common thing like a bolt of electricity.

    Another part of them (the kids) ends up in a hitlerjugendisch school where they are forced to repeat how good the aliens are for everyone.... At this point I started to skip ahead to see if anything even remotly interesting was going to happen.

    It didnt.

    And I almost forgot about those not captured. Led by Anne they somehow find out the aliens are making a shipment. For some reason they think it contains weapons captured by the aliens. They come up with a "cunning" plan to blow up a bridge to stop the truck (Why a truck? They've got frickin spaceships!). The problem is this: They plan to blow the bridge 100 yards before the truck reaches it and hijack it. They plan to do this from the OTHER side of the bridge the truck is coming from....

    There is so much potential in this series. The production is well made, the actors good, but the writing lacks ANY imagination.

    This is how it should be made: Lets try a tunnel under the energyfence. It extends down making that a nonoption. Lets try going over it using a simple plank. Nope, sentries on the outside pops up shooting making that another nonoption. NOW we try overloading the fence and hope the sentries goes down with it....

    How frickin' hard can it be?
  • People still watch this?

    I have to say, though I don't think there's anything particularly bad about Falling Skies (I watched the first 2 seasons and managed about half of the 3rd. I also think there are some grrreat actors in the cast), I find it quite astounding that this remains popular, yet seems to get more and more boring by every episode. I literally found it too tedious to watch the last few episodes of season 3 and gave up on it, fully expecting it to be dropped by whatever network was showing it.

    I'm actually really surprised to see it still here... especially when one considers and compares it to the shows that have been killed off over the period through which Falling Skies has existed. I actually found 'Flash Forward" more enjoyable (and certainly more original) than this by the time the third season's first few episodes had aired!

    Anyway, I SHAN'T be returning to the fold. Big name producers may be able to keep shows on TV when similar (often higher quality) ones are being dropped, but they still can't make me watch them!
  • upsetting

    whats the point in watching this any more? IF YOUR GOING TO KEEP WRITING IN HUMANS WITH LITTLE BUGS in their heads, were just going to all die anyway.
  • wtffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

    it's gone to hell wtf
  • Why world why?

    Why would anyone want to watch a show, when the way they advertise it is annoying as fuck. Cover! Cover! Cover! Cover! Cover! Cover! Cover! Cover! covercovercovercovercovercover!!!!!!.
  • Just awful

    I can't believe this show is getting another season. I recently watch the last few episodes on my DVR and it was a torture. The hardest part was keeping my eyes open. With all the family hugs, many episodes had no time for actual aliens. The whole premise is unbelievable - the aliens killed off 99.9% of the world's population in the first 10 minutes but they can't deal with this ragtag poorly armed group of survivors? Puh-leez!
  • Waste of time

    Bad acting, bad story....gave up after the first 6 episodes
  • I had high hopes and they were dashed

    I'm afraid I gave up on this one within the first couple of episodes. Too many things irked me. Firstly, it seems that when the world ends all the womenfolk go back to raising the kids and cooking the meals. Apart from one token female soldier. Secondly, aliens who arrive when the plot wants them to and pretty much vanish otherwise. Despite our heroes setting up a huge camp in a field and trundling down the middle of a main street complete with cars and tanks and other noisy engines - in broad daylight - it seems they were invisible to alien foot and air patrols. Thirdly, they tried to use the dog as live bait. Yes, I know the kid leapt out at the last moment to rescue it, but it was made pretty clear the adults took a dim view of him doing so and that the actual plan had been for the dog to die. Sorry, that was it - I was out of there!

    But, you know, I'm always happy to see the fans of a show get more. I don't like it, but if you do - congrats and enjoy!
  • after watching the first episode I gave up on the show. Terrible acting and lack real excitement. I have no clue how this show gets ranked 2 on this website. My choice of top shows atm are True Blood and Game of Thrones.

    after watching the first episode I gave up on the show. Terrible acting and lack real excitement. I have no clue how this show gets ranked 2 on this website. My choice of top shows atm are True Blood and Game of Thrones. This show is not even close to how great Game of Thrones is, not even 1/10 as good.
  • If You Need an Emetic, the "American (Dysfuntional) Family Values in This Show Will Do the Job.

    Where should I start: Bad science, pretentious patriotism, the rest of the world doesn't count... Oh, Right, that's the way all Americans roll. Steven Spielberg should be making a fortune wiith this series, but he should be ashamed of all of the normal American dysfunctional family values that he is using to do it. I liked him before this bigoted, "America-is-everything" series came to the small screen. If he wanted to make an allegoric film or serie about the American revolutionary war, he should have spent more time talking about the most important victims (Hint: It ain't the "American Family"), it's humanity in general and Americans don't represent that. No one in this story is interested in the survival of humanity. Everyone is for himself or herself, their tiny group, or for "America", which is the American way since no one else of consequence on the planet exists. I root for the aliens. The acting is excellent, but it's a shame the story is so "Americo-centric and patriotic". Maybe Spielberg is trying to please middle America (the colon and rectum of the American body politic) after all the excellent films and series he has made and produced, some of which didn't go over well with "Middle America". What a shame. But I'm not surprised by the success of the series given the American lack of discernment. Earth vs. Aliens wouldn't bother me, but America vs. Aleins (Americans re-fighting the Revolutionary War) is not what the US needs right now. Solidarity with the countries of the world is what we need.
  • Why is what I ask

    Why do I watch this crap? I used to love it but it has turned to stupidity. I almost bit myself last night out of boredom. Get rid of the stupid blonde girl and get back to fighting Skitters.
  • Horrible

    The New Casts are nonsense. Seriously. The show had captivated me for a few seasons but Season 4 is atrocious.
  • Weak season that finished with a whimper

    Not sure I'm coming back next season to watch more boring or just nonsensical storylines. Like they are walking out of boston and next thing you know they are loading up cars and trucks. Where'd they get those? Where do they get gas? Where did they get the train anyway? They didn't show the Chicago battle (budget cuts?) and I didn't even know why they were in the train anyway.

    This season finished with no drama to bring anyone back. Used to be a fan....

    . Where did they get the boat and how did they put the big laser thingy on it?

  • Irritating

    I do not like the direction the plot is heading. A part "alien" baby with no plausible reason for this to be the case. Moon has to out on maternity leave? Better story-line would have been to have her and the baby on the brink of death or something. But, making the kid part alien after having already done that story-line with the middle son is redundant. The talking baby is kind of comical and reminds me of the e-trade commercials. Gees. Un-explained gaps in the story-line do not help either. I'm not familiar with the writers; perhaps they need to kick-around other ideas before they screw up a good show, example: The last season of LOST.
  • Like watching seventh heaven gone sci fi, pure CRAP!!!!

    Its hard to find a worse show in the gengre, I Thought Terra Nova was the lowest of the low until I saw Falling Skies. Conservative bs all the way in this one..........
  • Surprised Steven Spielberg is attached to a boring show

    I usually like all of Steven Spielberg's projects. He is one of those veteran directors that knows what it takes to make a compelling storyline and larger than life characters, but Falling Skies has none of that.

    I watched the first season last year because Spielberg's name was attached to it and because I have nothing to watch. Entertainment is now just a loophole of remakes and reality TV, but I tried it out and sad to say that this show is a miss, not a hit. Definitely not a summer obsession as they were saying last year.

    There is no intense drama. That being the motto of TNT. Two reasons being, the lack of building up the plot and the lack of character development.

    For me personally, the thing that irked me the most is the poor character development. I definitely have to agree with what others said about the stereotypical characters who add no depth to the story. I like Noah Wylie. I remember when he was in ER and I actually prefer him in ER than in this show. The father of 3 sons who was a history professor that becomes a freedom fighter once the aliens attack. He has no military background so I don't understand how he can have knowledge of fighting aliens from having a degree in history. I also hate the pep talks he is always giving his kids. It becomes tedious. I'm also tired of some of these butch females trying to be Tomb Raider. I love a strong female character but in this show the female characters in combat are too contrived. But I can skip over that.

    I honestly don't care for the romance between him and the pediatrician. They have no chemistry whatsoever and it's just dull and boring. For the most part the whole cast ensemble is pretty weak also. I think this show would have been 10 times more intriguing if it had a dynamite cast of actors. The acting is cheesy in a good amount of episodes and the dialogue is even cringe worthy sometimes. The best actor in the bunch is probably Will Patton because he is the most experienced. I guess you gotta blame that on the writers and the casting director.

    The graphics is possibly the only good thing about the show. On a scale of one to ten. The graphics are probably a five.

    So I gave this show a chance, even tried watching the second season but it is not floating my boat. If I do watch anymore of this show, it will be out of sheer boredom because there is nothing else on TV to watch.
  • Stupid movie

    This movie is a cat from the Walking Dead, instead of the zombies, it's a whole bunch of stupid Hollywood details of the sense is so blame copy. Trash movie and waist my time.
  • A how-to on taking a great cast and series into the toilet

    S4 opening was mind bogglingly bad.

    A fantastic cast. I had such high hopes for the show. Each season showed potential, and was good enough to keep me watching (despite the foolish under use of Jessy Schram) because of the cast.

    This was a total failure. It isn't worth the time it would take to tear it apart. Squandering potentially good scifi is unforgivable.
  • Battleground Galactica

    You need to bring something of your own to the table if you want to keep me watching your Sci-Fi show and I am sorry to say that this show that I was excited to hear about when I first heard about it does not. All it does is take the aliens from District 9 and stick them in a dull retread of ground that was already covered in Battlestar Galactica. Unless the idea of seeing BGS with a worse cast,duller stories,characters that don't have nearly as much depth,and with people walking around instead of flying in spaceships appeals to you,avoid this show. It's just a really dull rip off of BSG with nothing of it's own to bring to the table. If you have heard of this show and thought you would like it do yourself a favor and just watch BSG instead. I am not a huge fan of BSG but it is Shakespeare compared to this show. Sorry I wanted to like it but it was so dull and the characters held so little interest that I kept falling asleep while watching it,and I may be the world's biggest Sci-Fi fan.
  • Lexi - Dead - Really!!!!!

    Why would she sacrifice herself when she has the power to manipulate phyisics at the atom level and destroy anything at will? She is the greatest resource with which to rebuild the world and she happily dies for daddy. Really!
  • If Only There Was A Way..

    Let's have half the family go off and find a machine to help dig the rubble; then the other half can stay home and explore how fun it is to have super-strength by jumping off of buildings. Hey, wait....
  • Nazi-style camp?!! Really??

    They must've been getting really desperate for storylines if they had to resort to Nazi-style re-education camps. They even had an arian youth with 1940s style haircut to really sell it!! If that is the extent of the writing talent on this show, they need to wrap it up at the end of this series before they end up jumping the shark!!
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