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  • Redundant Redux

    Well gave this show a try not because it was written by "time to retire" Stewie Spielberg but because Sci Fi shows on TV these days have become a rarity. Everything is getting mostly cancelled in that department and i can say...can you blame them for that. Sci Fi shows are not original at all and seem to be an elongated Stigma of a movie or the same old idea retold again.

    This show is the same, nothing new and everything old about it. Been done and you can even anticipate the ending. Question is: why watch it? Seriously, may be because of Sci fi elements and something new. Sorry to disappoint but same old story on that too: aliens come, aliens invade, aliens harvest and human survive , do resistance groups and fight. The rest well will be more the lines of Independence Day...yup we will win at some point but in the mean time lets go the Battle LA way...small fights and small victories to build to the big ones over the course of may be 6 or 7 seasons. If we had only that to consider, may be we could say: yup ok we'll take the dog fights and the outnumbered sieges that somehow let our heroes come unscratched but we all know that something else is in the lurking for this one. What is sadly annoying is the time they spend on useless hubby dubby drama. If i want a show to center around emotions, i catch a melodrama not a sci fi show. I did not really know what i hated more, the professor who is still stuck in university trying to be a second in command or the knowledgeable freedom ace fighting kid trying to save his dog knowing that he could get killed.

    This show is certainly not out to bring in some coherent realism in although it tired to input it for connection to its audience but sadly it is too tame. Where are the bodies by the thousands in the streets, gore blood and people brought down to the basic survival instincts. Oh…. they do cover that but it is done in such a civilized way that you would think that this is a children's' story or something. Anyway, since it has Senior Spilbergo attached to it, i give it 2 seasons at least on TV but will it be a hit.....nope. Probably the show will try to infuse some more sci fi elements to stay afloat and realistic characters of primal human elements in it but any idea exploited will prove too redundant in the end.
  • A how-to on taking a great cast and series into the toilet

    S4 opening was mind bogglingly bad.

    A fantastic cast. I had such high hopes for the show. Each season showed potential, and was good enough to keep me watching (despite the foolish under use of Jessy Schram) because of the cast.

    This was a total failure. It isn't worth the time it would take to tear it apart. Squandering potentially good scifi is unforgivable.
  • Idea is great!!! execution is mediocre

    it drives me crazy that they walk around yelling "YAHOO" in the pharmacy... park their bikes outside the main entrance together (standing up)... leave maggie sittin on the front stoop right out in the open... drive their vehicles around at night with their lights on and not blinded (covered except for small slits)... travel in a huge group together when they move... have open fires in 55 gallon drums... practice shootin guns near their camp.... just act like everything is normal, i mean right after the mechs had passed by and they get out of the car and are talking in regular voices not even whispering or sticking to the buildings for cover... even while the mechs were going by, they were in the car talking and laughing... it's just so frustrating to watch... i really want to like, no love, this show because it's a pure sci-fi type of show and is right down my alley... but i'm ex military and this is crazy how these people act in a behind the enemy lines situation.. drives me nuts and makes the whole experience sour for me...
  • A poor show, predictable and poor characters.

    I was really looking forward for a SCI-FI show to see, but Falling Skies does not fit for it. It`s a poor show, lacks action and tense situations, includes really plain and poor characters (the teacher who is the army leader, reminds me of a poor version of Saving Private Ryan`s Tom Hanks), there are also absurd situations (and scout who goes on a motocross making loud sound?), and the rest is all very predictable...it reminds me a lot to the remake of V, a show with nothing new to give. I did not even watch the second part of the pilot because the story does not make sense to me... mechs and aliens? hahaha
    A pitty.
  • I've scored this show a 4 for the ZZZ rating. I think snooze fest pefectly describes the shows 2 hour premiere.

    I was really looking forward to Falling Skies. It's a Steven Spielberg show starring Noah Wyle, Moon Bloodgood & Will Patton & there's an alien invasion. What could be better than that? Well, just about everything! There were no invasion scenes just a very brief description from a child. There was no fighting just a few little skirmishes. There was no action-dedicating the 1st hour to a real alien invasion might have made the whole premise of the show believable to begin with. There were no special effects-so many missed opportunities without the actual invasion. There was no character development. We didn't know who they were, therefore, I didn't care what happened to them after the fact. It was boring. The show had so much potential but totally fell flat in every aspect. A total disappointment.
  • Terribly predictable, recycled mishmash of poorly re-written hackneyed ideas.

    I had high hopes for Falling Skies. Instead of seeing the sci-fi tv show void filled with something wonderful, I found a show that made me roll my eyes and groan more times than I could count.

    This post-apocolyptic war show was completely unbelievable and it was painful to watch as they squeezed in every boring and seemingly, all too happy, aspect of these peoples lives.

    Had I been drinking something when they showed the women standing smudge-faced in an assembly line in the river passing the laundry along to each other with great big smiles on their faces, I am sure I would have spit it out in laughter.
    It felt as if every aspect of these peoples lives and society were thrown at me and squeezed into 45 minutes so that I would fully grasp what they were trying to build. Someone makes sure we know some of them still believe in God... someone else tells us the roles the civilains have, cooking, sewing and mending, and most importantly, hauling away trash. Hauling away trash? Have they looked at the world they are walking around in? The entire landscape looks like one big dumpsite. I think there are better things to do than haul away trash. They make sure we see there is still school, where kids learn and brainstorm as well as hypothesize about why spider-like aliens would create bi-pedal robots. (Come on, we all know it is to keep manufacturing costs down). I think they are building a society based on recycled corn and cheese, with a side of ham.

    Minor spoilers and plot points follow...
    This show has several ridiculous and unforgiveable scenes in it. Although i could really pick this show apart, it would be too simple to. Truthfully, i was barely paying attention anymore during the second half of the 2 hour premier.
    Things are ridiculous from the beginning of the major split up of the city. They decide to split up into groups of 300 to make themselves less easy to find, yet they trapse en-masse down major roads riding motorcycles and the like while we see alien patrol ships flying in the air in the background, somehow completely unable to detect a group smaller than 500. This idea is only made more ridiculous by the fact that as soon as you get our hero's son, alone on a back road doing recon, he suddenly comes across several alien ariel scout craft, a few mechanized ground troops, and also, you guessed it, his missing brother, controlled by an attached alien slug, of course.
    Also unforgiveable is the fact that they wait until they have gone far down the road and find no food to send the afore mentioned recon mission backtracking to get food. You know you are leaving town and may not find food, why wait until you dont find any to send people back to get more. Maddening! As if you didnt already see Weaver (played by Tom Patton, who seems to be unenthuiastically reprising his role of General Cunningham from the movie The Postman)possibly being killed and replaced by Noah Wylie, just for boneheaded poor planning. I know I know, blame poor writing yet again.

    It makes you wish they had monkeys with typewriters in outer space.

    They also throw in a bit of good old fashioned racism. Why not, we are being overrun by an alien horde, why should humanity unite? The antagonist John Pope, after capturing Noah Wylie's party, in yet another unforgiveable yet predictable boneheaded scheme, says he doesnt want to keep the black guy for his group.... but wants to keep the Asian man because they (Asians) are good at fixing things. My vote is then please have him fix all future scripts for this show. Did anyone actually read the final draft? I will say it again... Monkeys, typewriters, outer space.

    Complete speculation follows...My guess is that over the next few episodes the band of ragtag humans will find a way to either remove or override the control slugs and infiltrate an alien horde base so that they can somehow blow it up. We, in the process, will somehow learn the spiderlike aliens are merely foot soldiers also under control of the slugs, and the alien mother ships will return with the true invading aliens... perhaps Spielberg's greys or the like... all the while Noah Wylies character will non-stop be fighting and quoting history books. Yawn and fade out season one.... possibly forever. I do not know for sure, because I will not be watching. I will be waiting with bated breath for the third Planet of the Apes movie... hoping, just hoping.... you guessed it. Monkeys, typewriters, outer space.
  • Horrible

    The New Casts are nonsense. Seriously. The show had captivated me for a few seasons but Season 4 is atrocious.
  • Time for some new writers

    After about 3 seasons a shows writing staff needs to be changed. Nowhere is this more evident than in this seasons "Falling Skies". I mean really, a Nazi style school for children, complete with the teenage commander who is even wearing Hitler's hair style??? C'mon you couldn't think of anything better than THAT? And you mean to tell me that with the multitude of storylines that could've been developed for Lexie, you decided to go with "She turns into a hot Blonde white chick, with special powers and a cult following" REALLY??? This whole season so far is complete crap. Change the writing staff or continue to lose your audience, unless 3 seasons was all you were hoping for.
  • Cheap and Boring. Things which I will elaborate on. Plainly average and not compelling rubbish.

    1) Cheap - This show feels incredibly cheap, it feels like most of the budget went to secure Steven Spielberg's name and Noah Wyle Let me elaborate on that:

    Exhibit A) The opening scene of Episode 1, the child describing what the Aliens did with colorful hand-drawn pictures.

    I don't know about the rest of you but I sure as heck would have rather seen some impressive special effects of these attacks happening, rather than a kid talking about it "There were millions of em!" - See the very first few minutes of a serious plot like this is supposed to draw me in, not raise alarm bells.

    Spending a big amount of money here would have not only secured my interest in the show but instead they decided to go the route which cost them virtually nothing to make and expect me to take it seriously.

    Exhibit B) Just how often do we actually see Aliens on screen? We barely see them - judging by the first five episodes that I've seen thus far, most screen time is spent with the humans wandering around trying to get supply's and the very very rare alien attack.

    It seems like they go out of their way to avoid using special effects in this series, something a Sci Fi show should NOT ever be ashamed to use.

    Exhibit C) The Harnesses, another way to cut costs, just get kids and make them walk around with cheap props taped to their back, very expensive stuff- that.

    2) Boring - So far the plots of all 5 episodes have been virtually the same thing, "We need X in order to do Y" - "we have to wait until X because we can go save Y" Too much of the screen time is also focused on Human Drama, like how the main character can get his son back - it seems very little of the plot is actually focused on actually doing anything about the aliens.

    But then again theres always another Fetch quest that the characters need to do so they can even contemplate their next move, mark my words, episode 6 will have something like this "We need X to do Y then we'll do it" Not to mention, that the Aliens have absolutely zero personality, Sure they are different to regular Sci-Fi aliens but its hard to feel anything but "meh" when your main enemy is so 2 dimensional - basically just monsters that attack with energy weapons now and then. The most interesting thing that happened in the whole series so far was when the Bandits in episode 2 kidnapped the other characters, really shouldn't I feel more threatened by the Aliens?

    In short, there are much more exciting Sci-Fi shows that actually feel like Science Fiction shows, this one feels like a glorified soap opera with a tiny bit of Aliens in it.

    Watch only if you have absolutely nothing better to do.
  • For a Spielberg produced show this is a pretty lame excuse for exciting sci fi. Its not even particularly thought provoking like Caprica, Battlestar, and other recent sci fi.

    For a Spielberg produced show this is a pretty lame excuse for exciting sci fi. Its not even particularly thought provoking like Caprica, Battlestar, and other recent sci fi. I have stuck the series out, and the last four episodes have improved in action stakes, but will not be surprised if this does not get a season two. If it does - they could do with a dose of branon bragga or stephen moffat writing to inject some intelligence and genuine suspense into it. And get some decent directors - the cast have the aptitude - but are being very poorly directed which is coming across as poor acting.
  • Shit has hit the fan.

    The 1st 2 seasons were way better, season 3 was tolerable but it went south as it progressed. But this season is appalling.
  • An alien race has wiped out large chunks of mankind, and the survivors cope with this extremely traumatizing event by becoming the worst one dimensional clichés they could possible be.

    An alien race has wiped out large chunks of mankind, and the survivors cope with this extremely traumatizing event by becoming the worst one dimensional clichés they could possible be. Luckily the alien race that was competent enough to destroy us when we were at our strongest has an extreme sense of fair play and thus decided to collectively lobotomise their entire race. So that's convenient.

    I was hoping for a dark tale of the twilight of the human race as our knowledge slowly slips through our fingers and our chances of ever reclaiming our planet become a far away dream which we still cling to with a hysterical fanaticism, because it's all that stands between us and mental collapse.

    Instead I got a bunch of one-liners thrown around by wannabe cowboys. A military leader that has the mindset of cardboard Vietnam vet. A civilian leader who is the 'wise and noble' counterpart to the vet who also teaches snippets of history in between battles. Naturally his extensive knowledge of battles fought by the ancient Greeks gives him the experience to become second in command. Plus the seeds of what I can already see will later become overblown relationships issues. Seriously, what the hell?

    At the end of the pilot I was actively rooting for the aliens. I refuse to have those people repopulate the Earth. The only reason I gave it a 5.5 was because I only saw the pilot, but the thought of watching more of this causes me pain so Falling Skies lucked out there.
  • Poor writing, lacks verisimilitude. The bar has been set higher than this achieves. People don't talk like this! The characters all fail to elicit any empathy whatsoever.

    When will TV writers start writing believable dialogue? The only consistent thing, after watching the first two episodes, is that people just don't talk the way these people talk. They also don't act like these people act, they don't do the kinds of things they do. The back story setup is just fine and could serve as a compelling foundation, but the characters really ruin it.

    I kept rooting for the aliens to succeed since it might mean we'd get to learn more about them instead of this horrible mix-match of characters that failed to generate any connection or sympathy. Most of them are one dimensional stereotypes, particularly the grizzled old military commander and the hard, uncaring, militant guy leading the refugees. These are not real characters, they're cardboard cutouts.

    The actions of the main character and those around him are unbelievable too. How many times are they going to have to stop someone who's emotionally charged from running headlong into certain death? If people behaved like this under such conditions, the human race would be doomed in no time.

    Why do so many shows make this mistake? They overuse exposition and tweak otherwise mundane dialogue to amp up the "cool" factor. Like when the older son is looking up at the mothership and says something to the effect of "I'd like to go up there, find the head lizard in charge and kick his lizard butt!" Really... ...really?

    I hope this show makes it, it's summer and there aren't too many good sci fi shows out there, so I'll keep watching. Lots of shows got off to a rocky start and evolved into something better.

    A lot of comments mentioned Walking Dead. I drew a lot of parallels between the two. The main difference, WD got it better. They nailed the desperation and humanity of the survivors seemingly hopelessly lost in a sea of things beyond their understanding and control. We cared what happened to those survivors because their world was understandable despite the nature of the horror around them. That's what has to happen here or this show is lost.

    It's not the CGI or the other effects that will make or break the show, heck, Doctor Who told fantastic stories in the 80's with what amounted to giant foam rubber "monster suits" and it's still hugely beloved.

    I wish I could say this will last, and I very well hope it does come 'round. I'm reminded of Stargate: Universe in that I really didn't care for it at first, but then came to find it compelling as they found a way to make me care about the characters while weaving a great story before it was unceremoniously cancelled. If SG:U can't survive, I don't see how Falling Skies is ever going to stand a chance, which is a shame because they have the foundations of a great show here.
  • It just threw us in there, no proper intro....the aliens came, most people now dead, now we're scavenging in 7/11s for twinkies. You wonder how they got this passed a test audience without giving out free adrenaline shots.. I'm reaching for one.

    I have just seen Ep 1 of Falling skies (likely to be re-named Falling Ratings OR Failing Skies in around 3-4 weeks time the way it's going.)
    Without jumping the gun, keep in mind that a big hollywood name is no guarantee of anything. Look at the mixed bag that was Boardwalk, and we all had such high hopes for that too. It just threw us in there, no proper intro....aliens came, most people now dead, now we're scavenging in 7-11s for twinkies (A nod to Family Guy?) I cannot see this reaching anywhere near the mindboggling delights and sheer drama of Battlestar Galactica, even if it does pick up a few notches. Few pilot episodes of any new drama were so lacking in sparkle and intrigue as this.
    You wonder how they got this passed a test audience without giving out free adrenaline shots.. I'm reaching for one.
  • Like a lot of new shows in the last year - it's desperately in need of good writers and good direction, not sure which in this case.

    Well, it isn't particularly good – but it's better than it could have been. I like that we get to see aliens in the light and they don't look like us. That's a big plus! But really, if this were a true situation I really don't see that this bunch of undisciplined amateurs would last more than a couple of days if that!

    Despite having a leader, they all just do as they please and our lead character (and 2IC of the group) just sort of purses his lips and shakes his head and flops out another historical reference. Don't get me wrong, I'm a great believer in the old saying those who don't heed history are doomed to repeat it; but these guys are supposedly fighting for the existence of their species….this is not the time to be spewing platitudes.

    As for the production of the show – I look at it and it looks like a school play. I just don't feel like I'm in an alternate universe surrounded by conquering aliens. I can lose myself in the world of a good TV series – and this doesn't do it for me. As for the god squadder - lose her - fast. She's ultra boring and totally irrelevant. The writing is sub-par, I have little to no sympathy for the characters – in fact, even the kids aren't particularly likable! And I just read it's been renewed for a second season!! Personally? I'm rooting for the aliens.

    Get Ron Moore in to take over the writing. If anyone can set a scene and bring realism into a situation it's him. Maybe then we'll feel we're in a real situation – but this is just second rate.

    Sorry, I really really wanted to love it....but I just can't in the format it's in. I'll keep watching though, in case it improves.
  • Interesting though conventional setting, but poor writing, one-dimensional characters and unexciting aliens make it rather boring


    After "The Walking Dead", I thought it would have gotten to writers that viewers are more than fed up with characters that don't show any depth at all and that don't develop. Yet while technologically our movies are going three-dimensional, characters on TV aren't even complex enough to fill in the two dimensions they already got. Sadly, "Falling Skies" doesn't make a difference.

    Especially in SciFi, there's a desperate need for well-developed characters, for people who defy cliches and who bear in them at least part of the complexity life just has. It's been done in drama series all over - think Six Feet Under, The Wire or Breaking Bad. In "Falling Skies", actors are assigned roles as solid as thin air - you've got the Vietnam, sorry Iraq Veteran who has his blind spots written on his forehead. There's the history professor teaching military lessons without ever using them at all - I mean it would've been nice having the guy actually employ any tactics that were brought to good use during the Roman times or whenever. Yet all he does is telling people they should keep going because it has happened before that more powerful invaders were driven back by inferior defenders. Good job, professor! There's the inevitable friends and familiy drama stuff ("my son has been kidnapped by aliens!" / "he ran away when my wife died!" / "I want to fight!" - "But you're only 16 years old!") - shocking tragedy stuff I care so little about.

    That all said, the basic premise sounded interesting, and it was basically this setting that kept me watching. Jumping in 6 months after the invasion from outer space offers a whole universe of potentially interesting things to endeavour. But to do that, the show's inventors would have to think about them first. They could make it interesting in military terms - who's using what tactics, maybe the aliens have a problem with their resource base (they can't have brought everything they possibly need with them, space travel is expensive), how are they actually organised? There's been some very brief signs of it, but making the Skitters something like soldier-slaves to the "real" aliens does not make it as thrilling as the borg stuff from Star Trek did. It makes the Skitters more boring, not less, because now I don't care about them at all. Watching six-legged mindless alien cannon fodder is just not my idea of engaging entertainment. There's just too many things like this, where I think a good opportunity has been wasted. It's even more annoying since a lot of things indeed do work in this show,and it's solidly produced in technical terms. But please - get some good writing for this show!

  • Relatively safe rehash of alien invasion plots.

    Fairly entertaining effort that nevertheless is stuck on old patterns - such as no women in key military roles or any kind of lead position - the show basically steals the Torchwood: Children of Earth's premise (aliens come to harness our children), adds the group dynamic of The Walking Dead with the basic pace of Terminator and the civilian vs military argument of Battlestar Galactica with no central plot to sustains it all.

    Its not bad but by all means but its most definitely NOT original either.
  • Irritating

    I do not like the direction the plot is heading. A part "alien" baby with no plausible reason for this to be the case. Moon has to out on maternity leave? Better story-line would have been to have her and the baby on the brink of death or something. But, making the kid part alien after having already done that story-line with the middle son is redundant. The talking baby is kind of comical and reminds me of the e-trade commercials. Gees. Un-explained gaps in the story-line do not help either. I'm not familiar with the writers; perhaps they need to kick-around other ideas before they screw up a good show, example: The last season of LOST.
  • FALLEN Skies !

    This was our favorite, favorite show! Season 3 got a little slow but we stuck with it. Now they have thrown every cliche in the TV-world into the plot. BORING! Too many stupid plot lines going nowhere, fast. Nazis, really?? Platinum blonde airhead being worshipped?? Last night - Weaver's daughter in a spandex lizard suit?? Or was she charred pizza? Loved Mira Sorvino - she was a breath of fresh air - alive! The scene with her and Pope was like old times. Everything bad is not the fault of any actor (except blondie), however - the dialogue has gotten so dumb we can barely stand to listen. We are grieving the loss. Some of the most intelligent, well-read people we know - who don't even enjoy Sci-Fi - were loving this show. You all blew it! We're done.
  • hodge podge

    could not understand or follow any thing they were doing. There's a reason they film this show at night. Enjoyed the 1st 3 seasons. don't think I'll be back
  • Unbelievable.

    I managed (whitout any effort at all) to get my filthy hands on the first ep of season four before it aired, so unless you've seen this there will be spoliers.

    I really, REALLY hope everything in this ep is a mindfrack conducted by the fish-heads on our "heroes".

    If not, please put this sorry excuse of a sci-fi series out of it's misery.

    A few minutes in most of our merry band of freedomfighters find themselves captured and some of them (the elders) are put into a camp surrounded by an aproximatly 4m high energyfence. In an effort to escape some of them come up with the amazingly stupid idea to try to overload the fence. The first thing I thought of was a tunnel. Or getting over it using the very solid posts angeling the fence around the camp. But noooooo... Lets go for a "simple" overload.

    Others (the teens) somehow find themselves in "Chinatown" untouched by the war. In here a cult surrounding Tom and Annes half-alien child rules and miracles happen. A mech made it in there and was struck by lightning disableing it just when it was kneeling in front of an alter..... How lucky the aliens thought about everything including a shot of a .50 cal between the lenses, but not a universal common thing like a bolt of electricity.

    Another part of them (the kids) ends up in a hitlerjugendisch school where they are forced to repeat how good the aliens are for everyone.... At this point I started to skip ahead to see if anything even remotly interesting was going to happen.

    It didnt.

    And I almost forgot about those not captured. Led by Anne they somehow find out the aliens are making a shipment. For some reason they think it contains weapons captured by the aliens. They come up with a "cunning" plan to blow up a bridge to stop the truck (Why a truck? They've got frickin spaceships!). The problem is this: They plan to blow the bridge 100 yards before the truck reaches it and hijack it. They plan to do this from the OTHER side of the bridge the truck is coming from....

    There is so much potential in this series. The production is well made, the actors good, but the writing lacks ANY imagination.

    This is how it should be made: Lets try a tunnel under the energyfence. It extends down making that a nonoption. Lets try going over it using a simple plank. Nope, sentries on the outside pops up shooting making that another nonoption. NOW we try overloading the fence and hope the sentries goes down with it....

    How frickin' hard can it be?
  • Great story, love this kind of show

    I love the post-apocalyptic, sci-fi shows, so I liked it from the start. This one kind of reminds me of Jericho ( aired on CBS for 1 season, viewers brought it back for a 2nd and eventually got a comic book ). Falling skies has a great storyline, characters, effects. And sense it is on a cable network it doesn't require as many viewers as other networks, some requiring as much as 10 million or nothing, and this show has alot getting as much as 6 million.
  • Total disapointment

    Seven episodes already. And seven episodes of cliches, of talks, of bad acting.
    This alien species is supposed to have wiped out most of humanity. They are supposed to be good at what they do. And this show should be about survival: I mean, real survival. But no, people just walk in the middle of the road, they just talk like everything is normal, they walk at low paste. What about the skitters: we see only one or two per episode, like the meks. Don't they have communication ? Without communication, how can they manage to wipe out a whole population ?
    One skitter and one mek attack the school. They are supposed to be coming to wipe them out ? Why only one of each brand ? They have flying aircrafts, why not using it ?
    About the non sense. You meet a guy, who is alone, and he says: when the skitters attack, you want your children away: so i'll take them with me. And hop, all kids leave with the guy, nobody stops that. Is that really believable ? Who would do something stupid like that ?
    The paste is slow. Since the beginning of the show, I have to say that I'm bored (this is of course personal). There is some action, but hey, all that talking, walking around, supposed emotional moments at the end of each episode. These supposedly emotional moments are a lot of crap. Talking in Games of Thrones serves a purpose. Here, it's looks like filling moments, to go for the 45 minutes show. About the acting: well, most actors are good. But the filming is bad: I can't get really into the story because of that.
    I'm andry about this TV show, because the potential is so huge. Of course, I would do much worse, but this is not my job. I still give it a go until the end if this first season, but I doubt I'll go for season 2: will they be able to change things during these last 2 episodes ? Doubt it ...
  • Kind of Cheesy

    Watched every episode finally, and I would say the show is barely keeping my interest at this point. Although it started out promising, there are some issues that are hard to dismiss. The biggest thing for me is the story itself. I can't buy that aliens from other worlds come here and are so inept. Mechs have lights on them to seek out their prey in the darkness? Wtf? Wouldn't they have technology to see in the dark? How can they miss with lazer guided armaments over and over? They don't have the technology to hear a hiding human whispering fifty feet away? Our modern military has technology now that makes the aliens look like wimps. Also, the drama elements are just so cheesy. Anne just bores me to tears. The talking hybrid baby is laughable (watch, it will probably prove to be some sort of super-hero for the resistance.. a plot done to death over and over in other sci-fi adventures). Pope, the anti-hero, is so one-dimensional and contrived. We've seen these chars done to death over and over now. Matt is extremely annoying. If they stayed away from the PG-family moments and induced more action and extremity into the story, it might be more interesting, but it's way too Disney now. Giving it a 5, because the current plots and storylines have sent anything interesting about this show circling down the toilet.
  • Spielberg is a genius...

    but he did way better with Taken.
  • current season

    falling Skies has been my favorite show from the first episode of the first season. After this seasons slow start I am hoping the rest of the season gets better with some action. I have had a hard time watching the episodes because the show has just dragged on and on.. Every episode so far I have waited for the action to start but it just doesn't ever get there. If they had to start this season off with resetting up the plot maybe they should have crammed some of the slower parts into a 2 hour episode so we would not be so disappointed and possibly stop watching. But the end of tonight's show finally gives you hope that maybe it will get back to getting and keeping our attention for the full hour! Lets wait and see because I am getting tired of the show jumping all over the place!
  • justs gets more and more annoying

    Alien baby and the wretched plot device of not telling anyone, evil Hal and the stupid plot technique of keeping it a secret. Alien moles and don't worry about locking the doors. Aliens that speech english with no explanation. Heartfelt speech after heartfelt speech followed by some mind numbingly inane family drama that really is so unimportant in a survival situation. Bit sad really as it could have been good. But it seems the writers have decided to vomit up regurgitated sci-fi cliches and mix in some daytime movie special sentimental BS. Struggling to get to the end of the series.
  • How to enjoy Falling Skies

    Easy. Just turn off the sound!

    Seems silly but makes this show actually watchable. No more cringeworthy dialogue, no more pointless touchy-feely scenes ad nauseam: You just sit there, enjoy your favourite sci-fi audio book and have a great time figuring out what's going on, or alternatively imagining that there actually is something going on.

    And just in case you take issues with wooden acting: Just close your eyes, too! That way you can experience all the good things about this awesome alien invasion show without having to suffer through the bad things.
  • People still watch this?

    I have to say, though I don't think there's anything particularly bad about Falling Skies (I watched the first 2 seasons and managed about half of the 3rd. I also think there are some grrreat actors in the cast), I find it quite astounding that this remains popular, yet seems to get more and more boring by every episode. I literally found it too tedious to watch the last few episodes of season 3 and gave up on it, fully expecting it to be dropped by whatever network was showing it.

    I'm actually really surprised to see it still here... especially when one considers and compares it to the shows that have been killed off over the period through which Falling Skies has existed. I actually found 'Flash Forward" more enjoyable (and certainly more original) than this by the time the third season's first few episodes had aired!

    Anyway, I SHAN'T be returning to the fold. Big name producers may be able to keep shows on TV when similar (often higher quality) ones are being dropped, but they still can't make me watch them!
  • The show is a fresh approach, though I would like to see aliens that don't look like unclothed lizards or exactly like humans. I like that they got us right into the meat of the show, without setting up the characters' earlier lives like all the others.

    I give them credit for breaking from the same formula of similar shows. It is not bogged down by a quest to prove how much special effects can be squeezed in. We are also spared the ever-present 40 year old President personally battling aliens and visiting them in their holding cells to figure out the single Achilles heel that his best friend/high ranking government official can use to defeat E.T. in a mano a mano battle just before we all turn into zombies. I will keep watching.

    What great series ever started out perfectly? Give them time to get into a grove. As long as they keep it moving forward with new answers every week it is worth watching.
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