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  • Will Patton (Weaver) branching out

    I was surprised when I started listening to the audio book of Stephen King's 'Doctor Sleep' and realized that Will Patton was the narrator. On the show he has a little bit of a mush mouth with a whistle, although I do like him and his character. I was wondering if that would become annoying.

    Turns out he has been a great 'reader' of King's novel. He does a great job of handling all the characters from children to adults, as well as females. I was impressed with both the book and his narration.
  • american tv

    all american sci fi tv programs are the same. how easy is it to be a writer. season one you fight the enemy season two alsways against humans season 3 a combination of both. walking dead went same way, jericho, 4400, loads more i cant remeber right now but all the same
  • Spielberg is a genius...

    but he did way better with Taken.
  • Can't wait!

    This show is amazing!! It made it into my top 5 :P

    Can't wait for Season 4!
  • I'll wait...

    For now I gave it a now! Not that fascinating! We'll see!
  • A Question or Two!!!

    First of all I love this series, it is about time that a show like this has come around, now past its 3rd season in the US I think we can all agree it has cemented itself into the Sci-fi history books. The Ideas, the concept and the budget have really provided a truly brilliant series.

    However I do have a few questions;

    1. What has happened to the promise left to us all from season 2 episode 3 (compass), where a visitor from Charleston said that they were working on a plan to try and forge a United Global Command. Involving the women in the old by-plane flying from the US Via Greenland, then Iceland, and finally hitting either the UK or continental Europe, along with establishing short wave links so humanity can try to unite to fight once again?

    i ) This whole point of a United world command is to ensure that humanity as a whole or what is left of it can fight.

    ii )Whilst the journey to what is left of Europe may not be possible the promise was kind off implied that the fight for earth would not just happen state side

    iii ) There has been no evidence of com's with any other part of the world, even during Season 3

    2. When are persons / Groups and so on from other parts of the planet going to be brought in to the show, after all the premise of the show is that we are in it for the species people?

    i ) This show is popular over seas in some countries pulling in quite large numbers, even Star Trek and Stargate to name just two highly popular global sci-fi success stories had international representation, all be it that those two shows were a completely different format than Falling Skies.

    ii ) Perhaps we may see evidence of a "in it for the species" story line in season 4 involving other peoples and countries other than American's, this maybe sci-fi but a reality check people?

    3. Can we please move away from the teenage love story line's, yes it is good to see such in a post-apocalyptic war scenario, but their has been far to much of it, as like me I am a full grown adult and like so many of viewers enough already?

    i ) Teenage relationship's V's Adult issue's for adult viewers!

    4, When are we going to see an end to the notion of a President who leads the military, aka civilian leadership and oversight of the military (what's left), I know it goes very much against the whole Ideal of the "one nation indivisible" but come on please, the people left after invasion would more likely to vote in Town, city, regional presidents. As the idea of nationhood would be dead until the war was ended and those presidents would more likely hold the title General, above any political title as in the set up seen in the Sci-fi series Revolution which also has issues I have to say.

    Anyway thanks guys and girls, keep up the great work just listen to the international fans, not just your US one's please, can't wait for season 4. :)

  • The Next Season.

    When is the new season scheduled to start?That piece of info seems to have escaped the producers.

  • Weak season that finished with a whimper

    Not sure I'm coming back next season to watch more boring or just nonsensical storylines. Like they are walking out of boston and next thing you know they are loading up cars and trucks. Where'd they get those? Where do they get gas? Where did they get the train anyway? They didn't show the Chicago battle (budget cuts?) and I didn't even know why they were in the train anyway.

    This season finished with no drama to bring anyone back. Used to be a fan....

    . Where did they get the boat and how did they put the big laser thingy on it?

  • What did I miss?

    I am by no means a Sci Fi fan in general but I have a thing for shows with an apocalyptic theme. I really enjoyed much of the first season with the struggle for humanity and regrouping but I was completely nonplussed by the idea of aliens. I would have preferred they stay in the background rather than become the main theme. The human side of things is much more fascinating to me. Anyway, I watched Season 2 warily and this third even more so. I have been disappointed that it seems that the majority just wants more flashbangs and aliens and less story.

    Frankly, this last season has left me completely confused. Too many time leaps within the season that are unexplained and make zero sense. Tonight's episode was the clincher honestly thought maybe I was behind a show or two or something. Each episode this season left me feeling like I'd just missed something. I'd rather have some blanks filled in.

    The best episode this season that had me the most engaged in the story was the one where they debugged Hal. I was actually riveted. Before that, the only other episode that I can remember being that into was the one in Season two where the rebel skitters fought with the humans and Red Eye died. Beyond that I have had no real attachment to the alien storylines. I am bored of all the kidnapping and worm pointless if people like Hal who was just only recently infected don't follow common sense! Was I the only one screaming at him to back away from the face of the wormplagued chick?

    I predict also that Maggie will hop in Pope's bed of her own accord to drown her sorrows from the Hal breakup.
  • Brazil (with spoilers)

    The "Brazil" episode, the season finale had some nice CGI, but the letdown was the battle sequences. Captain Weaver, Pope and a few of the 2nd Massachusetts, were on a train approaching some Mechs to do battle, but the battle wasn't shown. Meanwhile, Tom, Cochise and the rest of the clan destroy the alien superstructure. Nothing really exciting, except some very good CGI. There's a latter battle with Karen, 4 Skitters and a Mech that lasted about 35 seconds. That's it for the action, which was pretty subpar after the 9 episode buildup to what, I thought was going to be a dramatic action finale. Karen returns Anne and Alexis. Alexis, looking 6 years old, has grown at an alarming rate, and has special abilities. I'll bet that when season 4 starts, in June 2014, Alexis will be a fully grown adult. It will be interesting to see how her abilities help the 2nd Massachusetts. The episode had a few revelations, was super light on action, and was overall, entertaining, yet disappointing.
  • Losing a little flair

    Previous episodes much more exciting. This is by far one of the best series I have seen in a long time. It makes me wanting more when it ends. But this season has lost some of the drama. I have a feeling this may have been created to be a short term series (like Earth: Final Conflict 5 year run). After all how long can it go on? I suspected the baby was going to be alien before it was born. But I don't believe Ann and the baby are dead. The one thing that is aggravating about this show is that they only do 10 episodes a year. That's a long time to wait between seasons.
  • the best falling skies

    writers keep the story going it's riveting, exciting, unexpected and unexplained happen this is the best series in a very long time.
  • justs gets more and more annoying

    Alien baby and the wretched plot device of not telling anyone, evil Hal and the stupid plot technique of keeping it a secret. Alien moles and don't worry about locking the doors. Aliens that speech english with no explanation. Heartfelt speech after heartfelt speech followed by some mind numbingly inane family drama that really is so unimportant in a survival situation. Bit sad really as it could have been good. But it seems the writers have decided to vomit up regurgitated sci-fi cliches and mix in some daytime movie special sentimental BS. Struggling to get to the end of the series.
  • upsetting

    whats the point in watching this any more? IF YOUR GOING TO KEEP WRITING IN HUMANS WITH LITTLE BUGS in their heads, were just going to all die anyway.
  • This is my must have show

    I don't know if other people do this but I watch reruns of Falling Skies to relax. I like to have it playing in the background while I'm doing other things and glance up once in a while and something about it is comforting .. no idea why. I love this series and I keep it on hand like a wooby
  • exemple of diversity

    The first episode of season 3 was great, except for the fact that women and disabled, along with children and aliens were standing behind the bunch of old white male around the council table. I think we could do better diversity wise in this show...
  • How to enjoy Falling Skies

    Easy. Just turn off the sound!

    Seems silly but makes this show actually watchable. No more cringeworthy dialogue, no more pointless touchy-feely scenes ad nauseam: You just sit there, enjoy your favourite sci-fi audio book and have a great time figuring out what's going on, or alternatively imagining that there actually is something going on.

    And just in case you take issues with wooden acting: Just close your eyes, too! That way you can experience all the good things about this awesome alien invasion show without having to suffer through the bad things.

    Love the characters!!! This show is entertaining and gripping with sci fi awesomeness. I really wish I would have found it sooner!
  • Turn it off

    Turned it off mid-way this past Sunday. Finally fed up. The way I see it is, aliens invade earth, kill 99% of humans. the surviving 1% band together to fight each other.
  • Kind of Cheesy

    Watched every episode finally, and I would say the show is barely keeping my interest at this point. Although it started out promising, there are some issues that are hard to dismiss. The biggest thing for me is the story itself. I can't buy that aliens from other worlds come here and are so inept. Mechs have lights on them to seek out their prey in the darkness? Wtf? Wouldn't they have technology to see in the dark? How can they miss with lazer guided armaments over and over? They don't have the technology to hear a hiding human whispering fifty feet away? Our modern military has technology now that makes the aliens look like wimps. Also, the drama elements are just so cheesy. Anne just bores me to tears. The talking hybrid baby is laughable (watch, it will probably prove to be some sort of super-hero for the resistance.. a plot done to death over and over in other sci-fi adventures). Pope, the anti-hero, is so one-dimensional and contrived. We've seen these chars done to death over and over now. Matt is extremely annoying. If they stayed away from the PG-family moments and induced more action and extremity into the story, it might be more interesting, but it's way too Disney now. Giving it a 5, because the current plots and storylines have sent anything interesting about this show circling down the toilet.
  • "The Sky Is Falling"

    Last night's episode of "Falling Skies" fell flat with me. Too much personal drama among the characters. Tom getting out of character and pulling a knife on Pope. Way too many long stretches of advertisments and many very short frequently interuppted segments. I have not checked the blogs yet to see what others are saying, but that's my evaluation.
  • Irritating

    I do not like the direction the plot is heading. A part "alien" baby with no plausible reason for this to be the case. Moon has to out on maternity leave? Better story-line would have been to have her and the baby on the brink of death or something. But, making the kid part alien after having already done that story-line with the middle son is redundant. The talking baby is kind of comical and reminds me of the e-trade commercials. Gees. Un-explained gaps in the story-line do not help either. I'm not familiar with the writers; perhaps they need to kick-around other ideas before they screw up a good show, example: The last season of LOST.
  • wtffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

    it's gone to hell wtf
  • great show

    I hope show will great ;)
  • As good as network television can get.

    One of the very few programs worth watching. It could use more deaths of some of the main characters.
  • Falling Skies is Falling Behind

    Falling Skies is alright, but i have a few problems with it. First of all the pace of the episodes Are Slow..... and they usually drag about trying to kill the skitters. Although The Walking Dead is a zombie show (It has a similar format) , it has a fast pace and you can relate and feel for the characters which brings me to the other reason.

    The characters are not that great, really. I hate the fact that they all follow Weaver and Tom, which they should be all having there say and working together. The show does not really have characters who you can really like, as all the characters personalities have not been well established.
  • Why world why?

    Why would anyone want to watch a show, when the way they advertise it is annoying as fuck. Cover! Cover! Cover! Cover! Cover! Cover! Cover! Cover! covercovercovercovercovercover!!!!!!.
  • The Walking Dead with aliens

    Ok so after avoiding it for 2 years I finally watched it because I ran out of alternativs. Ive definitely seen better sci-fi shows but also a lot whorse. Yes it felt like watchin The Walking Dead but with aliens and less tension. But I wasnt bored to death so thats a start. Its a very predictable plot with some ... lets say "hmm ok what the fuck really?" moments in it. But it was ok and so I will watch the next season with even more brand new aliens falling from the sky ;) But one last question ... why is it so hard to make a proper sci-fi show that doesnt feel like watching the same old story over and over again? So please could some writer (with an actual clue how a proper sci-fi show has to look like) do something about it
  • Just awful

    I can't believe this show is getting another season. I recently watch the last few episodes on my DVR and it was a torture. The hardest part was keeping my eyes open. With all the family hugs, many episodes had no time for actual aliens. The whole premise is unbelievable - the aliens killed off 99.9% of the world's population in the first 10 minutes but they can't deal with this ragtag poorly armed group of survivors? Puh-leez!
  • Too soon?

    I just recently finished season one of Falling Skies, so I may have jumped the gun by deciding to review it before beginning season 2. Let me just say that I enjoyed the first season. I really did. After I finished the finale, I was already scanning the Internet for any sign of the season 2 box set. However, reflecting on the experience as a whole, I realized just how let down I was. I like the idea. I like the plot. My problem is with the characters... With in the first few episodes I was sure I'd love these guys but as the series went on, I felt they were really pushed to the back burner and the only thing coming out of everyone's mouthes had to do with skidders and mechs. I mean, I understand there's a lot going on but I could have used a break from the aliens for a few moments of human bonding. In the beginning, I couldn't wait to see Tom and Anne get together. I loved the moments they shared sarcastic remarks back and forth. However, by the end of the season I felt like they barely spoke. It'd be weird for them to start a relationship. Don't even get me started on Lourdes... But since I brought it up, I just can't help myself. She was probably my favorite right off the bat. I loved that she was still so strong in her faith after such a thing as an alien invasion. I'm sure that annoyed people, but I think her character had great potential. One of my favorite teasers in the beginning was the premise that Lourdes was pursuing Hal who was obviously with Karen. After Karen was taken I thought I had it all figured out. Lourdes would console a grieving Hal, who would eventually fall for Lourdes and then Karen would turn up leading to a lot of awkward moments. But no. Nothing. Lourdes, who always noticed when Hal was hungry, or tired, didn't even bother checking on him. Really? Am I supposed to believe that? I really wanted these characters and their internal struggles to be in the foreground. I wanted to see more of Tom's concern for his boys. I wanted to see more of Anne suffering in silence over the loss of her family. I wanted to see way more of jimmy and his struggles as a 13 year old soldier. Is it too much to ask for that maybe Maggie have some moral dilemmas? Can she maybe struggle a little with doing the right thing please? Anyways I guess I'm just ranting and raving now. But all in all I just hope the the characters are a little more fleshed out in season 2. If that happens then I will be content.
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