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  • Loved it!

    I've seen the series finally like five minutes ago, and I'm crying my eyes out. And I wanna say that I LOVED it. I mean, I started watching the serie like a week ago. Really, I started watching on Sunday and today is tuesday. So I watched it in just 10 days. once I stayed up till 7 just to finish a season. I couldn't stop. And I watch (no joke) 70 series. and this was one of my fafourite. I made a top 10 and falling skies deserves a beatiful second place (second mass lol). Only The walking dead could end up one place higher. So thank you for these beautiful 10 days with a lack of sleep but a great new experiance. I loved it and I'm so going to force my brother and mother to watch it. I know they'll love it. And maybe I can convince my father and sister to watch it with me again. I probably can't. But thanks :)
  • Like losing Friends

    The wrap up season. The disasters come thick and fast. The body count continues to rise. In one episode the group encounters a Salem Witch Hunt experience that is tearing an allied division apart. Knowing the series was going to end we are taken toward an obvious resolution.

    We have watched the younger Mason boys grow up on set. Drew Roy playing a teenager in his thirties is a feat of acting. Noah Wyle is barely recognizable as the insecure young doctor who played on ER. As he has quipped being an Executive Producer Wile felt secure that he would survive the series.
  • XCOM: the series! YAY!!!

    Seriously! It might as well be... (or at least UFO: Aftermath, but then I loved that

    I didn't know if this one was going to get past it's first season, not because it wasn't any good but because it was a sci-fi series that was actually a nice and even balance of drama AND action! The emphasis on drama that some shows have stuffed down our throats has left me callous, while Falling Skies, especially now in to Season 2, has left me really rooting for the characters and truly shocked when one of them buys the farm (S2E07 Homecoming, for example - I really thought he was going to last a little longer).

    I want more of this. I want this to go the distance and give us all the fun and thrills that we've come to enjoy from a series that managed to avoid any sense of pretentious chuff. :D
  • The ending. . .

    . . . it was not good.

    The series had promise -post apocalyptic world, aliens and a guerrilla war -but overall it just never lived up to my expectations.

    Even though it has had 5 seasons; I doubt anyone will be recommending it to anyone in 5-10 years.

    In the end -I think it was just not good enough to be memorable.
  • The Show that keeps interrupting the hour of continuous commercials.

    Falling Skies is a great show if your able to follow it 3 or 4 minutes at a time. Half way through an episode you've been hit with so many TV commercials you lose interest. Whats worse they keep showing the very same commercials over and over insuring I'll never buy their products because, I'm sick of hearing about them. It's like they are purposely trying to brain wash you. Try showing Falling Skies more than you show the same old commercials and you'd get more viewers. My rating is based on the hour of commercials I had to watch and not the 15 minutes of show.
  • Yeah, I'm done

    After this episode, "Everybody Has Their Reasons", I'm finally done. It's been going downhill for a while now, but these last couple of episodes, introducing new characters, not focussing on the main storyline anymore, utter crap plots. It's not worth my time anymore. Bye bye.
  • Failing Shite

    Was this meant to be a comedy?? Or is it really just woefully bad?? I think the latter! There's a necessity to have a very low level of intellect to watch and enjoy this American jingo crap. A dysfunctional American family with their belief that after America defended itself from and defeated the rest of the world, they were then invaded by a fascist alien race. Despite the alien's vastly superior technology and having decimated the human population, the Mason family with their lame militia and a goofy alien friend aim to restore America back to its apple pie baking, star spangled banner waving normal self again. God Bless America.
  • If You Need an Emetic, the "American (Dysfuntional) Family Values in This Show Will Do the Job.

    Where should I start: Bad science, pretentious patriotism, the rest of the world doesn't count... Oh, Right, that's the way all Americans roll. Steven Spielberg should be making a fortune wiith this series, but he should be ashamed of all of the normal American dysfunctional family values that he is using to do it. I liked him before this bigoted, "America-is-everything" series came to the small screen. If he wanted to make an allegoric film or serie about the American revolutionary war, he should have spent more time talking about the most important victims (Hint: It ain't the "American Family"), it's humanity in general and Americans don't represent that. No one in this story is interested in the survival of humanity. Everyone is for himself or herself, their tiny group, or for "America", which is the American way since no one else of consequence on the planet exists. I root for the aliens. The acting is excellent, but it's a shame the story is so "Americo-centric and patriotic". Maybe Spielberg is trying to please middle America (the colon and rectum of the American body politic) after all the excellent films and series he has made and produced, some of which didn't go over well with "Middle America". What a shame. But I'm not surprised by the success of the series given the American lack of discernment. Earth vs. Aliens wouldn't bother me, but America vs. Aleins (Americans re-fighting the Revolutionary War) is not what the US needs right now. Solidarity with the countries of the world is what we need.
  • Falling through the floor

    I used to like this show for a short while, then it turned from a earth vs aliens angle, to the Mason family vs Aliens. The storylines have turned to muck. Moon Bloodgood needs to be thrown into a pit of acting coaches. Pope is the only character worth caring about, but in the final two seasons he just seems to be there to shout abuse at Tom Mason every time he survives an encounter with the aliens. Avoid at all costs
  • Love it!

    The show is extreamly good, I love it!
  • June 28th

    Falling Skies returns for its fifth and final season on June 28th..
  • Bummer...

    Still no news if the series has been cancelled or not. I want closure!
  • Cancelled??

    Has Falling Skies been cancelled?

    No news so far...
  • Awesome !!

    Greatest series yet. Can't wait for the next season xD ,
  • What?

    Does any one atleast have theory of what Tom could see? To me it was a Pink Skitter!!!
  • Lexi - Dead - Really!!!!!

    Why would she sacrifice herself when she has the power to manipulate phyisics at the atom level and destroy anything at will? She is the greatest resource with which to rebuild the world and she happily dies for daddy. Really!
  • did she really die? lets hope not!!!

    any news on this matter or season 5?

    I have wrote forhours describing how bad and how ridiculous and how detached this awful last season is, but i will save it, and i will watch the ending of season 4, becuase i care about knoledge and you do not know just how bad a show can be without seeing this season. OM MY GOD THEY ARE GOING TO THE MOON, AND THERE IS A HILARIOUS ALBINO FANTASY GIRL BREAKING i get panic attacks when shows are this bad.
  • Falling Standards

    What was an epic sci-fi event has become a direction-less soap with clichd cardboard characters. What went wrong? All through series 2 I kept waiting for the padding to stop and some kind of reveal to happen. But nothing did. The padding went on and on and on. Like a horse designed by committee, this camel wandered into the desert and expired from lack of meaningful script.

    I stopped watching as soon as they replicated (verbatim) the star-child plot-line from the original V.

    How it kept going when better series were cancelled is beyond me - Intelligence, Believe; even Dracula was better than this!
  • Season 4 is true scify!

    This last season is the real thing. At last no more shooting with ak's titanium (or what ever they are made of) mechs. It's since Farscape and Defying Gravity I wasn't so axious to see the next episode.

  • If Only There Was A Way..

    Let's have half the family go off and find a machine to help dig the rubble; then the other half can stay home and explore how fun it is to have super-strength by jumping off of buildings. Hey, wait....
  • Nazi-style camp?!! Really??

    They must've been getting really desperate for storylines if they had to resort to Nazi-style re-education camps. They even had an arian youth with 1940s style haircut to really sell it!! If that is the extent of the writing talent on this show, they need to wrap it up at the end of this series before they end up jumping the shark!!
  • Can i cheer for the Skitters?

    +++SPOILERS AHEAD (not that it means much with this show)+++

    Every week, I am hoping that another character bites it. Hopefully, by the end of the season, rolling into season 5, everyone has moved to Brazil, or they are eradicated like cockroaches. But even like cockroaches, some will seem to survive...

    I wait every week for each character to get in the most impossible situation, only to figure out a way to persevere. Unlikeable characters drive this whole show (Matt, Anne, Lexi, Maggie, Sara-Sorvino's character- and Pope). Annes's tough mom persona is unbelieveable and nauseating. Sacrificing everything for her 1 year old Espheni baby? Please. My hope is that Lexi and Anne both go up in a fiery ball, just so a third of the bad acting removes itself from the show. Rapist/cook/militant Pope and his equally annoying girlfriend Sara need to be squished under a mech's heel while they make out by the river. Is is possible to care less for a cast, but still tune in every week? Yes, just in the hope that each one is written off, one by one. Then killing off some of the characters that you kind of care for (Tektor, Doc Kader), is like rubbing salt in a wound. Most likely they will kill off Cochise, solidifiying the writer's/Speilberg's bad decision-making. It's like watching Transformers, but worse(?)

    I see that they are trying to tie into what GoT and Walking Dead do successfully every season, but they should not flatter themselves. This is not even in the same hemisphere as those shows.

    I can't even call it a trainwreck, because there is a fascination to seeing that. This is like watching a drunk throwing up. It catches your eye when in happens, but when you realize what is going on, you need to look away. Well, I haven't looked away yet. Shame on me.
  • Get some writers!

    The storyline has lost all direction and the characters are going nowhere - they've even nerfed Pope now. Let's get on with getting Ben and Maggie together - that should at least create a little energy.

    I'll probably stick with it now that I know it's ending - otherwise I'd be ready to drop it like I have Royal Pains, Perception, Dallas et al...

    Edit 7Aug2014> s04e07 - how mindlessly absurd can you get? The aliens can travel interstellar space at faster-than-light speed, but blowing up a bridge prevents them from crossing a river?

    Oh wait, I think I remember a Star Trek episode like that. They beamed down to chase some bad guys, but the bad guys ran across a bridge, burned it behind them, and stood laughin and thumbing their noses at Kirk's crew. Kirk says "Well, they outsmarted us. Spock - head upriver to find another bridge. Sulu - you head downriver. Whoever finds one, light a fire and we'll head toward the smoke. Uhura and I will be over in those trees hunting, uh, mushrooms.

    Spock: "Good plan Captain, but unfortunately I forgot to bring matches with me.

    Kirk to Scotty: "Might as well beam us back up - let's get back together in Shuttle Bay 2 at 0800 to try to think of some other way to get to the other side of that river...
  • Why is what I ask

    Why do I watch this crap? I used to love it but it has turned to stupidity. I almost bit myself last night out of boredom. Get rid of the stupid blonde girl and get back to fighting Skitters.
  • Why a fifth season? WHY???

    This show is so dead. The end of third season was so stupid (No, we won't go to a safe place in Brazil, after all we have suffered we want more dead, we want to be tracked by the aliens until we die!) that the writers are now stuck into a full nonsense and dull storyline. And the fifth season has been ordered nevertheless.

    At least, Under the Dome is awful, but it's fun. here, each episode is like a shot of tranquilizer.
  • It's pretty good

    I loved the first two seasons of this show, I still like the show but thats after realizing that you need to watch it with an open mind. A lot of crazy stuff happens (ex. Tom walking from Boston to South Carolina in a couple days) but if you just enjoy it for what it is, Its really good: )
  • 2nd Watch

    Next paragraph cross posted from the Wil Wheaton show:

    For 2 years, Wheaton was the MC for the Falling Skies supplemental webshow "2nd Watch". This season of Falling Skies, there is no more "2nd Watch" show. TNT really dropped the ball on its show. But even stranger still, Wheaton has mentioned just about every new Scifi show on this summer *except* Falling Skies! He even mentioned other shows on TNT like "The Last Ship". But no Falling Skies. Does anyone know what's up with that??? How come Skies is being 100% snubbed on Wheaton's show??? This seems very bizarre to me!!l

    (Does anyone know of there is any internet-based supplements to the show???)
  • FALLEN Skies !

    This was our favorite, favorite show! Season 3 got a little slow but we stuck with it. Now they have thrown every cliche in the TV-world into the plot. BORING! Too many stupid plot lines going nowhere, fast. Nazis, really?? Platinum blonde airhead being worshipped?? Last night - Weaver's daughter in a spandex lizard suit?? Or was she charred pizza? Loved Mira Sorvino - she was a breath of fresh air - alive! The scene with her and Pope was like old times. Everything bad is not the fault of any actor (except blondie), however - the dialogue has gotten so dumb we can barely stand to listen. We are grieving the loss. Some of the most intelligent, well-read people we know - who don't even enjoy Sci-Fi - were loving this show. You all blew it! We're done.
  • Revealed at Last!

    ViolinNuBreakYu ("Stupid movie" review below) is clearly one of the dialog writers for this show! The rest of my remarks are in the Comments section after MaryAnn's excellent review.