Falling Skies

Season 1 Episode 6

Sanctuary, Part 1

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jul 17, 2011 on TNT

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  • still waiting on the big moment....


    well i actually stopped watching this when it was premiering on the sundays, didnt had the action i expected. And now that im watching the reruns i dont regret it.

    Ok well this episode its still on the same... teens got rescued off the skitters and got the harnesses off and notciviliansare acting up... its actually kinda boring to see they still on that.

    some dude tried to steal the medicine...n flea the camp. dumb move.

    The most relevant thing its the setup, kinda lame they had to write this up humans vs humas.. hope it wasntSpielbergidea..... but well its basically another human traitor that come and takes the kids away.... low move... lame.. hope he gets killed....

    nice thing is i saw where that rebel went to... i was wondering as i was watching.

    hope the series have a good ending... im seriously waiting for that bang!

  • That guy looks so suspicious from very beginning.

    To be honest, it's pretty rubbish episode. That guy looks so suspicious from very beginning. I'm sick of sending stupid kids to battle and went crazy and leave mess behind. It's first time I start to skip the show and just check out ending. yup, just like what I thought. I got a very interesting question. At the beginning of show, that family got the medicines and drop the bag on the ground. They were order to leave. I would leave directly but the mom still picked up the medicine bag and hand over to guy from Mass 7th. Why? very very strange.
  • 3.0
    Robert Rodat has written some great stuff, but I'm having a bit of trouble with what he is doing to the syfy story line of Falling Sky's. The patriotic story line is as timely now as it was when he wrote The Patriot. But it has been done to death in almost every war story out of Hollywood for the last 2o year and it has honesty been placed into the hands of better characters than the ones written into this series. Yes I know this is a WAR! A WAR with the invading hordes of skitters and Mechs. But this is also a Science Fiction story of an alien race. So what about the invaders. Why do they want the kids to collect scrap? Why the wings on the Mechs? Lets get to the Sy in Syfy.

    This TV / Syfy version of THE PATRIOT could have been great. Do we really want to see the humanity in humans once again be lost. This has been played to death.

    With this group of high end writers and top of the line directors all teemed up to wow TV land, you would think this show would have something to offer.
  • This was basically set up but still good.


    Ok so basically this is set up for a part two episode so not alot happened, but the stuff that did happan was very charecter development that will show great effect thoughout the series.

    Now I'm not going to go into the main plot of this episode for two reasons. First i don't want to spoil it and Second it was so predictable I wasn't even shocked at the end. but did give me reason to see the next episode.

    Moon Bloodgood who plays Anne Glass and Sarah Carter who plays Margaret gave a spelded preformance that I'm sure alot of female viewers will enjoy.
    The usually calm and incontrol Dr Glass is shaken after a medicine robbery. Margaret givesAnne props forfighting back and when Anne says "alot of good that did" Margaret adds thatif she had taken that lying down it would really mess with her head, and she is speaking from personal experience. She gives the doctor a gun and teachs her how to us it so that she can get over this. My one complant about this is how many gunsdoes the 2nd Mass have, alot aperently since their just giving them away to civilians who not face battle everyday.
    The more I lern about Margaret's past the more I feel sorry for her and admire her at the same time. I mean first she got abused in Pope's gang, then we found out in the last episode that she had cancer when she was 16 and now she has a tramatic robbery experice.

    Next we move on to Ben Mason, who up till this point has just been a target charecter to rescue and has had no lines or develoment since the show started. Based on what we learned from past episodes Ben was is short a book nerd, now he can do 102 push up's without breaking a sweet something he could never do before he was Harnessed. Hal Mason (Ben's big bro) brings to DrGlass attention, he also notes a difference in his brothers personallity,Hal also looks distubed when Benexplains to their younger brother Matt that the Skitters treated him well almostparent like, and hecan't recall ever thinking or caring about his human family and a part of him misses the Skitters. Now Hal should know about the Skitters caring side from the last episode (Silent Kill). I think Hal can be over protective brother just like Tom Mason is an over protetive father, but hisconcerns are valid- there is something differnt about Ben.
    Hal is not the only one to think that Ben and all the un-Harnessed kids are different, in fact some people are afraid of them.One random 2nd Mass fighter named John, harasses Ben in the lunch line andsays that having these un harnessed kids here ( which he nicknames "Razor-Backs" because of the needes on their backs) is just asking for the Skitters to attack, he says this for the whoole cafeteria to hear and itwhile no one says anything their expersions say they agree. before John can say any more Margaret and Hal come to Ben's aid. Halthretes John and he backs off but his words seem to affected Ben. and while I think John is a D*** hisfears are brought on by Rick Thopson, the fisrt kid to be de-Harnessed.
    Since Rick was the first his development and behavior sets the bar for all other de-Harnessed kids, or "Razor-Backs". And Rick has basiclly been acreepy zombie who has tried to put his Harness back on, that doesen't really make him or other "Razor Backs" look to good.

    The main question is how these Razor-Backs act and develop in the next episode. And how they will play a part in the whole series and if John wasright.

    One last thing, they did a great job re introducing Jimmy Boland in this episode, and I look forward to seeing more of him as to before when I could'nt care less about him.

    This episode did what it was supose to do,make you want to watch the next episode!

  • Sanctuary, Part 1Sanctuary, Part 1

    Sanctuary, Part 1 was a great episode of Falling Skies and I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of character and plot development. The episode was kind of slow at times, but there was a lot of great information adding believability to the story. It was interesting to hear Ben's account of what it was like to be under the Harness. This episode had scenes which add to the complexity of the story and it keeps getting more intriguing. There was some action, drama, and more alien encounters. I look forward to watching the next episode of Falling Skies!!!!!
  • Decent first half to the two-part episode "Sanctuary" but this show really needs to pull it together, wake up, and bring us entertainment instead of a borefest

    Well, for the people that have been missing new episodes of "Falling Skies", don't worry, you definitely aren't missing much. Watching all of the episodes that you missed online really aren't worth your time. This episode was decent but pretty average. It is better than "Silent Kill" but this show really needs to bring some promise. At least, we get some good 5 or 6 minutes of exciting action in this episode but come on, one action scene in every episode isn't going to make a show good. At least, bring in 3 or 4 action scenes to make a show entertaining. Good to see that Ben recovered after he got saved from "Silent Kill". The end of the first half (part 1 of this episode) makes it look like that the second half (part 2 of the episode) is going to have a lot of action and it better be true. The next episode "Sanctuary Part 2" better have a lot of action because that is what I have been waiting for this whole time in this show. While this episode is decent enough to be good and all, there were still some boring parts. Overall, a decent 1st Part of the episode "Sanctuary" but Part 2 better be very good... I'm not expecting it because I don't want to be disappointed like I have been on this show lately... this show is lucky that I haven't given up on it. 7.5/10
  • The first half of a sure-to-be brilliant two part episode

    This episode proved how well written the show is and how perfectly the roles have been cast especially the three Mason boys, Drew Roy as Hal Maxim Knight as Matt and Connor Jessup as Ben were all brilliant in this episode, They fit their characters like a glove and their interaction with each other is so good it has a real genuine feel to it - They could easily have been real brothers.

    The episode focused mainly on Ben and his interactions with not only his family but other survivors and was epitomized when Ben was explaining to Matt what it was like to be harnessed, That scene was both touching and eerily creepy and kudos to Connor Jessup and Maxim Knight for pulling it off so perfectly.

    The main aim of the episode was to show the human side of the war and it's results on us as a species, There were emotions everywhere in this one Anger/Sorrow/Love/Hate/Paranoia and a little betrayal thrown in for fun! but it wasn't without the action we've come to expect from this show with an intense little battle occurring between the 2nd Mass and a Skitter\Mech combination though since the battle with the Mech was obviously a distraction to allow the Skitter to do some kiddy-snatching it didn't last as long as it probably could have.

    That brings me to Lt. Clayton - First let me just say what a douche he is now on with the review, He turned up at a good point allowing the 2nd Mass to recapture the drugs that were stolen from Anne by a desperate man intent on "saving" his family and then promptly warned the 2nd Mass of an impending massacre they were about to face of course he left out a few little tidbits such as the attack if it is real was setup by him and either way his plan was a distraction to lead the 2n Mass kids to an area where they'll no doubt be snatched up in one go to be harnessed, Part of me thinks that is why Ben volunteered to go in the first place because his attitude certainly seems to indicate that he isn't entirely comfortable with being unharnessed I'm guessing the harnessed kids are like Borg drones - Disconnect them and they go loopy so to speak hopefully they resolve that before Ben does anything stupid like turning himself over to the Skitters, Hal also suspects Ben is going to do that I think at least that's where he was going during his talk with Anne and I think that's why he's gone with the kids when he was supposed to stay behind to help fend off the attack plus I don't think he trusts Clayton and rightfully so which brings me to the only part of the episode I didn't like - I know the story is that Clayton has history with Tom and Weaver but I found it strange that neither they nor anyone else except Hal seemed to notice the major flaw in his plan - Herding all the kids into one nice group sounds just a little suspect don't you think?.

    Two other things worth mentioning this episode saw the return of Jimmy who we haven't seen since his little lopse of judgment back in The Armory it was good to see him again especially since I felt he was going to be a major player and watching him tangle with the Skitter and dealing with his dad was really good to watch. The other thing worth mentioning Pope the jail house cook last seen running like a coward with his tail between his legs after massacring sleeping Skitters has apparently been captured and tortured by Clayton but I'm hoping he is heavily involved in the escape that is presumably going to happen next week. This review is longer than my usual ones because I just couldn't shorten my enthusiasm for this episode into a shorter review in closing I'd like to say again what a fabulous all round job this episode was from the writing to the directing to the FX and most importantly the acting.