Falling Skies

Season 1 Episode 7

Sanctuary, Part 2

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jul 24, 2011 on TNT

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  • No one notices Ricks' behavior?

    I don't understand why no one notices how Rick shows no emotion. He walks around looking like a damn zombie and not one character notices it. WEIRD!
  • This situation was very predictable

    I was watching with my brother and I called it about 2 seconds after the man asked to take the kids. Even though it was predictable it was still a good episode. It developed some characters had a good lesson for the group to learn.
  • Part 2 of an absolutely brilliant 2 part story.

    WOW, Following on from Sanctuary Part 1 this episode had alot to live up to - It did that and so much more, Hal and Ben aka Drew Roy and Connor Jessup were again outstanding and proved they've got many years ahead of them in this industry(Hopefully many many more on this show!).

    The treachery of Lt. Clayton which was painfully obvious to us didn't take to long to reveal itself as Lourdes(What the heck what she doing there anyway?) then Hal and Mike slowly began to figure out the whole thing was a setup which proved that humans will do anything to survive even if that means basically selling your kids and worse other peoples kids to aliens, The revelation led to a violent and highly emotional showdown between Hal, Mike and Clayton with Mike ultimately sacrificing himself to save his son and the others by providing cover fire while they ran, Martin Roach as Mike has been present pretty much since the start but he really shone in this episode showing that while human beings can be evil douchebags they can also be brave noble individuals willing to sacrifice themselves if needed to save others.

    Perhaps the highlight of the episode for me was the focus on Ben, We've all been wondering about him since he was rescued and after Part 1 I thought for sure he'd turn himself over to the skitters but instead he suffered through taunts and innuendos from Jimmy and others before volunteering to go back and get Tom for help when they went on the run from Clayton, I don't think I can stress how good of an actor Connor Jessup is anyone else could have easily butchered the role and made Ben seem insignificant. As brilliant as he was in this episode I need to give prop to young Daniyah Ysrayl who plays Mike's son Rick he hasn't been adjusting to freedom very well at all and in this episode he showed that all may not be as it seems and his creepy moments with Ben at the dinner table and after his dad's memorial were creepy(Did I say that yet?) and unbelievably well acted I think he genuinely weirded out everyone who watched him and e seems to be on a mission to recruit Ben and probably the other deharnessed kids and most surprising at all he apparently no longer thinks of himself as human but as a Skitter which lends credence to the "Harness turns kids into Skitters" theory that's been floating around.

    Another part I enjoyed was Weaver's scenes not just when he turned up to save Tom and the kids but at the high school when he was helping deliver Sarah's baby, It allowed for a rare insight into the character who undoubtedly has many many layers which have slowly been revealing themselves over the last few week and I for one hope we get to see more of those layers over the next two weeks.

    Again great writing and superb acting from all involved made this a fun enjoyable episode which continued to build up our characters and the overall story heading into what should be a monumentally epic final 3 episodes.
  • Can you please cancel me please..oh wait not yet..i got a powerful uncle behind me.

    I swear that if Stewie"way passed it" Spielberg was not behing this, this show would have been cancelled already. This show is boring and i find myself having to fast forward to watch the attack bits because the drama is so lame and uninteresting.Oh wait a second..why are we centering around drama here??? Is this an alien show or what? Why aren't these people in some underground bunker or something and have scounts on top? Kids playing outside.Why do the skitters come when there is a story to be told (convinent). Don't they have satellites to see the people or something( sure they have but that ain't covinient if you want fallign skies to go more than 2 seasons) . Why does suzy whatchamacallit have to play the piano when Hal and the kids are supposed to be hiding.Won't the collaborators hear them. Are you kidding me... why did they cancel better shows like Flash Forward for example to have me sleep during a sci fi show now. Kill this show now please...wait i think i will kill TNT from my fav list before that. Or better yet..i will fill this slot with cheap C class movies on ScifY.
  • Gees, you Americans are so hard to please. Steven Spielberg gave you United States of Tara, Earth II and Sea Quest DSV (totally crap by the way) and you're still not satisfied. You criticize this show before starts to getting any good.


    This show reminds me a lot of the Tomorrow Series only instead of hiding away in the wilderness they choose a high school. The only difference is, the enemies are from out of space and they are stealing kids, putting them in harnesses in order to change them into Skinner's. That Rick seems odd to me. Unlike Ben he shows no remorse towards the death of his father and even at his fathers funeral he behaves like a Skinner when he tells Ben about humans. He said and I quote, "I'll never understand why they do that, Ben says, "Do what? Rick says, "kill each other, it's in their nature. We would never do that to our own. He turns to Ben saying, "You should understand that". He sounds like a Skinner to me. Maybe he has become one. I wouldn't judge this TV show to harshly. It's only getting rather interesting.

  • Sanctuary, Part 2

    Sanctuary, Part 2 was a superb episode of Falling Skies because it show cased human nature in the face of adversity and explored what people might do in a situation with similar circumstances. There was a lot of character growth as we learned a little more about some of the main characters and the plot continues to move forward. This series to me is similar to The Walking Dead except with Aliens and so critics of the show need to remember its not just about the aliens and special effects but also a look into humanity at its best and worst. I'm really curious why Rick is acting so weird and suggesting that Ben should think the same as him. I look forward to watching the next episode of Falling Skies!!!!!!!
  • Sanctuary Part 2 *spoilers*

    Its the first time I've logged on in a while, but I only did to express my disbelief at how much bashing this show is getting.

    Sanctuary, part 2, was easily my favorite episode, of a series that is only getting better each week. We saw last weeks' cliffhanger resolved as Mike discovers that Clayton and the others were in cahoots with the Skitters, and sacrifices himself to allow the others to escape, after which Pope and Tom enlist the help of the rest of the group to aid them in rescuing Hal and the kids after they are recaptured by Clayton's group. 'Twas an engrossing episode, nicely paced and kept the drama throughout. My only criticism is the fact that, coincidentally, Weaver of all people knows how to perform that operation on the pregnant woman. And what the heck is up with all the emotionally charged women on this show? :P

    The trailer for next week looked delicious; can't wait for the next episode.
  • FINALLY!!! an awesome episode of "Falling Skies"

    FINALLY!!! after watching mediocre and super slow episodes of "Falling Skies", we finally get delivered not only a lot of action but also an awesome story and good acting (well... the acting is always good, the action is the problems because they rarely add action). That's right, this episode has everything I have always wanted to see in this show, lots of wonderful mind-blowing action. Yeah, I admit that it was slow in the first 20 minutes but then it got much better and I just absolutely loved this episode. It's definitely "Falling Skies" best episode ever. There was a lot of action in the episode that I really enjoyed and the story was just well done and amazing. Part 2 of the episode "Sanctuary" was by far better than Part 1. Even though this episode was slow for like the first 20 minutes, it wasn't that boring and sorta interesting. It was sad that Mike was killed and he died in this episode because I really liked that character but he sacrificed himself to save the others including his son. Part 2 of this episode was just all-around awesome and the story was unbelievably amazing. Overall, these are the kind of episodes that I want to see on the other "Falling Skies" episodes for now on... FINALLY!!! an awesome episode of "Falling Skies" (WOO!!!). 10/10
  • I have given this show a fair shot after 7 episodes and I have to say that I am not impressed at all!

    So this is the show that is supposed to "save scifi"? I don't think so! Scifi doesn't really need saving, there just needs to be more of it. This show is lame and everything about it is wrong. From the lighting to the actors to the story line it is just wrong and it just doesn't do anything for me. I actually missed an episode because I forgot it was on! I didn't ever forget a Battlestar Galactica episode was on. BSG was a great show but this is not and once I realized I forgot and missed one, it was no big deal. Now I have gotten into Breaking Bad which airs at the same time as this show and I am now watching it instead of Falling Skies because this one is so terrible. Who's in charge of this thing? Jesus man, the way TNT talks about it evryweek you would think this show was the show of shows. They were speaking highly of it after 1 whole episode. Well I think not, this show blows and they are trying way too hard with it and it is not working. It feels fake and pushed and forced. How it was given a second season I do not know but I don't expect a third. No longer a fan, period. When BSG: Blood and Chrome comes on next year, that will be worth watching so until then my scifi fix will have to wait! TNT doesn't know drama. They say they do but I say they only know how to say they know drama!
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